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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3726 - Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 16

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Chapter 3726 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 16

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“Ahem…” Su Yu looked embarrassed.

“You look intimate…” Tang Chuan was always nosy.

Seeing they were doing a selfie in the distance, he was so excited as if he had discovered a new continent. Dumping Qin Ning, he ran here to do an investigation.

“Shut up.” Su Yu rolled his eyes.

“Young girl, you’re lucky… Our Mr. Su hadn’t taken a selfie for a long time… Come on, send me the picture and I’ll post it in the group. Hahaha…”

“Ignore him. He’s a paparazzi,” Su Yu turned his head and told Han Yueyao.

“Come on. Tell me your WeChat name and I’ll add you…” Tang Chuan was enjoying himself.

“I’ll tell Qin Ning that you’re hitting on girls…” Su Yu threatened.

“Damn it… You’re playing dirty…”

“Get out of here. Stop gossiping…” Su Yu knew nothing good would come out of his mouth, so he didn’t want to banter with him.

If people knew that he had taken a selfie with a young girl, it would be embarrassing.

Talking and laughing, Tang Chan and Su Yu walked away…

Han Yueyao took out her cell phone and pulled out their picture from the album…

They looked quite good in the picture.

With a secret smile, she closed the phone.

As the rumors had it, Su Yu indeed had a hot temper, but he was also childish and pure.

Unlike those scheming, greedy, and ruthless big merchants, Su Yu looked like a big boy living next door.

Han Yueyao thought if Huo Mian didn’t have Qin Chu, she might not have been able to resist Su Yu’s charm. After all, he was such a great guy…

During the stunning show, many couples took photos together, made wishes and even… kissed under the night sky, making Huo Mian’s birthday party into a Valentine’s Day party.

Shen Mingxi didn’t go out to enjoy the fireworks; he sat in one corner in the great hall and sipped a glass of champagne quietly.

Wei Ying looked everywhere for him but couldn’t find him.

Returning to the great hall, she saw he was sitting in a corner; with his head lowered, she couldn’t see his face, but he looked lonely.

As a woman, Wei Ying was touched by the beautiful fireworks and wanted to watch the show with Shen Mingxi.

Ever since Huo Mian mentioned the conspiracy between Huo Yanyan and Mr. Ye, Wei Ying had decided not to see that boring man anymore.

“Big Brother Mingxi…”

Wei Ying called out to him and walked over with light steps.

“Why don’t you go out and watch the fireworks?”

Shen Mingxi looked up and smiled at her, but the smile looked forced.

“I was watching it… But I didn’t see you, so I searched around for you.”

“There are too many people out there. I don’t like crowds.”

“But the fireworks are stunning… They say Sister Mian likes watching fireworks, so her husband ordered them from a firework factory… I’ve never seen such radiant fireworks before.”

“Then you must go out and watch some more.”

“I want you to watch it with me,” Wei Ying blurted out.

Shen Mingxi licked his lip and didn’t speak; his eyes were unreadable.

Wei Ying blushed for her own directness and waited for Shen Mingxi’s response.

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