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«Mystical Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 1195 - Mystery 1

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Chapter 1195: Mystery 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Garen threw his fist at the speedboat coming up next to him, knocking off the people on it. Jumping onto the new speedboat, he sped directly towards another group of speedboats.

Weaving in between two enemy speedboats, Garen drew his blades.

With a swift slash, four white-shirted enemies fell into the sea whilst grabbing on to their necks.

“Too weak!”

Garen rapidly sheathed his knife. Suddenly, Garen’s eyes opened wide, he moved his scabbard to block something.


A bullet the size of his index finger ricocheted off, creating a small dent on his scabbard.

“Armor-piercing rounds?!” Garen was not shocked, but rather, he was delighted. Looking back at the enemy who fired at him from afar, it was one of the three robots he saw earlier. “Now that’s more like it. There’s no meaning if all of you are so weak!”

With a maneuver of the speedboat, he headed directly towards his target.

The dozens of gun barrels behind the robot shot all at once, causing a loud boom similar to a huge clap of thunder. Spitting out a large flames, it emitted a deafening roar, which caused the seawater to start ripple uncontrollably.

Large amounts of armor-piercing rounds were shot towards Garen. The intense amount of recoil had caused even the robot and the speedboat it was on to be pushed back.

The bullet speed was extremely fast, especially since the gun barrels were all custom-made. At the same time, it also had a high explosive and penetrative power. It was something that a small handgun could never replicate.

Nine-Tailed Fox and the others were looking at this scene in the distance, their heart rate immediately peaked. This level of attack was absurd. It would still be fine if it was average bullets, but there were also armor-piercing rounds and explosive rounds mixed amongst the normal rounds, even Nine-Tailed Fox would not have the ability to survive that attack. The only option was to find cover. However, Garen was on a speedboat in the middle of the sea. If he went to find cover, he would lose his current position, putting him at a disadvantageous situation and at risk of being surrounded.

“Save him!” Almost simultaneously, Nine-Tailed Fox and Li Hua thought out loud. Garen was neither a Savior nor one of the Four Great Cornerstones. He had no unnatural power or special ability. Even if his Sword Arts and Saber Arts were top class, he would still be helpless against this type of absolute firepower. This was not even a power that a human could ever hope to wield.

Garen just stood on the speedboat. In an instant, he felt that everything around him started to slow down. The bullets flying straight towards him, the gunshots from afar, the screaming, the waves splashing, the firefight and shouting on the cruise ship, and even the fearful screeching of a lot of visitors on the average tourist boats, all of them suddenly played on in slow motion.

The firepower this time was at least two times more intense that his confrontation with Yuria. When he first fought Yuria, it was only against one machine gun, but now, he was up against countless explosive rounds, armor-piercing rounds, and custom-made rounds. Furthermore, the firing speed had obviously been enhanced, so the power of the rounds are definitely more than twice as strong. It looks like his opponent had already done some research on him, specifically using a weapon of this level to attack.

If the difficulty level when he was fighting Yuria was 1, then the situation Garen was currently facing would no doubt be classified with a difficulty level of 10.

They seem to be trying to defeat him as if he was a Main Battle Tank…

“How troublesome…” An idea suddenly flashed into Garen’s mind. He no longer had any time to hesitate about it.

Finally, at this moment, he used his Soul Power to forcibly increase his level. This was the trump card that he did not even use when he faced Slayer earlier.

Right at the instant before the explosive round hit Garen, his entire body seemed to glow with a pale white light.


The dual sabers were crossed in front of him, a type of flame-like Soul Power Aura started burning around Garen’s body. If there was an existence that could see Soul Power spectating this battle, they would surely notice that his body currently seemed to be engulfed in a layer of pale white flames. This floating white flames looked like countless white ribbons floating in the air.

“Wind Reversal.”

Before he even finished, the speedboat under Garen suddenly broke into multiple pieces, while Garen instantly shot up into the air, his trajectory aiming towards the robot not far away.

His speed was extremely fast, to the point where even the bullets could not keep up with him.

Merging his two sabers as one, Garen sliced down from above like a high-speed circular saw.


The robot exploded.

At the instant the saber sliced through the robot’s armor, the entire robot exploded into a ball of flames, bursting out in all directions. Large amounts of heat and light had completely engulfed Garen.

The fireball had a diameter of almost six meters, its intensity even causing the surface of the ocean to be pushed down by more than a meter.

The flames completely stunned Nine-Tailed Fox and the others, but the other attackers did not show any signs of hesitation. They continued their high-intensity attacks. Due to the distraction, Li Hua had injured her shoulder. On the other side, Nine-Tailed Fox was also ambushed by the two remaining robots. Luckily her speed was slightly faster, so she managed to get behind some cover. In addition to that, it seemed like the robot that attacked Garen was the strongest of the three, the explosive rounds fired by these two seemed lackluster compared to the other one. This gave her a sigh of relief, but at the same time, she also started to worry about Garen’s safety even more.

As the flames slowly dissipated, , the remains of the destroyed speedboat were still burning on the ocean’s surface, emitting a crackling sound.

