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«My Vampire System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2157 Time Freeze (Part 3)

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Chapter 2157 Time Freeze (Part 3)

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Quinn had always thought about the possibility of the celestials finding out that he had escaped. It was the main reason why he didn't go around displaying his power everywhere, because he wanted to keep it hidden as long as possible.

When last seeing Mundus, he seemed so confident in the prison, the place that was meant to keep celestials in. Because of that confidence, as long as it wasn't leaked that Quinn was out there, he thought it would be a while until the others found out, yet it had happened a lot sooner than he thought.

Arriving at the situation, Quinn found himself in an ice sculpture garden. Just like everywhere else, everything seemed to be frozen in time. There was no movement, yet there were people everywhere.

'Why… Why and how did they find out so soon? Was it when I fought on the Namrik planet, or was it Bliss maybe, or something else altogether?' Quinn thought.

At first, the attention of Mundus had caught his eye, because he was in the centre of everything and just like Quinn he could move, but his tunnel vision was starting to widen as he took in the scenery that was all around him.

Yongbu, in the distance bowing down, was still, Wince seemed to be turning away as if she was trying to escape, and then there was his family.

Minny was still in a crouched stance ready to fight, but the look on her face made it seem like she was tired, then there was Layla, who was passed out on the floor, the sword by her side and blood next to her.

In that instant, the energy was released from Quinn just like it was on the Namrik planet. Blood aura was swirling all over the place and his eyes glowing red. Because there was one more concern for him, where was Galen? In the field of ice he was nowhere to be seen, and he doubted that Layla would have strayed far from him.

"IF YOU WERE AFTER ME, THEN WHY DID YOU HURT THEM!!" Quinn screamed at the top of his lungs.

The blood aura swirled out of his body, making waves of energy but they soon stopped a metre away from him.

"Calm down, before you hurt your own family!" Mundus shouted back. "Do you really think your wife is dead just from that little bit of blood?"

When one's blood was boiling, and based on the situation, it always seemed like one would just say what they wished to get out of the situation. Which was why Quinn wasn't going to be so quick to believe his words, especially based on the way she was on the floor like so.

Lifting his hand, Quinn was ready to fire a bullet.

'He can stop time, so I'm not sure this is going to work, but a shadow bullet or the Godslayer bullet should do some damage.'

When Quinn was aiming carefully, a shadow portal had appeared, but it wasn't one using his own powers, and Galen had popped out of it appearing in the middle of the two, and just like Quinn he was also covered in shadows.

"Oh, so that's where the little one went, that is certainly interesting." Mundus said to himself.

Seeing Galen, Quinn started to calm down, and rushed over to him before anything else could happen, grabbing him and holding him close to his chest with one arm. That's when he realised the shadow that was covering his body, the shadow portal that had been opened, it really wasn't his shadow.

'How can this be… how does Galen know how to use the Shadow ability. I didn't teach him. Was it Minny, in secret, or did Galen just learn by himself from watching?' Quinn thought.

Now, things were starting to make sense, how Galen was able to escape from the shadow space when Quinn put him in, it was because he already had the ability of the shadow.

'The kid can't even talk, but he knows how to use the shadow powers and to this extent as well.' Quinn couldn't help but chuckle.

Seeing Galen in front of him had calmed down his rage, and he felt like he had to otherwise it would harm his son, but that's when he realised something else as well. The blood aura that came out from his body that had been stopped before, it had done so before it reached Minny and Layla.

'Wait… what Mundus said before, did he stop the blood aura, so they wouldn't get hurt by it… but why would he do that?' Quinn thought.

"It seems you are coming to your senses." Mundus smiled. "Your whole family seems to take after you, they were a tad rash in their actions. I was never planning to harm them, but just keep a close eye on them until you returned.

"Since they wouldn't listen, I had to resort to this, freezing them in place here, and this has been a very tiring experience for me."

There were two reasons for the original hostility though, one of them being the fact that Yongbu had threatened them with violence, so when another being like him had appeared it was only right for them to believe that they would do the same.

Then, there was the fact that Mundus had taken a large interest in Galen. Heading toward her son and a mother's instinct had kicked for Layla.

Since Mundus wanted to make things more comfortable for himself, he swiped his foot on the ground and seemingly out of thin air, a seat that looked like a throne apparead from beneath him.

It was large, around three times the height of Mundus himself and made out of a strange black dark substance. It was similar to Quinn's shadows, only it was black instead of the purple hue.

"At first I thought that this would be a simple talk between the two of us, but it seems there is a lot that we need to go through together. I was wondering how you managed to escape from that space.

"I thought I had gone mad, but now I can tell because there isn't a hint of celestial energy that is coming off from your body. Now, it's not like us celestials can just suddenly stop being a celestial, we were chosen for this role after all, and judging by your strength I can assume only one thing.

"You are now a god slayer."

Judging by the fact that celestials and god slayers were natural enemies, this had kicked in Quinn to be more on the defensive once again.

"Don't be so defensive, as I said I'm just here to talk." Mundus' eyes started to wander away from Quinn's and slightly downward to what he was carrying. "What came as the biggest surprise to me though, is your son. Do you even know what he is?"

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