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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3727 - Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 17

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Chapter 3727 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 17

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“Big Brother Mingxi… Do you… dislike me?”

Wei Ying thought Shen Mingxi had misunderstood her relationship with Ye Zhaoyang.

In fact, there was nothing between her and Ye Zhaoyang since she felt nothing about this guy despite his persistent pursuit.


Shen Mingxi felt guilty and torn. He had given up Wei Ying because he thought he couldn’t give her happiness.

Considering how he had hurt Wei Ying previously and how Huo Yanyan was making life difficult for them, he felt guilty towards Wei Ying.

“Then come and watch the fireworks with me.”

Before Shen Mingxi could answer, Wei Ying mustered her courage and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the hall…

“Ying… I…”

Shen Mingxi couldn’t get the words out since Wei Ying’s enthusiasm rekindled his hopes.

Love was miraculous sometimes; it brought you back to your destined one after all the turns and twists.

Wei Ying had noticed her second brother Wei Liao and his family were on the third floor with Huo Mian’s family.

To avoid her brother, she pulled Shen Mingxi to the first floor of the yacht.

There were less people here, but Wei Liao couldn’t see this spot.

With Ye Zhaoyang surrounded by Wei Ying’s besties, Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi could enjoy this moment without interruption.

Looking at the fireworks in the sky and then at Wei Ying standing next to him, Shen Mingxi felt as if he was in another lifetime.

If he hadn’t divorced Wei Ying, he’d still be living happily with her now and he wouldn’t have suffered so much.

“Big Brother Mingxi, what are you thinking about?” Wei Ying turned her head and saw the strange look in his eyes.

“Nothing. Just some memories.” He shrugged.

“Haha. Big Brother Mingxi, do you remember my grandma’s birthday party when we were ten? At that time, fireworks were not popular yet and people set off firecrackers which were really loud… I was timid and didn’t dare to go out, so you stayed with me in the backyard. Afraid I was bored, you even played Chinese checkers with me.”

“Yeah. Your skills at Chinese checkers were so poor…” Shen Mingxi was brought to the past.

“I was afraid you’d not play with me if you knew I didn’t know how to play…”

“So you were in fact trying to get me to teach you how to play it.”

“Hahaha. You’re right.” Wei Ying smiled radiantly.

“Then you should have paid me a tuition…” Shen Mingxi was in a good mood and joked with her.

“Yeah. You have a point. I’ll pay you right now.”

Then Wei Ying took out her cellphone and sent a WeChat red packet to Shen Mingxi.

Astonished, Shen Mingxi took out his cellphone; he had been joking but it seemed Wei Ying took his words seriously.

“I won’t take it… Don’t be silly… I was just teasing you…”

“Open it and have a look… Teacher.”

Wei Ying stuck out her tongue at him.

Shen Mingxi opened it and laughed in exasperation when he saw the amount in it—one cent.

Yeah, one cent. So, who was teasing whom?

Tang Chuan walked downstairs with his arm around Qin Ning’s shoulders.

On his way to get a jacket, he spotted the pair in the corner.

“Whoa. I’ll go and tell Mr. Wei that his sister is here having a romantic chat with her ex…” Tang Chuan chuckled nosily.

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