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«My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily (Web Novel) - Chapter 975: The Only Thing You Should Blame Is Your Bad Luck For Bumping Into Me.

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Chapter 975: The Only Thing You Should Blame Is Your Bad Luck For Bumping Into Me.

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There were many people in the hall. Gu Mang took him to the study upstairs.

When the two figures disappeared from the stairway, Jiangsui looked at Gu Si. “…Sister Mang has a godfather?”

For an instant, Gu Si felt as if he was a fake brother. He had a confused expression as he said, “I don’t know either. I’ve never heard my sister mention it.”

He had never even seen this man before.

The corner of Jiangsui’s lips twitched. If Gu Si did not know him, all the more they would not know.

Lu Qi, Bai Sui and a few others exchanged glances.

At the study.

Gu Mang poured Lan Sha a cup of tea and handed it to him. Then, she sat on the sofa. She had wanted to cross her legs but in the end, she decided to sit properly.

Lan Sha looked at her and sighed lightly. “You still returned to Jijing Island.”

Gu Mang looked down slightly and did not answer.

When she was younger, he was the one who had taught her computing.

When she was learning from him, she recalled that her parents would address him as “Shark”.

Afterwards, her parents made her address him as “godfather”.

She was a quick learner. He only taught her for a few months, then he left some books for her before leaving.

Then, they never met again.

It had been over a decade.

She never expected that this Mr. Lan would be the godfather which she had not seen for over a decade.

Lan Sha picked up the teacup and laughed. “Do you not dare to look up because you know that you’ve done something wrong?”

Although they had not met in a long time, he treated Gu Mang really well just like back then.

He had watched as Gu Mang built her first computer.

The two of them still had some chemistry and they weren’t strangers with one another.

He was an elder that she respected.

He also knew that her parents did not allow her to return to Jijing Island.

That was why he said that she had done something wrong.

When Gu Mang heard this, she looked up slowly and she leaned back on the sofa. There was a faint sense of arrogance.

She answered slowly, “Ah… Nope. I returned because I just felt like doing so. It doesn’t feel good to be avoided like that.”

She was as rebellious as ever.

Lan Sha laughed. “When you act like that I feel like I’m talking to your mom.”

Gu Mang tapped on the armrest and thought of Bai Xu. “My mother is very gentle, unlike me.”

“Gentle is a word that should never be associated with your mother. If it weren’t for your father back then, she would have blown up Base 102.”

Lan Sha said two sentences and his eyes turned blurry as if he had fallen into his memory, but he snapped back to reality very quickly and smiled. “Your temper is just like your mom’s.”

Gu Zhen and Bai Xu were two extremes.

Gu Zhen was elegant and graceful. He had a gentle temperament.

Bai Xu was arrogant and defiant.

Gu Mang raised her eyebrows. “Why didn’t she blow it up?”

Lan Sha answered, “She was pregnant with you so your father took her and they left Jijing Island.”

Gu Mang narrowed her eyes and scanned her tummy. Then, she raised her eyebrows.

The only thing you should blame is your bad luck for bumping into me.

Gu Mang actually did not feel much, sometimes she would not even sense that she was pregnant. It was just like what she told Yu Mufeng, to go with the flow.

It seemed like Lan Sha did not wish to reminisce any further. He took a sip of tea and said, “There isn’t much use in being the Director. Base 102 is the powerhouse of the entire Jijing Island.”

Gu Mang answered, “I have already passed the Base 102 assessment. By latest, the takeover ceremony will be in one month’s time.”

Lan Sha looked at her in shock. “You passed the test?”

Gu Mang nodded. “I came back to Base 102. I have to get hold of that place.”

Lan Shacalculated the time. Gu Mang had only been back for over a month and yet she was so quick.


“Is the Elders’ Association and Leng Xuan willing to hand Base 102 to you?” When Lan Sha mentioned this, his tone went slightly deep and cold.

Gu Mang raised her eyebrows slightly and answered in a rather nonchalant tone. “Nope.”

Her words made Lan Sha frown uncontrollably. “Then what do you intend to do?”

Gu Mang laughed, “I’ll just go to Base 102 first. We can talk about the rest afterwards.”

Although Lan Sha did not want Gu Mang to return to Jijing Island, she had already done so.

When it came to going into Base 102, he would surely not sit back and watch if he had the ability to help.

Lan Sha said, “If you want to enter Base 102, I have a way. But I need to make some preparations in advance, so give me a week.”

Gu Mang had her own method to get in too, but when she recalled Lan Sha’s relationship with her parents, she thought that he must be more familiar with Base 102 than her.

So, she did not reject him. “Thank you, Godfather.”

“You’re welcome.” Lan Sha finished the tea and put down the cup.

Gu Mang was about to refill the cup but he blocked it with his hand. So, she leaned back.

Lan Sha said, “I’m going to hold an auction in two days. If you aren’t busy, come over and have some fun. There are a lot of eccentric things up for auction.”

Indeed, Gu Mang was missing something in her recent research. Perhaps heading to the auction might boost her luck somehow.

She recalled that she had no plans in the next few days, so she agreed, “Sure.”

It was getting late. Lan Sha and Gu Mang exchanged a few more conversations then he got up and left.

Gu Mang sent him to the door personally. “Take care, Godfather.”

Lan Sha nodded. “I’ll send someone to come and fetch you in three days’ time.”

Gu Mang responded and watched as Lan Sha got into his car.


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