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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 1953 Divine Item Nine Heavenly Tiles

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Chapter 1953 Divine Item Nine Heavenly Tiles

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Translator: BornToBe

“It’s the Gambling Heavenly Dao’s Nine Heavenly Tiles!” said one elder. This elder had a faint fiery light in his eyes, and he was an extremely powerful Netherpassage expert. He had most likely already reached the third step of Netherpassage.

However, his robes made people’s hearts shake. He was actually from the Bloodkill Hall.

Only now did people realize that at some point, dozens of Netherpassage experts had gathered here.

These experts belonged from various factions, including the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and Pill Valley.

Obviously, they had received news that Long Chen was here. However, they had arrived too late.

Actually, the news that Long Chen had come to the Eastern Xuan City had spread early enough for them to have rushed here in time. However, they hadn’t come at that time because they had expected him to simply go through the Huayun Pavilion’s transportation formations. No one dared to go completely hostile with the Huayun Sect.

The Huayun Sect said that they were businessmen and they did business with anyone. Hence, no one dared to go to the Huayun Sect to force them to hand over Long Chen.

The only one capable of competing with the Huayun Sect was Pill Valley. But Pill Valley assumed that Long Chen was drawing their attention here on purpose to affect their overall plans.

In fact, they even suspected that this was one of Hua Mingxiong’s schemes to slow down their plans, so they hadn’t cared too much that Long Chen had come here.

As long as Long Chen was alive, they would have an excuse to pressure others. That wasn’t a bad thing either.

So the experts that had been sent here were just some early stage Netherpassage experts, and even they hadn’t expected Long Chen to just walk out directly.

By the time they heard that Long Chen had slain some Netherpassage experts and rushed over, it was already too late. However, they managed to catch True Immortal Jiaoqi’s fight with the heir of the Gambling Heavenly Dao.

The world rumbled as True Immortal Jiaoqi’s power soared. However, the shocking thing was that even as his energy soared to the point of causing every expert to feel like he was strong enough to destroy the world, that simple three-meter domino of Hu Feng’s didn’t budge. There were seven divine runes flowing within it.

“The Heavenly Nine Tiles is the Gambling Heavenly Dao’s inherited divine item. Successive generations of heirs had bestowed their life energy into the tiles either before ascending or before dying. Legend has it that they have nine points, representing nine different strength levels, starting with one and progressing to nine at the peak. There are now seven runes on that bone tile, representing the seventh level of strength,” said an expert of the Righteous path. He was so ancient that he looked doddering, and he leaned on a walking stick. However, his gaze was still sharp.

The experts from the other factions stared in shock at that elder as they recognized his status.

“Senior, wouldn’t that mean that the eight rune and nine rune tiles would be even more terrifying?” asked one disciple respectfully.

“In theory, yes,” said the elder without any airs.

That elder’s response elicited cold gasps. Just how powerful was this Hu Feng?

“Qilin-drake energy, split heaven and earth!” True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly let out a roar, and a giant beast appeared in his manifestation. It had the body of a qilin but the tail of a drake. His halberd blazed with divine light when that beast appeared, and he stabbed it forward. “Break!”

Finally, there was a reaction from Hu Feng’s tile. It began to shudder intensely, showing signs that it wouldn’t be able to hold on.

However, Hu Feng’s expression was still calm. He slowly formed hand seals. Suddenly, six dominos appeared in the air, and they layered themselves behind the current domino.

These dominos had one, two, three, four, five, and six runes respectively. The seven dominos lit up at the same time, and the world suddenly dimmed.

“A gambling heavenly art capable of wrestling away the very energy of heaven and earth.”

Someone let out a startled cry. There were many legends of the Gambling Heavenly Dao, but now they were witnessing that legend in person.

Heaven and earth rumbled as the energy of the Heavenly Daos surged toward the seven dominos. Ripples of divine light spread along the dominos, actually blocking True Immortal Jiaoqi’s power.

“Heavens, even without using any of his own energy, he can rely just on stealing the energy of the Heavenly Daos to fight his enemies! That’s basically cheating! Could it be that all the heirs of the Gambling Heavenly Daos are legendary Heaven-Snatchers?”

