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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3724 - Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 14

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Chapter 3724 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 14

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“Open it. Your daughter made it herself…”

Qin Chu was curious, wondering what the quiet Pudding had prepared for her mommy.

“Don’t think this present will make me go easy on you kids…”

“This present is from me, so you can let me off the hook. You can punish Little Bean,” Pudding said pleasantly.

Little Bean: “I…”

She felt her sister had trapped her with the crying incident.

Hearing Pudding’s words, Huo Mian chuckled. After all, they were her daughters and she didn’t have the heart to punish them…

Opening the silk box slowly, she saw a pair of pearl earrings.

The style was simple without any decorations; there were only top-quality pearls.

“Did you make these, Pudding?”

Pudding nodded. “I chose the pearls in one of the chain jewelry shops under our GK, but I paid for them…”

“My daughter knows how to keep the goodies within the family…” Qin Chu chuckled. Despite her young age, Pudding knew to bring business to her own family stores. It was a pleasant surprise for Qin Chu.

“I made the studs with platinum. I bought the material and learnt how to make studs from a jewelry maker. The process looks simple but took quite a lot of time and energy… I hope you like it, Mommy.”

“I like it. You took so much trouble to make it. How can I not like it?”

Huo Mian felt warm inside…

“Sis, how can you do this to me? Didn’t we agree that we’d give the present together? Why leave me out of it?” Little Bean looked angry.

“You can give me half of the money, then it’s a present from both of us.”

“Okay, okay.” Seeing Pudding agree to share the present, Little Bean nodded eagerly.

“You don’t have to pay for the platinum. Just pay for one of the pearls,” said Pudding slowly.

“No problem. How much?”

Little Bean still had thousands of yuan in her WeChat wallet and she thought that should be enough for the pearl.

“The two pearls cost 120,000 yuan; you can give me 60,000 yuan.”

“Damn it… 60,000? Are you trying to rob me…?” Little Bean’s jaw dropped.

“How can you say I’m robbing you? I bought them from Daddy’s jewelry shop… I have a receipt for the purchase… Are you trying to say that Daddy tried to rob you?”

Little Bean: “…”

Qin Chu: “…”

“It’s truly 120,000 yuan.”

“Forget it… Sis, you’re rich, so you take all the cost. I don’t have so much money.”

Hearing that she had to pay 60,000 yuan, Little Bean refused the offer.

“They are truly expensive…” Huo Mian was also surprised.

“Mommy, this is the cost price. These pearls are top-quality and very expensive to acquire… You can ask Daddy about it.”

“We only sell top-quality jewelries… Honey, don’t feel guilty. Your daughter is rich. Just take the present.”

Qin Chu soothed Huo Mian with a smile.

He knew Pudding had made lots of money in the stock market ever since she purchased Huo Siqian’s shell company.

“Fine. I’ll take it.”

Pleased, Huo Mian put the box carefully into her pocket…

“Mommy, can you take back the punishment? See, we’ve stopped crying…” Pudding took the opportunity to bargain with her.

“You… are an expert in bargaining.” Huo Mian looked resigned.

“Mommy, you can’t bear to punish us; after all, we’re your biological daughters.” Little Bean cozied up to her.

Checking his watch, Qin Chu changed the subject. “Honey, it’s almost time. Let me take you to the deck. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

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