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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1233 The True Purpose (1)

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Chapter 1233 The True Purpose (1)

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The news about Yun Lintian and the disappearance of the Golden Mountain Ruins had spread out very quickly. When Yun Lintian arrived at the Long Clan, everyone had already known about it.

"Your strength… This is incredible." Inside the hall, Long Jinwei looked at Yun Lintian with an incredible expression.

Meanwhile, Long Ying and the other elders were numb by his miraculous progress speed and didn't know what to say anymore.

"What about Xing Chen and Lan Cao? I heard that they had also entered the ruins." Long Ying asked.

Yun Lintian calmly fed Qingqing and Linlin pastries and answered. "Xing Chen and Lan Cao died in my hand. Before dying, they had obtained a Devil Emperor's blood, and their strength had already reached the peak of the Divine Foundation Realm."

"Devil Emperor's blood?" Long Ying and the others were confused.

"It's a Divine Emperor's blood." Yun Lintian then proceeded to explain about the Great Seven Devils and the Devil Realm.

When everyone listened to this, their expression turned heavy immediately. They had lived for so long, yet they had no idea there was such a terrifying existence in this world.

"We can't find his avatar at all?" Long Jinwei asked.

According to Mo Ke's words, his big brother, Mo Tian, had successfully sent his avatar to this world.

From Hongyue's words, this Mo Tian was the strongest devil in the Devil Realm. His strength was a bit inferior to the Beyond Heaven King and could rival any God Emperors of the Divine Realm… If that was the case, his avatar could not be underestimated in the slightest.

Yun Lintian shook his head. "Although I don't know about his strength, unless he takes the initiative to come out, I don't think we can find him."

"This is troublesome." Long Ying frowned deeply. This Mo Tian was a huge hidden danger that had no way to guard against it.

"Let's put this matter aside first. I want to ask everyone something." Yun Lintian took a sip of tea and said. "Before Xing Chen died, he told me that the invaders from the Abyssal World came here for something. Do you know what it is?"

Long Ying and the other elders glanced at each other in confusion. From their expressions, they didn't seem to know about it.

Yun Lintian took the memory crystal out and said. "This is Xing Chen's memory crystal. Let's see it together."

He then injected his profound energy into it. The next moment, white light flashed and expanded in the air. A scene where Xing Chen stood behind a secret door appeared in front of everyone.

From the look of it, he was clearly trying to spy on someone inside the room.

"How's the negotiation?" A male voice resounded.

Long Ying's eyes narrowed upon hearing this voice. "It's Weilan Jian's voice."

"Their offers are much lesser than what they gave Qu Changsheng. I haven't agreed with them yet." Xing Tengfei's voice resounded.

"Qu Changsheng?" Long Ying and the other elders glanced at each other when they heard this name. This Qu Changsheng was no other than the Longevity Monarch.

"Hmph! That bastard took advantage when we were unaware of it and robbed our chances away. Don't let me see him in the Divine Realm later." Another aged voice echoed.

"Thankfully, that idiot woman surnamed Yun meddled in. Otherwise, we would be gone by now."

"This voice… Du Shoushan?" Long Ying's brows jumped fiercely.

Du Shoushan was the founder of the Myriad Pill Palace. In the past, the Long Clan suffered a lot from this person's underhand methods.

"Let's not talk about that. We should settle this deal as soon as possible so that we can leave right away when the spatial tunnel opens next time. Tell me the details." Weilan Jian said.

"Last time, they sent Qu Changsheng and the others to the Profound Mystery Academy, but this time, they promise to send us to a mid-level sect called Sky Palace Sect. We can directly become an inner disciple there." Xing Tengfei said.

"Although I believe this Sky Palace Sect is not bad, I don't think it's comparable to the Profound Mystery Academy."

The scene went silent for a moment, and Du Shoushan's voice could be heard. "How many?"

"Fifty." Xing Tengfei replied. "That's the maximum quota they can give us."

"It's not enough." Du Shoushan's voice carried a trace of dissatisfaction.

"It can't be helped. Maybe it's time for you to choose your descendants now." Xing Tengfei said calmly.

"Have you ever wondered why those people want this world's core so much?" Du Shoushan went silent for a moment and asked.

Seeing no one answer, he said further. "After that war, many mythical realms continue to appear one after another. I suspect that it's related to this matter. Why don't we try to unravel the mystery by ourselves? Perhaps there would be an unexpected gain."

Listening to this point, Yun Lintian and the others immediately looked at each other. Whoever these people negotiated with, they actually wanted to take the world's core away.

It was no wonder Xing Chen said once it happened, this world was doomed.

"You can try it by yourself." Xing Tengfei said. There was a hint of mockery in his voice. It wasn't that he didn't want to do it, but rather, he didn't have the ability.

In the past, Xing Tengfei sent people to investigate the world's core, but they all ended up losing their lives in the end.

Moreover, his Star Gazing Divination Art told him that he should stay away from it as far as he could. This was why he had never tried to unravel whatever mystery behind it.

"How to guarantee it?" Weilan Jian's voice resounded.

Xing Tengfei replied. "They said they will send ten Divine Kings over this time. One of them will take us away."

"Ten Divine Kings?" Du Shoushan was surprised. "Look like they are determined to take it away this time."

"Because of Yun Wushuang's intervention last time, they don't dare to be careless anymore." Xing Tengfei said.

"We should accept it. There's no second Yun Wushuang next time. By then, we won't be able to get anything." Du Shoushan expressed his opinion.

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