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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3284 - Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 4

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Chapter 3284 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 4

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“Since Mr. Tang insists, I must do as he asks…” Then Ni Yang glanced at Chen Jie lovingly and said, “During all the time that I have been with Jie, we’ve never argued or fought with each other; I truly think I found my soul mate.”

“Whoa! This love show is excellent… I’m envious.” Gao Ran looked envious.

“What do you mean? Are you complaining that I always fight with you?” Zhu Lingling immediately grabbed his ear.

“Hey! No! No! Honey, don’t get worked up. Don’t let the devil of impulsiveness get you…” Gao Ran hurried to comfort his wife.

“Big Brother Rick, do you dare to have a public show of affection?” Tang Chuan looked at Rick and issued the challenge jokingly.

Everyone knew that Rick was a low-keyed person and seldom posted things on his Moments.

Xixi leaned on Rick’s chest and cooed, “My Rick calls me Xixi Baby in private.”

“Whoa! That’s so sweet…” Zhu Lingling hooted.

“Is it true?” Huo Mian looked at Rick with a faint smile.

Rick’s face turned red instantly.

“I think it’s true…” Wei Liao guessed.

“Bro, do it now, so we can hear it.” Qin Chu joined the fun, which was rare for him.

Rick: “…”

“Dear, just once. Your baby will hear it and will love you for it,” Xixi touched her round belly and asked.

Sure enough, Rick coulddn’t bear to refuse her for the sake of the baby. Finally, he said in a low voice, “Xixi Baby, don’t mess with me. We’ll say these things when we’re home.”

The moment Rick said it, all the people cheered.

Finally, they turned their eyes to Su Yu. “Mr. Su, it’s the first time that you brought a girl to meet us. Come on and show something good to us.”

“Haha! How about a three-minute French kiss?” Tang Chuan kicked up a fuss.

“Three minutes? Okay… Come here and I’ll kiss you.” Su Yu beckoned at him.

“Haha! Not me. Kiss your girlfriend…” Tang Chuan corrected him.

“Fu*k off! We have children with us. Don’t mess with me.” Su Yu declined shyly.

“It’s okay. Uncle Su, we can close our eyes.” Wei Yunchu put in and cut off Su Yu’s way of retreat.

“Kiddo, whose side are you on?” Su Yu glanced at Wei Liao’s son, not knowing if he should cry or laugh.

The twins were silent because they didn’t like the woman Zeng Rou.

Before Su Yu could say something, Zeng Rou panicked.

“Um… I remember I asked for a bowl of noodles. I’ll go to the kitchen and see what’s taking them so long. Um… you guys continue with your chat.”

Then, she ran off under everyone’s gazes.

“Whoa… We scared off your girlfriend. She seems to be a shy girl…” Tang Chuan spread out his hands and chuckled.

“You think everyone is as brazen as you are…” Su Yu laughed.

“Are you done with torturing me? I’m not dead, which means I’m very strong,” Tang Chuan said smugly.

At this moment, Little Bean picked up the sago with coconut milk and walked to Gao Boyuan.

“Boyuan, try this. It’s super delicious.” Little Bean’s voice was syrupy sweet.

“My goodness… This attack is deadly… Little Bean, you’re vicious… After treating your uncle this way, aren’t you afraid you’d get rotten teeth from all the ice cream I bought for you?” Tang Chuan put his palm on his chest and looked at Little Bean with exaggerated hurt on his face, making everyone laugh.

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