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«My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily (Web Novel) - Chapter 890: I Will Break Her Arms! Ignite the Lighter and Release It

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Chapter 890: I Will Break Her Arms! Ignite the Lighter and Release It

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Gu Si’s lips curled upwards. “Do all of you think that I’m dumb?”

The situation changed quickly. The subtle change in Gu Si’s expression was not just a hallucination. Everyone tensed up again in reaction to Gu Si’s words.

Gu Si tilted the gun and aimed it at Leng Xuan while staring at the Head Elder. “I already said that even if Leng Xuan does not die today, she has to be skinned alive!”

The Head Elder frowned. “What do you plan to do?”

Gu Si said calmly, “There is a way to save her.”

The Head Elder waited for him to continue.

“I want her arms…” He uttered each and every word ruthlessly.

The Head Elder clenched his fists behind his back.

No one said anything for a few moments. Everyone on the Head Elder’s side thought that Gu Si was spouting nonsense.

Leng Xuan looked at Huo Zhi, and then at the Head Elder. All of them stayed still.

Everyone was supporting her side.

Gu Si was just an isolated and helpless Young Master of the Gu family who had no real power. Hence, he could not possibly do anything.

Leng Xuan’s gaze shifted to Gu Si and she scoffed. “Gu Si, you dare try to kill me? Even if you don’t care about your life, what about Gu Mang? Don’t you care about her?”

Looking at Gu Si, Huo Zhi said in a low voice, “Regarding the incident, I will get Leng Xuan to apologize to Gu Mang. Take these people back to the hospital and look after your sister.”

The Head Elder silently agreed with what Huo Zhi had said. Leng Xuan adopted an even more arrogant expression.

Huo Zhi, the Head Elder, and the Leng family were all standing by Leng Xuan’s side.

Gu Si’s men seemed especially weak compared to them.

Bai Qingqing had thought that Gu Si would be furious over the fact that Huo Zhi, who was Gu Mang’s titular fiancé, was supporting those who had tried to kill Gu Mang instead of helping him get revenge.

However, Gu Si was not.

Other than the smile on his lips, his face lacked emotion.

Huo Zhi said, “Let’s go.”

Just as he had finished speaking, Gu Si ignited the lighter without hesitation. He released the lighter from his hand.

Instantly, everyone panicked. Who would have thought that Gu Si could be this crazy?

“Run!” someone shouted in a panic.

The bald man grabbed Huo Zhi and ran out of the manor with him.

The calm and proud demeanors that the Head Elder, Leng Xuan, and the rest had adopted crumbled instantly in the face of immolation. All of them ran away immediately.

However, just before the lighter landed on the floor, Gu Si kicked the lighter upwards with his foot and caught it with his hand.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that Gu Si had caught the lighter. They stared at him stiffly, fear still on their faces.

Gu Si chuckled and said slowly, “I said I wanted Leng Xuan’s arms. I give all of you three seconds to decide.”

Everyone was so focused on the lighter that they barely understood what he was saying. If Gu Si dropped the lighter again they would not be able to run from the fire.

They watched as Gu Si opened and closed the lighter repeatedly. They couldn’t take the pressure.

“Three.” Gu Si started counting down. “Two-”

The Head Elder held his breath. His gaze was cold.

Seeing that no one was speaking, Gu Si narrowed his eyes. “One.”

As he was just about to let go of the lighter…

“Okay,” the Head Elder said as his pupils constricted. No matter what, they had to save Leng Xuan’s life first. He took a deep breath. “I promise.”

Gu Si laughed.

Leng Xuan’s expression changed drastically. “Head Elder!”

Old Master Leng’s face became paler with each passing second. He opened his mouth and said, “No way. Nothing can happen to Leng Xuan’s hands. Base 102’s research needs her!”

The Head Elder remained silent.

Everyone in the Leng family was panicking.


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