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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 4180 - Missing You to Death (10)

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Chapter 4180: Missing You to Death (10)

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Seeing Han Yueyao’s self-mocking post, the netizens didn’t trash talk her; instead, her fans increased by hundreds of thousands and she became one of the trending topics.

The title of the trending topic was “Han Yueyao offered herself on a platter”.

Anyone clicking into the post would know it was a joke.

Seeing her post, the paparazzi who had seen her enter Su Yu’s house last night dared not to say anything about it. After all, she had come out of the house shortly.

In this way, by her self-mocking post, she stopped the despicable reporters from making Su Yu out to be a womanizer.

In the dressing room of the performance department, Han Yueyao logged into her Weibo and read her fan’s comments in a good mood.

“Wow, big Yao, you’re awesome in self-mocking. Love you.”

“Haha. The young girl is so funny. I’m your new fan now.”

“I know you are a good girl. Goddess, do you have shows lately? I’ll watch whatever show you do.”

“When I heard you were intimate with Su Yu, I thought you’d be another Nie Lingxuan. From the looks of it, you’re not. Haha… You’re so cute. You offered yourself on a platter and got kicked out? But President Su must have a problem with his eyesight, right? You’re way more beautiful than those young models… Why did he kick you out?”

In a great mood, Han Yueyao replied to the comment, “I think it’s probably because I have a small bosom.”

“Hahaha. You’re cute.”

Her reply got more comments from the fans…

One hour later, the title of the trending topic was changed into “Han Yueyao’s small bosom”.

While she had fun with the netizens on Weibo, she also posted a comment on her Moments.

It was in a style totally different from her self-mocking post.

She wrote in the post, “In this world, we see lots of beautiful women, rich people, casual womanizers, and so-called ultimate love. The only thing the world lacks is the sense of responsibility, sense of security, loyalty, and stubborn determination that should be indispensable in love.”

Han Yueyao didn’t have lots of friends in her Moments, which was why she could express her true feelings here.

Su Yu saw the post and wanted to give it a like, but to avoid misunderstanding from Han Yueyao, he pretended he didn’t see it.

Su Xiaoxiao gave it a like and commented, “Whoa. Someone is in love. Good luck.”

“Hahaha. The journey to success is long and difficult; I need to work harder,” Han Yueyao replied to Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Yu didn’t miss the comments…

Huo Mian saw the post when she got up from bed in the morning. She sneered, “Hehe… A filthy woman from the show business has the nerve to seduce Su Yu… Nice try.”

Leila wasn’t Huo Mian and certainly had no compassion for the young girl.

She left a comment under the post purposefully, “Yao, do you mean Yuan Bo? You two are a perfect match.”

“Sister Mian, he’s not the one. Haha. That fellow… is truly not my type.” Han Yueyao was happy to see Huo Mian’s comment and didn’t see the malice in it. She just thought her Sister Mian had a better mood today and was willing to talk to her now.

But Huo Mian went silent…

When Yuan Bo finished his work outside of the city and saw her post on Wei Bo, he wrote a comment and shared it, “Beauty, do you want a boyfriend? The kind of boyfriends that would cut open his wrist if you break up with him.”

After he posted it, the fans roared with laughter…

“This is a blatant PDA.” This comment from a fan was pinned to the top and received tens of thousands of likes.

In the dressing room.

Han Yueyao’s agent whispered to her, “Yao, shall we take the opportunity and hype your love affair with Yuan Bo? It will go viral and gain you tremendous popularity. It’s a rare opportunity. The most important part is that he likes you and the fans love to see you together.”

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