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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3282 - Simple and Rough is Lu Yann’s Style 2

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Chapter 3282 - Simple and Rough is Lu Yann’s Style 2

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“President… President Su, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. I’ll return to work soon.”

Nie Lingxuan was always meek in front of Su Yu.

“Don’t worry. Come back after you’re fully recovered.”

“Thank you, President Su. See you later.”

Then, Nie Lingxuan walked away swiftly, pulling her sister with her.

“Sis, what are you doing? What’s the hurry? You can talk some more with him…” Xixi complained.

“Didn’t you see President Su is with his girlfriend? We’d better not intrude,” she said in a melancholic way.

On the other side, Zeng Rou was confused at first and then she looked at Su Yu.

“This girl likes you, too, doesn’t she?”

Su Yu: “…”

“Come on! Tell me how many girls like you; one day I’ll gather them together and remove them all,” Zeng Rou said jokingly.

Su Yu: “…”

“Ha! I was kidding! Don’t look at me so solemnly; I’m not used to it. Well, since we’re here, we can separate and enjoy ourselves. Go and socialize while I get something to eat. I didn’t have breakfast and my stomach doesn’t feel well.”

Zeng Rou turned and made a beeline to the dessert table.

Su Yu looked confused.

He was about to go and find Wei Liao and Tang Chuan when Pudding appeared beside him and took his hand.

“Handsome Su.”

“Whoa! Pudding, I didn’t see you a moment ago.”

“I went to the washroom.”

“Haha! I see. I was wondering why you were not with Little Bean.” Su Yu picked up Pudding and put her on a high chair.

Taking a seat beside her, Su Yu handed her a glass of orange juice.

“Handsome Su, that woman is the one who moved into your house recently?”


“What’s her background?” Pudding asked, seeming casual.

Unlike Little Bean, Pudding always kept her head clear and searched for the information about their enemy first.

“She’s from the capital of the province. Um… her father is an official.”

Due to the special identity of Zeng Rou’s father, Su Yu didn’t want to tell everyone about her background.

“Oh. No wonder… she has the background to move into your house by force,” Pudding put a straw into the glass and said mildly.

“Little Bean trashed her a moment ago. What? Do you want to give her a difficult time, too?”

“What? You want to protect her?”

“Not at all. She’d be too weak to be my woman if she couldn’t withstand such trivial difficulties,” Su Yu joked.

“Handsome Su, do you truly want to be with her? Love is not child’s play,” Pudding looked back at him and said to Su Yu solemnly.

“Pudding, I’m trying to do the right thing. Your mom… will probably feel easier if I do this.” Su Yu’s voice was small.

Pudding could see he didn’t truly like Zeng Rou, and he wasn’t happy.

“Handsome Su, you’re a great guy; I’m sure you’ll meet a woman who truly deserves you.”

“I hope so.”

“So you must be cautious about your marriage. Don’t marry her. At least don’t make any important decision before you understand her purpose of getting close to you,” said Pudding.

“Of course. Her living in my house doesn’t mean I’ll marry her. Besides, there’s nothing between us. So, don’t worry,” Su Yu lightly flicked her head as he said sincerely.

After talking to Su Yu, Pudding understood Zeng Rou’s current situation and smiled faintly.

Unlike her sister, she wouldn’t go and make life difficult for Zeng Rou, but she didn’t like Zeng Rou either.

During the banquet, a really funny scene appeared.

The guests all came in pairs; Gao Boyuan and Wei Yunchu sat with the twins, and even the permanent bachelor Su Yu brought a girl.

Tang Chuan stood out among the couples…

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