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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1008 Ultimate Secret?

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Chapter 1008 Ultimate Secret?

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Don't! You old bastard!… Chu Quan shouted desperately in his heart. He was afraid they would forcibly look into his memory, which would be no different from killing him.

Seeing Chu Quan's pale face, Chu Kui immediately understood that the old man's guess was correct.

His face became gloomy. "Bastard! How could I give birth to a useless son like you? You have completely lost our clan's face."

The Soul Contract could be considered unique to the Chu Clan because their ancestor discovered the technique in the ancient ruin thousands of years ago. It was impossible for the people of the Heavenly Cloud restaurant to know it.

Obviously, it must be Chu Quan who took the initiative to propose this contract.

"Calm down, patriarch." The old man said. He was the first elder, Chu Huai. "This has proven that the information we got is accurate."

Chu Kui calmed down, but the anger on his face didn't fade in the slightest.

He glared at Chu Quan and asked. "They must ask you for an entry to the wedding, right?"

"Argh!" Chu Quan clutched his head and wailed in pain. He didn't intend to answer the question, but he couldn't stop his mind from thinking.

Chu Kui snorted coldly and had no intention of helping his useless son. With Chu Quan's reaction, the answer was obvious.

"Lock him up first." He waved his hand and let a servant drag Chu Quan away.

Watching Chu Quan disappear, Chu Huai frowned slightly and said. "We shouldn't let him interact with the enemy further. Otherwise, our secret would be revealed."

His words made everyone's heart chill. Chu Huai's suggestion indicated that Chu Quan should not be alive. However, no matter how incompetent Chu Quan was, he was, after all, their third young master.

Thinking of this, everyone inadvertently glanced at Chu Kui, waiting to see his decision.

Chu Kui's brows knitted together. Apparently, he was tangled in his heart. As everyone thought, Chu Quan was his son, after all. He could be ruthless to the enemy, but to his family, it was entirely different.

Chu Huai's face sank when he saw this. "Have you forgotten our ancestor's teachings, patriarch? The clan must come first."

Chu Kui's expression turned unsightly. How could he not understand Chu Huai's scheme? However, there were indeed the ancestor's teachings. If he went against the teachings, Chu Huai could use this excuse to impeach him from the patriarch position, which he was unwilling to lose.

As Chu Kui gritted his teeth and was about to make a decision, a male voice suddenly resounded from the entrance, attracting everyone's attention.

"There's no need to kill him."

At this moment, a young man clad in white walked into the hall with a leisurely smile on his face. His appearance might be ordinary, but everyone could feel a trace of majesty deeply rooted in his bones.

"I don't know what Young Master Weilan means?" Chu Kui put his anger aside and looked at the newcomer deeply.

This young man was the second young master of the Weilan Clan and Weilan Tianjun's second son, Weilan Fan.

Weilan Fan swept his gaze over everyone and said. "Since Third Young Master Chu's death is imminent, why don't you make his death more meaningful?"

Chu Huai frowned slightly and said. "Although our Chu Clan cannot be compared to the Weilan Clan, it doesn't mean you can intervene in our business as you want, Young Master Weilan."

Weilan Fan chuckled upon hearing this. "Elder Chu, do you think everyone here is stupid and doesn't see your petty conspiracy?"

Chu Huai's face darkened. He didn't expect Weilan Fan to be this direct.

Without waiting for Chu Huai to say anything, Weilan Fan said further. "You said your ancestor's teaching is to put the clan's interest first, but why do I see that what you are doing currently is harming the clan instead?"

"What do you mean?" Chu Huai said coldly.

"Don't be rude, First Elder. Don't forget that if it wasn't because of the Weilan Clan provided information, we wouldn't have known such a humiliation happened to us." Chu Kui took this chance to reprimand Chu Huai. "Moreover, Chu Quan is my son. I should be in charge of this matter."

He turned to Weilan Fan and said with a smile. "Please speaks your mind out, Young Master Weilan."

Chu Huai's body trembled, but he didn't utter a word. The current situation wasn't in his favor now. It would be too stupid to insist further.

He couldn't help glancing at Weilan Fan with hatred. If it wasn't for him, his scheme would be succeeded by now.

Weilan Fan ignored Chu Huai's resentful glare and said. "Simple. Let Third Young Master Chu do as Yun Lintian's plan… Although this Yun Lintian might know about this, he would still come because he has no other choice. At that time, he would be nothing but a turtle in the urn."

"Besides, there's a high chance that Third Young Master Chu could save his own life. Once the contractor died, the Soul Contract would be invalid. You should know about it."

The face of everyone in the hall changed drastically. Since Weilan Fan knew about the Soul Contract so well, this unique technique of their clan was no longer a secret in front of the Weilan Clan a long time ago. They couldn't help but shiver inwardly.

Chu Kui took a deep breath and said. "We will follow your arrangement."

"Good." Weilan Fan smiled brightly. "Please contact me if there's any movement from Yun Lintian."

Chu Kui nodded. He hesitated briefly and asked cautiously. "May I know more about this Yun Lintian?"

"You want to ask me why everyone is chasing after him?" Weilan Fan laughed slightly.

Chu Kui hurriedly waved his hand. "You don't have to tell this old man if it's inconvenient."

"There's no inconvenience in telling you this." Weilan Fan shook his head slightly. "What if I tell you that he possesses a secret that can let everyone leave this lowly world?"

Chu Kui and the others were shocked to the core when they heard this. They naturally knew what this meant.

Weilan Fan smiled and waved his hand dismissively. "Do your part well. Maybe we can leave this world together."

As he spoke, he turned around and walked out of the hall, leaving everyone staring blankly at his departing back…

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