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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 4844: In The Remaining Lifetime (24)

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Chapter 4844: In The Remaining Lifetime (24)

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Others might not know about Tiantian’s true face, but Huo Mian knew.

She had experienced it when she was young, and even though Tiantian seemed to have let go of her past, Huo Mian knew that Huo Yanyan’s influence on her was too deep. She wouldn’t act like nothing had happened.

Only Wei Ying and her husband believed her.

Almost all the elders knew that Tiantian liked Wei Yunchu because she was too obvious.

Although Tiantian also called Wei Ying mother, she wasn’t Wei Ying’s biological daughter, so she wasn’t related to Wei Yunchu.

It wasn’t impossible for them to be together, but Huo Mian used to think that Yunchu didn’t like Tiantian.

He even felt disgusted towards her…

However, she did not know what happened a few years ago that made Tiantian take the opportunity to study abroad with Wei Yunchu.

They started studying together at a university. In the past few years, Wei Yunchu had not returned to China. Tiantian had not returned and did not contact these people, either.

Therefore, she didn’t know how they were doing. When Xiaowei talked to Huo Mian that day, she made it clear that she wouldn’t let Yunchu and Tiantian be together.

Even if Yunchu married someone, he couldn’t marry Tiantian, so she asked Huo Mian to explain it to Pudding.

Huo Mian knew that her daughter had a lot of thoughts, so she didn’t dare to say too much.

“Mom, it’s not like that… Tiantian was not the cause. Yunchu… doesn’t like Tiantian. He won’t like her in the future either. I know all this.”

“Then why did you…” Huo Mian was even more confused.

“Mom… let me handle this myself. I really don’t know what to tell you.”

“Okay… I’m just worried that you might feel aggrieved and hold it in… But I also know that my daughter is the best, so you’ll take care of it yourself.”

Pudding nodded gently…

Just then, Little Bean’s pig-like scream came from downstairs. “Oh my god… Did Aunty’s private plane land at our mountaintop airport? It’s so cool…”

Then, Little Bean rushed out like a gust of wind.

When Huo Mian and Pudding heard that Lu Yan was here, they quickly went downstairs and ended the conversation.

Lu Yan was supposed to be here in the morning. She had even sent someone to protect Qin Guoguo all the way back to China.

Later, she heard that something had happened in Malaysia, so she went to Southeast Asia at the last minute.

She arrived at C City in the middle of the night and landed at South Hill Manor.

What was the saying? The life of the rich was varied, and the life of the poor was roughly the same.

Lu Yan was the kind of rich person who could live in a thousand varied ways every day.

There was still a short distance from the top of the mountain to South Hill Manor, so Qin Chu arranged for a driver to pick them up in an extended limousine so that everyone could sit together.

Huo Mian’s eyes turned red when she saw Lu Yan from afar…

All these years, every time Lu Yan came, she felt extremely touched.

Lu Yan was only wearing a black leather jacket with dark blue jeans and a pair of Martin boots. She was still as stylish as ever.

Her long hair was let down. She was dressed in the same retro style as the famous celebrities in Hong Kong in the 1990s, but she was still stunning.

Behind Lu Yan was the silver-haired Qiao Fei.

Beside him were two identical girls.

They appeared to be 11 or 12 years old and were wearing a black windbreaker and black Martin boots with many spikes.

They had the same devastatingly beautiful looks…

“Wow… that’s Qiao Tuantuan and Qiao Yuanyuan… They’ve grown so tall?” Little Bean exclaimed.

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