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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 1489 - Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (20)

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Chapter 1489: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (20)

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

As Huo Mian walked in, she was greeted by an empty office.

“Young Madam, the president really didn’t come to work today. If you don’t believe me, you can check the whole building,” Yang said helplessly.

“So, where is he right now?” Huo Mian asked hesitantly, her voice dry and hoarse.

“To be honest, I don’t know. President Qin called last night and updated me about the work today. But, he disappeared completely afterward. Now, his phone is out of service too.”

As Huo Mian finished listening to what Yang said, she dialed Qin Chu’s number immediately on her phone, but as expected, Qin Chu’s phone was out of service.

How could no one know where he went?

- The Huo Corporation Headquarters -

Huo Siqian was in his office enjoying a lavish breakfast.

He was in a very good mood.

“President Huo, is something special happening today?”

“Nope.” As Huo Siqian answered, the corner of his mouth curled up, showing a triumph smile.

The result? He was simply delighted with the result!

He knew Qin Chu would act without any hesitation if the matter at hand was related to Huo Mian.

Twenty-four hours was all Huo Siqian had given Qin Chu, but, in less than twelve hours, GK publicly announced the divorce.

The simple efficiency had left Huo Siqian feeling ecstatic.

Mian must be heartbroken. But it’s okay, it will be all over soon. I will make you happy again, He thought to himself.

- Inside a secret chamber on the top floor of Seductive Fox -

“I thought I warned you to not act impulsively, or you would risk arousing suspicion,” Qin Chu said faintly with no blame in his voice.

“I didn’t think he would be this good,” Rick said guiltily.

Last night, after leaving Qin Chu’s house, Rick had sent killers to assassinate Huo Siqian. However, not only did the mission fail, not a single man returned.

He had to admit, Huo Siqian wasn’t an easy target.

“It’s not him that’s good, it’s the people behind him. Why do you think he’s able to walk away free after taking so many lives leaving no traces behind?”

“Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Whether it was killing Huo Zhenghai, Jiang Lingyue, or the people we sent to investigate Huo Mian’s identity, he wiped them out without a trace.”

“That’s why I warned you to act with tact. We need a detailed plan that entails our actions. Sometimes, you belittle the enemy too much,” Qin Chu said without holding anything back.

It was true. Rick didn’t feel much emotion and, in general, was considered a cold-hearted killer. He wasn’t a calm and tactful killer, but rather, a very straightforward one. To him, it was simple, anyone that stood in his way must die.

So, after what happened last night, he wanted to wipe Huo Siqian out, since he thought it would be the easiest way. But, Qin Chu was right, he had underestimated Huo Siqian.

If Huo Siqian really had nothing up his sleeve, he wouldn’t be so arrogantly flamboyant today.

Based on the way he controlled the information on Huo Mian’s identity, there must be a very powerful force working behind him.

But, the real question was, what did Huo Siqian do in the six years that he was abroad in Germany?

Why did all the reports come back blank with zero information to go off of?

There were just too many questions, one after another.

Last night, Rick sent two top-tier assassins within the country and neither of them came back.

Not only did it make Qin Chu re-evaluate Huo Siqian’s shrewdness, he also had to re-evaluate the powerful force behind him.

The series of vehicle accidents initiated by Song Yishi were nothing compared to this.

She couldn’t even hurt a single hair on Huo Siqian’s head. Qin Chu was correct, it was no good to belittle the opponent.

Preventing themselves from suffering a major setback due to carelessness was key.

“So what about you? What’s going on? Are you going to keep hiding at my place and never see Huo Mian again?” Rick looked at Qin Chu and asked.

“I… I just don’t have the heart to face her right now. It hurts too much,” Qin Chu replied as he rubbed his temples with his fingers. He couldn’t bear to think about Huo Mian right now, it hurt so much that he felt like his heart was bleeding.

“So hurry up and come up with a plan against Huo Siqian! How else can you make sure Huo Mian is safe? You publicizing the divorce is another huge blow to her!”

Rick was right. Whether he chose to act or not, the situation would always end up hurting Huo Mian.

That day, Huo Mian spent hours searching for Qin Chu without any results.

Whether it was GK, South Hill Manor, the First Hospital, or Seductive Fox, Qin Chu was nowhere to be found. She had gone to all the places she could possibly think of, but it was like Qin Chu had evaporated from Earth.

- That evening -

Huo Mian returned to the Sky Blessing Court in exhaustion. It was almost as if her body was no longer hers.

“Mian, what’s going on between you and Qin Chu?” Huo Mian’s mother asked immediately as Huo Mian walked through the door.

“What’s going on?” Huo Mian murmured to herself in a daze. Her voice was slightly above a whisper that she could barely hear herself.

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