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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 2461 Ensemble of Heroes Fights the Corrupt King

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Chapter 2461 Ensemble of Heroes Fights the Corrupt King

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Translator: BornToBe


Tian Xiezi was shocked. This skeleton’s aura was something that even frightened him. It was clearly a terrifying existence above the Netherpassage realm.

He hastily retreated and threw the bone spear at the skeleton. He didn’t dare to keep hold of it, afraid that the backlash could kill him.

Despite his arrogance, Tian Xiezi didn’t dare to challenge an existence above the Netherpassage realm. He could only retreat.

The bone spear was blown back. Amidst a storm of broken space, the wind blade exploded, unleashing a qi wave that sent Tian Xiezi flying. However, a sharp light appeared in his eyes. He grabbed his bone spear.

“So it’s nothing more than a rotten corpse. It won’t change your fate of being killed today.”

With this one attack, Tian Xiezi realized that this skeleton was something that had existed for countless years. It had less than a tenth of its original power left, so any fear he had just vanished.

However, just at that moment, Long Chen appeared in front of him. Lightning covered his entire body, and he stabbed a giant lightning spear at Tian Xiezi. At the same time, a sea of lightning poured out behind him, and millions of lightning spears shot out of it.

Tian Xiezi swung his spear, unleashing a wave of blood-colored light that shattered the lightning spears.

As soon as he shattered Long Chen’s attack, his spear moved to perfectly block Wilde’s bone club. However, Wilde’s pure physical power ignored all laws and sent him flying again.

The giant skeleton that Meng Qi was controlling attacked once more, forcing Tian Xiezi back again.

Suddenly, a blood-colored figure streaked across the battlefield. Two of its sabers hacked toward Tian Xiezi. Tian Xiezi instantly realized that it was Guo Ran in his armor.

“Die!” Tian Xiezi was infuriated. Guo Ran was nothing more than an insignificant character to him. For him to come at him now was an insult.

What shocked him though was that his full-strength attack merely sent Guo Ran flying. He wasn’t injured at all. Hence, Tian Xiezi looked down to see that the Dragonblood warriors had their hands clasped together and seemed to be in a state of meditation. Their power was flowing into Guo Ran.

Tian Xiezi quickly decided that his first target had to be the Dragonblood warriors. Not only would that cut off Guo Ran’s support, but it would definitely cause panic amongst his enemies.

However, his body had just moved when two cold rays of Sword Qi slashed down at him. One of them contained such a cold ice energy that it froze the space around him. Ye Zhiqiu and Yue Zifeng were attacking at the same time.

“Corrupt Blood Seal!”

Tian Xiezi blocked Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi with his spear, while his left hand formed a seal, causing runes to condense into another blood spear that struck Ye Zhiqiu’s Sword Qi.

Ye Zhiqiu’s attack contained such terrifying ice energy that he didn’t dare to touch it directly. If that Ice Qi invaded his body, it would slow down his movements. Even in the Samsara realm, he didn’t dare to risk it.

Both rays of Sword Qi exploded and ice crystals hung in the air like diamond dust. As the dust settled, it revealed a long bloody cut on Tian Xiezi’s cheek. His eyes were full of astonishment and fury. He had clearly blocked Yue Zifeng’s attack, but some kind of invisible power had still continued straight toward his head.

If he hadn’t reacted fast enough, that attack might have killed him. Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi contained a power similar to a law, and it had almost taken his life. Despite reacting so quickly, he was still left with a deep cut on his face. It was possible to see bone through that wound. His blood poured out as he was unable to heal it.

At this moment, Long Chen, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Wilde, Tang Wan-er, and the others’ attacks rained down on him. Yue Zifeng, Ye Zhiqiu, and Guo Ran prepared to unleash more attacks as well.

Lightning flashed through the air, and spear-images tore through the void. Long Chen’s lightning disturbed the surrounding space, giving others chances to launch their own attacks.

His lightning was capable of blocking Tian Xiezi’s sight and divine sense, slowing down his reactions. Because of this, Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others could unleash their long-distance attacks.

Only Wilde, Guo Ran, and Meng Qi’s beast corpse could fight Tian Xiezi at close range. They managed to tie him down.

As Tian Xiezi blocked their attacks from all directions, he sneered, “The mighty Long Chen is actually hiding amongst the crowd and launching sneak attacks? Hahaha, who would have thought that you would fall to this point.”

Even facing everyone, Tian Xiezi was able to remain undefeated. His manifestation was quivering, unleashing a faint bloody mist that slowly covered the entire battlefield. As the battle grew more intense, no one noticed this phenomenon.

