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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 4048 - Kill (8)

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Chapter 4048: Kill (8)

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“What? My little pet, you can’t bear to see her die?” Leila looked at Jack with irony on her face.

“No. Young master…” Jack glanced at Huo Mian and hesitated; then he said, “Qin Chu and Lu Yan are here.”

“Whoa. So soon… Very good.”

Leila put down the gun as if she was distracted by something more interesting.

She stopped frightening Huo Mian; maybe she just hadn’t planned to kill Huo Mian at all.

She just wanted to see Huo Mian wet her pants in fear. But it was impossible; after all, Huo Mian was the famous calm girl among her friends.

Huo Mian should feel happy when she heard Qin Chu and Lu Yan had come.

But she wasn’t because she found this conspiracy was more complicated than she had expected.

The woman resembled her and could make a violent guy like Jack become her pet; the woman terrified Zhao Qingya’s patron and talked about Lu Yan in contempt.

Huo Mian was suddenly afraid that her husband and Yan would walk into the trap and were not that woman’s match.

The woman seemed to be interested in Qin Chu…

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

“Jack, take her out. The good drama is about to begin…”

Leila put on clothes elegantly; the clothes were Huo Mian’s favorite style— a beige Disney sweater, jeans, and white sneakers.

Then she pulled her hair up into a simple ponytail just like Huo Mian’s.

She walked past Huo Mian smugly.

“Oh, I don’t know when we’ll meet again… So, cherish your opportunity.”

Leila’s tone was irritating. She smiled at Huo Mian playfully, copying Huo Mian’s tone and expression vividly.

Chills ran down Huo Mian’s spine…

The woman was crazy; completely crazy. She might do more creepy things.

After Leila walked out, Jack and the guards took Huo Mian back to the shed.

Huo Mian didn’t speak until they reached the shed; when the guards were not around, she asked Jack in a low voice, “Did you think she was me when you first saw her?”

Surprised, Jake replied in a whisper, “Yeah.”

“Is Qin Chu her real target?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. No one can understand what she’s thinking.” It wasn’t that Jack didn’t want to tell Huo Mian; he truly didn’t know. After all, Leila might get him killed at any moment.

“Jack, I want to see Huo Siqian,” said Huo Mian suddenly.

“Stop dreaming. Don’t play games because you can’t escape. Her abilities are beyond your imagination.”

Then he pushed Huo Mian into the shed and left.

Huo Mian inhaled deeply and walked to sit beside Su Yu.

Cautiously, she took out the antidote from her bag and spread it under Su Yu’s nose.

The pungent smell woke Su Yu up from deep sleep.

The aphrodisiac in his body had lost its effect. One had to admit that Huo Mian’s drug was quite potent, but she just didn’t understand why it had no effect on that woman.

She had indeed poisoned her…

“Mian…” Su Yu woke up slowly, feeling dazed.

“Su Yu, we…must get out of here. That woman left this place temporarily and now is the perfect time for us to escape,” Huo Mian whispered into Su Yu’s ear.

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