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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1234 The True Purpose (2)

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Chapter 1234 The True Purpose (2)

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"Although it looks like we have the upper hand because only natives of this world can take the core out, in fact, we have no choice at all. Once they decide to discard us, we will get nothing by then." Du Shoushan said further.

Du Shoushan didn't understand this point. For some reason, those people from the Divine Realm somehow could not take the world's core away. It had to be natives of this world. This was the reason everyone here could negotiate with them.

Xing Tengfei went silent for a while and said. "This is it."

A moment later, Weilan Jian's voice resounded. "You can tell them that we will accept the condition, but they need to break the seal around the world's core by themselves. We will only be responsible for taking it away."

"Also, we will open the tunnel in a hundred years."

At this moment, Xing Chen quietly slipped away, and the white light slowly dissipated along with the memory crystal.

Silence blanketed the hall as everyone had a frown on their face.

"Who were they negotiated with? This doesn't seem to be the Abyssal Beast." Long Yan asked in doubt.

"Maybe people from the Divine Realm?" Long Hu said with a serious expression. "Do you remember it? Although we were busy fighting the enemy, I saw with my own eyes that Fairy Yun used a forbidden technique to push back a terrifying aura coming from the tunnel."

"I always believed that they were the reinforcement from the Abyssal World, but it didn't seem like it after thinking about it again. That aura didn't seem to contain any Abyssal Energy."

"They must be another group." Long Ying nodded in agreement. "We should ask Big Brother Shen about it. He stood closest to the tunnel at that time."

While the others were discussing, Yun Lintian communicated with Hongyue in his mind. "Do you know something about this, Hongyue?"

"Judging from the way they talked, the other party should be a force from the Divine Realm instead of those people from the Abyssal World. As for why they want to take the world's core away, I can only guess about it." Hongyue replied.

"In the past, there was a certain force called Myriad Star Hunting Hall. This group specialized in hunting the world's core of those dying stars. They can be considered a group of pirates."

"However, they had somehow gone missing for years. No one has ever seen them again. Although it's unlikely to be them, we cannot completely rule them out."

She paused briefly and said further. "As for those who covet the Beyond Heaven King's legacy, I don't think they care about the world's core."

"What is the Profound Mystery Academy?" Yun Lintian asked.

"The Profound Mystery Academy is the most prestigious academy in the Divine Realm. It locates in the Profound Mystery God Emperor Realm. Many Divine Emperors would send their descendants to the academy for enlightenment… In my opinion, it's a place where people compete for fame." Hongyue explained.

"If you could become the leader of that generation, you would gain a lot of fame… It's funny, right? But you will understand later that it's all about faces in the Divine Realm."

"I see." Yun Lintian frowned slightly. "From your description of the academy, it must use a lot of connections to enter, right? Since the other party could arrange a place in the academy for Qu Changsheng, wouldn't this mean this person or group comes from a powerful background?"

"Indeed," Hongyue responded. "Moreover, since they could send ten Divine Kings over, they must be at least a Divine Emperor-level force. It should be those from the upper-level realms. However, there are too many to guess."

"As for the Sky Palace Sect, I don't seem to have an impression of them."

"So the clue ends here." Yun Lintian rubbed his brows slightly.

The situation had become more complicated than before. First, it was the invaders from the Abyssal World and those who coveted the Beyond Heaven King's inheritance. Now, adding this unknown force again.

He suddenly thought of something and said to himself. "Empress Yun told me to destroy the spatial tunnel… Could it be because of this?"

Inside the Land of Beyond Heaven, Hongyue was frowning as well. This world was supposed to be an ordinary lower star that the Beyond Heaven King randomly chose to place his legacy here.

However, the current situation said otherwise. Everything was getting more mysterious and complicated.

"If you want to know, you can find Xing Tengfei and Weilan Jian directly. With your current strength, they won't be able to resist you." Hongyue suddenly said.

"You are right." Yun Lintian came back to his sense. It was as Hongyue said. Why would he keep thinking about it when he could ask Xing Tengfei directly?

"However, I suggest that you should visit Yun Xia first," Hongyue said further.

"Alright." Yun Lintian nodded slightly. It was a good idea to tell Yun Xia about it. Perhaps she could come up with an answer.

He raised his head to look at Long Jinwei and the others. "I will go to Xing Tengfei directly in a few days. I would like to trouble everyone to restrain the Poison Valley for the time being."

Long Jinwei frowned slightly and asked. "Wouldn't it be too hasty?"

Although he knew that Yun Lintian could slaughter a Divine Ascending Tribulation Realm expert like a chicken, Xing Tengfei was different. Not to mention his divination art. Perhaps he had already predicted something ahead and made a preparation for Yun Lintian. This could be risky.

Yun Lintian didn't say anything. His aura suddenly burst out, and everyone in the hall was immediately pressed down by the irresistible pressure that came from him.

Long Jinwei and the others were shocked to the core. Each one of them here had the strength that could rival the Divine Foundation Realm, but they were actually suppressed by Yun Lintian to this extent… What a monster!

Yun Lintian retracted his aura and said. "I can safely say that any Divine Ascending Tribulation Realm experts are not my opponent now. And I am confident to go against any high level of the Divine Foundation Realm powerhouses."

Long Jinwei and the others didn't question Yun Lintian's strength anymore after experiencing it themselves.

"Leave it to us." Long Jinwei said solemnly.

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