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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 4271 - Illusionary Happiness (1)

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Chapter 4271: Illusionary Happiness (1)

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Su Yu froze; he wasn’t sure if he had heard it right.

Nie Lingxuan detected the weirdness in Su Yu’s expression, so she repeated her question, “President Su, can I come back?”

“Of course you can, you never left the company anyways…” Su Yu rubbed his forehead.

“But I’ve been on sabbatical for so long, and don’t want to step on anyone’s toes… I was worried you’d be mad.”

“Of course not, you’re an amazing actress, and everyone knows that. Plus, your contract isn’t up yet… so everything can stay the same once you’re back. If you’re not up for it, we don’t have to fill up your schedule right away. We’ll talk about it as things go, what do you think?”

Su Yu felt responsible for Nie Lingxuan’s departure. Therefore, he treated her politely rather than like a big boss-man talking to his employee.

This left Nie Lingxuan feeling warm inside. She bowed to Su Yu. “Thank you, President Su.”

Su Yu could tell that Nie Lingxuan treated him differently. He knew she still liked him, but she didn’t express it as vividly as she used to. After all, bringing it up would just leave everyone feeling awkward.

Han Yueyao was passing by when she saw Su Yu talking to Nie Lingxuan. However, she thought that he was talking to a random employee, so she ran up to him and punched him in the chest without thinking.

“You’re finally sober! Are you drinking again tonight? Can you take me if you are? I’ve made up my mind, from today onwards, I’m going to attend every bar-themed event you go to… but I’ll let you off the hook if you go home…”

Han Yueyao’s voice trailed off when she noticed the weird expression on Su Yu’s face. Turning around instinctively, she froze in her spot upon recognizing the woman he was talking to.

“Nie… Nie… Nie Lingxuan…”

Han Yueyao wasn’t often starstruck, nor did she like any of the new celebrities. However, Nie Lingxuan was one of her favorite actresses. Having debuted a long time ago, Nie Lingxuan starred in many historical dramas. Han Yueyao first came to know Nie Lingxuan from a village-themed drama, where she played a mute widow who was constantly bullied by the other villagers. Her acting skills left a deep impression on Han Yueyao.

Unfortunately, by the time Han Yueyao signed with Su Yu’s company, Nie Lingxuan had already left the country. When Nie Lingxuan left, each media outlet explained her departure differently - some claimed that Imperial Star no longer wanted to promote her, while others insisted it was because Su Yu had dumped her. Yet, no one had reported her return to China.

Han Yueyao felt idiotic for making a fool out of herself in front of her idol.

“Hi! You’re a great dancer, I’ve been following the competition.” Nie Lingxuan smiled politely at Han Yueyao.

“Oh my god, you watched my show?”

“Of course, it’s a popular show. I loved the collaboration between yourself and Yuan Bo.”

“I love your dramas, I’ve watched all of them! Can we take a photo together, no, wait, can you add me on WeChat?” Han Yueyao stuttered.

“Sure.” Nie Lingyuan nodded, and Han Yueyao flushed with excitement. She took out her phone and after adding Nie Lingxuan on WeChat, she opened her beauty camera app and handed her phone to Su Yu.

“President Su, can you take a photo for us? Thank you! Make sure you pick a flattering angle.” Then, Han Yueyao ran up to Nie Lingxuan and made little ‘V’ signs with her hands.

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh at Han Yueyao through the camera.

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