“Idiot, if my boss was in the same realm as you, my boss would beat you until you cried,” sneered Guo Ran, even as he was blown back by an attack from Tian Xiezi.

Inside his armor, Guo Ran coughed up a mouthful of blood. However, this was nothing to him, and he instantly recovered.

In truth, he had coughed up far more blood during this battle, but the armor made it so that others didn’t notice. They still thought that he was completely fine, making him seem stronger than he was.

Although he was currently supported by the power of the Dragonblood warriors, it was mainly focused on his attacks. If he had to switch it to defense, it would cause a lag every time and weaken it, so Guo Ran was mostly using his armor to endure Tian Xiezi’s attacks, while using the Dragonblood warriors’ power for offense.

If it wasn’t because he had no other choice, he wouldn’t be fighting at such close range. It was only because Wilde on his own couldn’t bear this burden that he was taking such a risk.

“Tian Xiezi is extremely powerful. A portion of our power is being erased by his Samsara energy. Only Yue Zifeng and Ye Zhiqiu’s attacks are able to pose a danger to his life. My bone beast’s power is still too weak without its flesh. It cannot threaten Tian Xiezi’s life. Cloud, we’ll give you a chance. Use your divine ability to restrain Tian Xiezi so Yue Zifeng and Ye Zhiqiu have a chance to attack.” Meng Qi transmitted a strategy to everyone. She found that her own spiritual attacks were absorbed by Tian Xiezi’s manifestation. The divine statue was absorbing her attacks, making her uneasy. She was worried that her attacks were becoming nourishment for the statue.

Right now, the only ones capable of breaking through Tian Xiezi’s Samsara energy were Yue Zifeng and Ye Zhiqiu. However, most of his attention was locked onto them, preventing them from attacking effectively. Tian Xiezi took advantage of that, forcing the two of them to defend whenever he attacked, allowing him to gradually take control of the tempo of the battlefield.

Tian Xiezi unleashed three consecutive attacks at Yue Zifeng, sweeping away the opposition. He finally arrived in front of him and raised his spear.

However, a line of black light containing the aura of annihilation suddenly shot toward Tian Xiezi without any warning.

Tian Xiezi hastily blocked, only to have his arm vanish.

“How regretful.”

Meng Qi and the others sighed. By working together, they had created the optimal chance for Cloud to attack, but Tian Xiezi was just too powerful. Despite this attack coming without any sound, he still managed to avoid a fatal injury.

“Courting death!” Tian Xiezi furiously glared at Cloud. The surprises were coming one after the other. Wilde, Meng Qi, Guo Ran, Yue Zifeng, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others had completely surpassed his expectations.

He thought that he would be able to easily crush them, only to find that it had become a relatively even fight. Despite that, he still felt some satisfaction. Back then, he had joined forces with Kun Pengzi and Di Feng to attack Long Chen, but now Long Chen was forced to attack him with others. He had started secretly recording this. Once he killed Long Chen, he would publicly release this recording.

Originally, this recording was perfect, but now he had been repeatedly injured, ruining his splendor. His image of an unrivaled expert was being destroyed.

Cloud’s attack had been terrifying. If it had hit him in the head, his Samsara power would have been powerless to do anything to it. He would have been killed.

Tian Xiezi’s arm grew back out. The only one capable of leaving lasting wounds on his body was Yue Zifeng. Even Cloud’s divine ability was unable to do that.

Hence, Tian Xiezi continued to attack Yue Zifeng as he was the most threatening one. As long as he killed him, this battle would be his to win.

Sword Qi raged through the air. This was a battle of peak monsters. The Martial Heaven Continent’s disciples could only stare.

Let alone them, even experts like Ye Lingshan, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi were unable to join this battle. Numbers alone were insufficient to handle an expert like Tian Xiezi. More numbers would only weaken their overall power.

With Cloud’s attack failing, Tian Xiezi was now on guard, and there was no longer a chance for Cloud to attack. Cloud transformed into human form, wielding her original true feather.

Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan controlled the battlefield with Long Chen’s lightning. Things gradually fell into a stalemate. No one dared to be the slightest bit careless because that would cost someone’s life. Having entered the fourth step of the Netherpassage realm, Tian Xiezi was incredibly powerful.

Suddenly, Tian Xiezi let out a cry. He actually tossed his spear aside and clapped his hands together. The world shuddered as bloody light enveloped Meng Qi and the others.

“Corrupt King Overlooks the Nine Heavens - Prison!”

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