A soot black figure suddenly pooped his head out from underwater. It was Garen.

His entire body had been burnt completely black and his clothes were in tatters. The two sabers in his hands were only left with the two hilts. He looked as if he had been rolling in a pile of charcoal.

“How sly!” Garen wiped his face, rubbing off the black parts, revealing his original appearance. Looking at his awful appearance, he could not help but feel slightly embarrassed.

His opponent was too ruthless! Who would have thought that it would use this type of move? If not for his current physical fitness averaging more than five points, that self-destruction would almost definitely be the end of him.

His opponent was definitely someone who knew him very well, otherwise, they could not have seen through his favorite closed-combat style to this extent. They didn’t even give him an opportunity for close combat.

“This proves that the enemy definitely knows that close combat is ineffective against me. Even when using an alloyed robot with an extremely hard exterior, they were completely sure that closed-combat would have absolutely no effect on me. This opponent seems to understand my combat power quite clearly…”

With a splash, Garen leaped out of the water, landing on the remains of the speedboat near him. Using all his might, he propelled himself into the air like a rocket.


What remained of his sabers suddenly flashed white.

One of the men on another speedboat was flung straight into the sea. The other man voluntarily jumped into the sea, diving down for his life, fearing that he could not escape in time.

“This monster!!” One of the attackers yelled out in fear.

All of the attackers rapidly started retreating, leaving behind dozens of corpses without a second word. Within a brief moment, all of them had retreated at least ten meters away from Garen, desperately praying that he was not pursuing them from behind. They just kept on moving and running for their lives.


“Even High Explosives couldn’t harm him…”

Inside a submarine under the sea.

In the darkness, a figure said lowly whilst facing at the surveillance screen. He looked at Garen who was standing on top of a speedboat without so much as a scratch on him.

“Any counter-strategies?” Another person in the darkness asked softly.

“This guy seems to be like the Four Great Cornerstones, maybe a new Cornerstone?” The man facing the screen asked suspiciously. “At the beginning, Slayer was the same. High Explosives basically had no effect on him.”

“Impossible. Cornerstones would have specific Sacred Sigils, but he doesn’t have any,” the person in the darkness replied.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Let’s go with number three,” the person in the darkness answered, “No matter how strong his individual potential, there will eventually come a time where he’s powerless.”

“That’s true.”


“Are you fine?” Nine-Tailed Fox, Li Hua and Garen gathered together back at the cruise ship. At that moment, the cruise ship surprisingly did not have any major damages, it only had a few scratches and burns here and there. The surviving members of the special agents were rapidly putting out the fires along with the crew members. The battle was over. There were even some passengers who dared to peek out to check on the situation.

“It’s fine. I didn’t get hit that much, it’s only a scratch,” Garen shook his head as a gesture signaling that he was fine, at the same time, his gaze moved towards a point afar.

This caused Nine-Tailed Fox and Li Hua to also shift their gaze in the same direction.

“What are you looking at?” Just as Li Hua finished asking her question, she was immediately silenced.


At this moment.

A small warship appeared in the distance. It was in the shape of a fish, completely white, with a silver-white crab logo on its sides.

On the side of the warship, a white robot with a metal exterior was stationed. Its three-meter tall body lifted up a person with a single hand in a chokehold. It was a beautiful girl with a nice figure and long hair.

The girl was being choked at her neck, her body struggling mid-air. She was desperately hitting the robot’s arms with her fists, but to no avail.

“Ah Xue…”

Nine-Tailed Fox’s voice suddenly turned icy cold.

Garen and Li Hua had also recognized who the struggling girl was. It was definitely Ah Xue. Although they had already prepared for Kong Xinxue to be captured as part of their original plan, the problem was that the one who captured her was not Slayer and his men, like the plan intended, but rather another completely unknown force.

What were their goals? Why did they know their situation so well? All of these factors remained unknown to them. At this point, all three of them were quite sure that there was definitely a spy in their midst.

At this time, the escaped attackers on speedboats were rapidly getting onto the small warship, climbing in from behind the ship.

“Do you want to save her?”

A husky male’s voice rang out loudly from afar.

“Then come and meet me… Sword Master, you must come alone. Or else…”


The robot just ripped of the white one-piece blouse Kong Xinxue was wearing, revealing her stark nude body that was going commando.

Her snow-white body looked almost as if it was glowing in the distance. Garen could even here the passengers behind him exclaiming and gulping.

“Heh… This is getting interesting,” he carelessly tossed his two broken sabers away, they were no longer of any use anymore. “You guys head back.”

Without even looking back, he ordered, “I will deal with him by myself.”

“They obviously know us very well. Be careful,” Nine-Tailed Fox lowly warned.

“Do you have confidence?” Li Hua asked softly.

“No clue,” Garen chuckled. With a light leap, he dived into the water causing a splash, almost like a pelican diving into the sea. Then he started swimming towards the warship, his movements as natural as a fish. His speed was almost comparable to the speedboats earlier, leaving a white trail behind him as he zoomed towards the warship.

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