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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 2460 God Reincarnation

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Chapter 2460 God Reincarnation

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“You’re the one who’s going to die.” Long Chen sneered. He slashed Evilmoon three times, creating three saber-images in front of him that merged together.

However, even this triple defense was unable to stop Tian Xiezi’s attack. With this manifestation, Tian Xiezi was backed by the power of a god.

“With your current power, you’re just an ant in front of me. I’ll return the humiliation you gave me tenfold!” Tian Xiezi roared. Thinking of all that had happened between the two of them, he suddenly dove toward Long Chen like a hawk.


Long Chen slashed Evilmoon, only to be sent flying by a simple kick from Tian Xiezi.

“Do you see?! This is the difference between us now! Even if you weren’t weakened, I could still crush you like a fly. I’ve stepped into the Samsara realm, so the cycle of Yin and Yang will wear your power down until you have nothing else. What are you going to use to fight me?” Tian Xiezi arrogantly stood there, looking down on Long Chen, not seeming to be in a rush to kill him. Instead, he wanted to fully enjoy the sight of Long Chen’s despair.

“No wonder. I knew I wasn’t so weak. So stepping into the Samsara realm has such a benefit,” sighed Long Chen.

“Ants like you can’t stop me. Today, I will end your legend. By cutting off your head, I will show the world that your legend is nothing more than a joke.” Tian Xiezi spread his hands. The blood spear slowly floated in his manifestation, and divine energy surged out of it, locking down Long Chen.

“Long Chen, do you know? I’m really angry that I have to kill someone as weak as you,” stated Tian Xiezi. “Even if I kill you, it will clearly be a case of someone powerful bullying the weak. That’s an insult to me.”

Divine energy poured into Tian Xiezi’s spear. It pointed toward Long Chen, rumbling with power. This was an attack that could destroy heaven and earth if it wished. But in the face of this terrifying attack, Long Chen smiled. He cocked his head at Tian Xiezi.

“How amazing. Just what kind of status does that fellow have to make you feel so aggrieved? It’s shocking.”

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation rumbled. As astral winds raged, Tian Xiezi roared, “You can’t do anything even if I tell you. I’m just a divine son, someone who is simply a servant of the god. But he is the reincarnation of the seventh generation Corrupt God. He sealed himself for tens of thousands of years. He is a true god who will lead the Corrupt path to its glory. Your Righteous path will end in this era.”

This information shocked everyone. A reincarnation of a god? Wouldn’t that be an unrivaled existence in this world?

“Bullsh*t! A god must ascend. That is in defiance of the laws. You’re lying!” shouted Xia Chen.

“Hahaha!” Tian Xiezi laughed crazily. “You damn ants, are you worth me lying to? The seventh generation Corrupt God chose not to ascend and instead undergo nirvanic rebirth to become a different person. His ascension was an act to trick fools like you.”

“He gave up his chance to become a god and instead reincarnated to start a new life. He isn’t even a god now; he had to restart everything. Who would pay such a price?” demanded Xia Chen.

The heights that a god could achieve were not things that people like them could imagine. But they all knew of the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. Anyone who reached that level would be forced to a higher plane. It was said that that plane was the undying world of gods and immortals.

Even a god could not disobey the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. After ascending, they could not return.

The seventh generation Corrupt god had acted like he was ascending, only to secretly undergo nirvanic rebirth. That was in defiance of the heavens. By undergoing reincarnation, he would have to start from the beginning and could die at any moment. Just why would he pay such a price?

“It was to trick a Sovereign, right?” said Long Chen.

This statement startled people. How was that possible? There were no gods in the times of the Sovereigns. The seventh generation Corrupt God had existed before the Sovereigns.

Long Chen looked closely at Tian Xiezi and saw his expression twitch. He smiled. “The seventh generation Corrupt God used his body as a seed to undergo reincarnation. But that requires going down the path of reincarnation. It is impossible to immediately be reborn without walking that path. After being reborn, he found himself in the same era as a Sovereign, and not daring to compete with the Sovereign, he chose to seal himself. He used the Corrupt God Cemetery to nourish himself, waiting for years until he could finally accumulate enough power to completely transform. Now that the qi flow of the world has changed, it is the best opportunity for him to come out. As for you, the person who should have been the leader of the Corrupt path, you have been demoted to a mere side character. You can only listen to his orders like a dog. I feel sorry for you.”