“No, Heaven-Snatchers steal the power of the heavens that has already been fixed somewhere else. They have to kill people to take their Heavenly Dao energy and give it to themselves. As for the heirs of the Gambling Heavenly Dao, they take the power of the heavens, but that is something they won through gambling against the heavens. When their battle or gamble is over, the energy of the heavens will return. If they want more energy, they’ll need a new gamble, and I heard that they don’t always win. If they lose, instead of taking any energy, they’ll receive a backlash. It’s an extremely inconceivable inheritance,” explained someone.

The Gambling Heavenly Dao’s inheritance stretched back so many years that no one knew when it had even started. It was thought that their inheritance had been severed several times in the past, but they had always reappeared.

The most curious thing was that they would only have one heir at a time. No one knew how they managed to continue existing.

True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly retreated from the dominos. He no longer looked down on them and decided to attack Hu Feng’s true body. Avoiding the dominos, he attacked from the side, forcing Hu Feng to actually fight himself.

The dominos were too bizarre, capable of taking the energy of the very heavens to use in battle.

Fighting against something that was practically cheating wasn’t going to benefit him. Hence, True Immortal Jiaqi had made the right choice. However, he had just moved when Hu Feng’s dominos actually split apart, attacking him like blades.

They split into four groups. The one and six dominos were together, along with the two and five dominos and the three and four dominos. The final seventh domino attacked on its own.

What both shocked and enraged true Immortal Jiaoqi was that these dominos were incredibly fast, and they began to unleash a barrage of attacks against him, forcing him to retreat over and over again.

He had no idea what material they were made of, but each time he clashed against them, he didn’t even leave a scar on them.

“What strange attacks. Each attack is evenly powered.”

“Did you notice? Each of those four groups of dominos has seven runes in total, but they can’t attack at the same time. Their power flows between the four groups seamlessly.”

Through that person’s reminder, people noticed that each time the dominos attacked, they would dim a bit after their attack was over, while another group of dominos would then light up ever so slightly and attack.

They had never seen such an attack style. Hu Feng was attacking without using up any of his own energy. Couldn’t he simply exhaust his enemy to death like this?


Suddenly, Hu Feng’s seven dominos slammed together, and he had a fierce head-on clash against True Immortal Jiaoqi. True Immortal Jiaoqi was forced back seven steps before stabilizing.

“I, Hu Feng, have no intention of being enemies with anyone, but people should have a yardstick for their actions. I know you haven’t used many trump cards, but I’m the same. This battle has no winner or loser, so let’s let things end here!” Hu Feng waved his hand, summoning back the dominos, looking at the furious True Immortal Jiaoqi indifferently.

His voice was not differential or afraid. Despite facing True Immortal Jiaoqi as well as the surrounding Netherpassage experts, he was still calm.

His meaning was clear. The reason he had interfered was because True Immortal Jiaoqi had gone too far. He kept referring to the human race as inferior. Hu Feng might be a neutral expert, but he was a human.

They had already tested each other’s basics. If the battle continued, they would be forced to take out their real trump cards. Having their trump cards exposed in front of so many people wasn’t good for either of them.

“Do you think things will end just because you say so? As I see it, you’re one of Long Chen’s friends, and you’re trying to draw attention from him!” roared True Immortal Jiaoqi.

Hu Feng smiled, but it was a disdainful smile. “This should be your habit of slandering others. As long as you don’t like someone, you give them a bad name and then attack them with a grand excuse. Who would have thought that the domineering and direct Xuan Beast race had also become so shameless? I only said what I said because it’s not my business to interfere with you, but if you think that it’s because I’m afraid of you, you’re very mistaken. If you want to fight, I’ll accompany you. Long Chen could make your blood flow like a river, and I, Hu Feng, can pile your corpses into mountains.” Killing intent finally appeared from Hu Feng.


Suddenly, the die behind Hu Feng stopped spinning. The world suddenly became still, and an ancient slumbering aura filled the sky.

“Are we fighting or not? You can decide with just a word.” Hu Feng’s cold voice resounded through the air. The heir of the Gambling Heavenly Dao was enraged.

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