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«My Vampire System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1706: Millennial history. (Part 4)

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Chapter 1706: Millennial history. (Part 4)

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Quinn was wondering what happened to Sil for a few reasons.

First, learning that Vorden and, most likely, Raten was also still alive, gave him hope that Sil was as well, but that begged the question, where was Sil right now?

And where was he during all of the chaos that had gone on? Did something unforeseen happen that made Sil unable to help his allies, or did he also disappear?

From what he had learnt, Sil had unlocked his soul weapon. Something that the Blades hadn’t been able to do before.

It was believed that they couldn’t, but in the end, he was the one who succeeded, and with his powers, he was able to do some crazy things.

There were only two things that let Sil down when fighting, his lack of experience and the deficiency of Qi.

However, he could improve both of these things over time, and after a thousand years, he was sure to be strong, that was if he had survived that long anyway.

There was the big question of how the Blades were alive in the first place. Qi could only slow down the ageing process, and even Owen had eventually died with his skill.

However, when looking at Vicky, she didn’t seem too skilled in Qi, yet she was still alive. Also, she didn’t even have a Nest crystal, like Logan, so there had to be something else.

“Talking about Sil… Well, it’s quite complicated and to make you understand, I should explain from the beginning.” Logan started to explain.

“You know there was a lot of information that I got from Richard Eno, most of which I couldn’t even quite understand.”

“It took me a lot of time to even process all of the information and get to a point where I can understand it to some degree.”

“And even after all that time, there is still a lot of data which I need to comprehend and make sense out of it…”

“What I’m going to talk about soon is perhaps something that only you might somewhat understand.”

“So first, I have to ask you, have you ever heard the term God Slayers?”

Out of all the words to come out of Logan’s mouth. Quinn never expected to hear this. It was a word that he has recently learned of due to the System. What it meant, he had no idea about that.

“I have only heard of it from the system,” Quinn replied to Logan, knowing that the others wouldn’t understand, but Logan would.

“That makes some sense then, Logan replied. “First, let me explain the information that I had gathered.”

“The Gods of this world are known as Celestials. That includes the ones in our realm and the realms that we’re unaware of.”

“The Celestials are spread far and wide in the entire Universe and all of them have conditions that they need to fulfil for the world to stay in balance.”

“To fulfil the conditions that the Universe has given them, the Celestials love to keep everything in perfect balance.”

“Some chose to work together or use their powers in strange ways, all for this condition.”

“However, there are few who bring imbalance in the Universe, and the term for them is God Slayers.”

“These God Slayers can be anything, of any race, from humans to strange beasts out there in the Universe.”

“And as I said, they have gained this title because they can mess up the Universe’s balance.”

“However, when going through Richard Enos research, it seems as if these God Slayers themselves are some sort of balance, or should I say, some sort of countermeasure to keep the Celestials in check.”

“Because when a God Slayer dies, their power does not disappear, and it is passed on to another in a form of a crystal which is produced that cannot be destroyed.”

“However, the Celestials themselves don’t see it this way. Most of them believe God Slayers are an anomaly that they must get rid of.”

“God Slayers naturally arise as they grow in strength.”

“But, because Earth has been considered weak for a long time, naturally, there weren’t many Celestials near Earth because there weren’t many God Slayers around here.”

“I know it’s complicated, but I hope you can follow what I am trying to explain.”

The others had realised eyebrows and confused looks on their faces, but Quinn somewhat understood because he had been learning about Celestials from the system.

“What does this all have to do with Sil, though?” Quinn asked. “The Blade family continued to grow after you left Quinn, Logan answered. “The kids you rescued from that island grew up.”

“They had families and passed on the ability of the Blade family, but no one from the new generations even came close to the ability of Sil.”

“There were those that unlocked their own soul weapons like my son Jake. However, no one could hold and had a strong soul weapon like Sil.”

“In fact, during his time, he had even learned to use Qi to a great degree, better than Hilston.”

“To put it simply, Sil had become a being on the level of a God Slayer during that time. I told him everything knew and the information that we had gathered.”

“In the end, we decided that Sil should go out exploring in space, in search of other God Slayers and their powers to make himself stronger and get more powers to help us.”

“On top of that, there was something scary in Richard’s information. There are more races than we know of in the vast universe, and thus, there are many Celestials and God Slayers.”

“Richard seemed quite afraid of something bigger coming after us.”

“Since Humans have had to struggle and go through many wars, more and more on Earth are being given the title worthy of becoming a God Slayers, which is a dangerous thing. But Sil is out there, protecting us all.”

For a further explanation, Logan elaborated that Sil had a ship to explore the vast universe, and he was constantly fighting.

Once in a while, he would get a report from Sil about his adventures and deeds.

It honestly sounded amazing, an adventure in itself, and Quinn couldn’t believe that the Sil he knew had become such a great person.

And this also made him wonder if the two of them fought today, who would win?

This was from the competitive side of Quinn, which would come out once in a while. He also knew that Logan was right. Chris was considered a God Slayer as well.

If he was to think of others that would fit this title, there was Ray, and perhaps Graham was also at the level at the end stage of the war.

With so many God Slayers in the history of Earth, then according to what they had learnt, soon there will be Celestials coming from other parts of the universe to come to deal with them.

Honestly though. Quinn was finding it hard to believe something like that would occur, and even if it did, there was a lot he needed to worry about on Earth before that happened anyway.

“So how did Sil and the others manage to survive for so long? Is it because Sil is a God Slayer, but what about Vicky?” Quinn asked.

“I believe you remember Sil’s ability”

Vorden was the one replied this time, “He has a record of every ability he has ever come across, and among them, there was a particular ability that allows the user to use their MC cells to reverse the ageing process.”

“He used this on the Blade members that wished to continue living.”

“There were reasons why Vicky and Sil wanted to use the ability, but not every member of the Blades wanted to do so.”

“The ability is something that only works for the user. So the only ones that can use this are the ability users themselves and the Blade family.”

“It is not something like the second family ability of the vampires that could be used on others.”

“This is why I am afraid… we couldn’t help Fex. However, Shiro had already helped Raten and me by putting us in one of the other Blades.”

“After living their life, they agreed to help us by letting us transfer to their body and reverse the ageing process.”

“Then before Sil left, he used Shiro’s ability to transfer him to this body as well.”

“Shiro wanted to stay alive, and for helping us out so much, we agreed. Shiro said he wanted to see you before bidding farewell.”

Now Quinn had been given his answers to how the others had survived and what they had been doing during all this time.

The question was, what was he to do now? There was a lot for him to do, and thus, he needed to organise his thoughts.

To find the Red Heart, to find Alex, Vincent and the Original vampires, to solve the mystery behind Owen’s murder and Leo’s death, to stop Laxmus, to find the motivations of Erin and Pure.

And to find out why Layla was with the Red Vampires.

Now, there was also the matter of Sil, God Slayers and the Celestials.

“It’s time to get busy.”

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