Long Chen shook his head and sighed so dramatically. Hence, despite knowing that it was intentional, Tian Xiezi couldn’t help being infuriated.

“Shut your mouth!” Tian Xiezi was the heavenly genius of the Corrupt path, someone who had been sealed in his generation for years. The future of the Corrupt path was supposed to belong to him, but now he had become a side character. He was filled with resentment, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“It doesn’t matter who the leader of the Corrupt path is. Your Righteous path will still be wiped out. Master Ye Ming wanted me to only kill you, but now I’ve decided to kill all of you.” Tian Xiezi smiled as he looked at the Dragonblood warriors. His manifestation suddenly shuddered. The power that he had been accumulating all this time blasted out toward the Dragonblood warriors.

“The world’s number one legion will be wiped out by my hands today!” Rumbling rang out intermixed with Tian Xiezi’s crazed laughter.

“Brothers, bring out your true ability. Don’t let others misjudge you.” Long Chen’s icy voice rang out.

The Dragonblood warriors had long since prepared themselves for battle. They all summoned their manifestations, and the dragons within their manifestations roared furiously.

Their power exploded like a volcano, pouring toward the front where Guo Ran was waiting with his crossed blades. Those blades lit up like blinding suns.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

The Dragonblood warriors’ power surged toward Guo Ran. Guo Ran’s armor had been modified an additional three times because the Dragonblood warriors had grown increasingly powerful. If he didn’t upgrade it, he wouldn’t be able to endure taking in their terrifying power.


The combined power of twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors smashed into Tian Xiezi’s spear. As a result, the sky was torn apart. Even the stars in the sky shuddered.

Tian Xiezi’s spear was blown back, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. When he grabbed his spear, he coughed up another mouthful of blood and smashed into a distant mountain. He pierced straight through it and continued through the mountain range.

This Dragonblood Cross Slash was the only technique in this world capable of perfectly merging the power of over twelve thousand experts into an attack capable of destroying heaven and earth.

“Nice!” Guo Ran cried out excitedly. This attack was stronger than he had expected. Even Tian Xiezi had been blown back.

However, that joy was short-lived as Tian Xiezi came flying out of the ground. His hair was a mess, and there was blood on his chest.

That attack had been so powerful that despite circulating his Samsara power and grinding down its power, he was still injured.

“Alright, I underestimated you. The combined power of a group of ants actually isn’t bad. Since you want to resist, I’ll break you one by one so you can all die painfully.”

Tian Xiezi was charging over, not giving the Dragonblood warriors a chance to accumulate power. This time, his bone spear was aiming to kill a portion of them in one go.


A rough shout rang out, and a bone club smashed through the air. It was like a godly pestle. Wilde had transformed into a giant blocking Tian Xiezi’s path.

“Scram!” Tian Xiezi furiously changed the target of his attack to Wilde, his Samsara power erupting.


The bone club smashed into the blood spear. Following the ear-piercing sound, Wilde was knocked back several steps.

As for Tian Xiezi, his momentum was stopped, and his blood was flipping inside of him. He was infuriated. “Corrupt King Possession, Divine Power Shatters the Heavens!”

The statue within Tian Xiezi’s manifestation suddenly split apart. Divine light bathed him, igniting his power.


The reason Tian Xiezi was igniting his divine power was because he suddenly had a bad feeling. That mysterious man, Ye Ming, actually hadn’t ordered him to kill Long Chen. His orders had been to disturb Long Chen and then run once it was done.

However, how could a divine son like Tian Xiezi stoop to such a lowly level? He wanted to kill all of them, so he ignored Ye Ming’s orders.

As the Dragonblood Cross Slash and Wilde’s power had far surpassed his expectations, the feeling of unease grew stronger. He didn’t want to stall any longer.

Suddenly, the void rumbled. A giant skeleton larger than a mountain appeared in front of Tian Xiezi. It looked like the skeleton of a giant beast, but it was as if it was alive. It opened its mouth, and a giant wind blade spun out, breaking the limits of the void.

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