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«My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 648: Golden Core Lightning Tribulation

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Chapter 648: Golden Core Lightning Tribulation

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lonemoon directly conjured a spell and sent a shred of immortal qi into the scale, sure enough, in the next moment, a golden image suddenly surfaced out of the initially black scale, it was the pattern on the scale, but it’s shape was extremely similar to a natural array formation— the Soul Gathering Array!

“It really is!” Lonemoon’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Then Scoop’s true form…”

“Concealed Spirit beast!” Chef finished.


F*ck! The so-called Concealed Spirit Qi were demon monsters that legends say are born from spirit veins, the population is extremely small, and they only appear near huge spirit veins, so not many have seen their actual appearance. It is said that they do not need to specially practice cultivation, their bodies naturally absorb Spirit Qi, when they are older, they can ascend directly. No one knows the exact reason.

Now it seems, it’s because every piece of scale on their bodies is a small Soul Gathering Array, absolutely nothing needed to be done for them to gather spirit qi in their bodies. Even if the scale fell off, the Spirit Qi in it is inexhaustible.

In addition, Scoop was already a Celestial Emperor, its scale would naturally turn the absorbed Spirit Qi into Immortal Qi. This also meant that, the longer this scale was left in the mortal realm, the more Spirit Qi is absorbed. As long as one keeps the scale, the Immortal Qi could be taken for one’s use. With this, what was the difference from having a spirit vein… no, an immortal vein? No wonder Shu Yi’s cultivation grew so quickly and it was now explainable that Zuo Shuming ascended so quickly in his previous life.

“What do we do with this scale?” Yi Qing pointed to the heart-shaped scale on his palm, everything had been figured out now, return it to Scoop?

Lonemoon looked at it, his eyes narrowed and he said solemnly, “He’d already pulled it out, we’d be letting Scoop down if we don’t make use of it.” As he spoke, he sent huge amounts of Immortal Qi into it, only stopping when he felt that he was about the same as the one in Shu Yi’s hands. “Just nice, let’s give it to Two-Bucks Zuo!” Wasn’t it just a cheat! What’s the big deal, he could make one for him anytime.

Mm, it’s definitely not because he finds that his cultivation is growing too slowly!

Shen Ying: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Scoop will cry, do you know that?


Lonemoon gave the scale 2.0 to Two-Bucks Zuo, to avoid the invader realizing it, he hid the scale in his meridians, even Zuo Shuming wasn’t aware himself. Then he started to seriously teach him to practice sword dharma. Though his qualifications weren’t much, he excelled in the sense that he was diligent and studious.

Lonemoon felt that after experiencing Fatty, the kind with no fate with sword cultivation, his patience towards all sword cultivators had grown immensely, especially towards Zuo Shuming’s kind, the rare sword cultivation lover with initiative. Besides, to him, the most was just spending more time and giving more beatings.

Especially after making clear that the invader had snatched the golden finger, he became even calmer. Calculating the time, Shu Yi was about to go through core formation. As expected, five days later, above the Dan Chen Mountain on the right of Gui Yi Sect, the sky became overcast with rumbling thunder, a suppression aura of the heaven and earth peeped through the clouds.

“Someone is about to complete core formation!” Zuo Shuming was taken and drew back his sword, looking at the clouds in shock. “This is the Lightning Tribulation.” He looked in the direction with some excitement and curiosity. Thinking on, he turned back inquiringly towards the person nibbling on melon seeds at the side. “Brother Lonemoon!”

“Mm, go ahead!” Lonemoon waved his hand nonchalantly. There were benefits in witnessing the tribulations of others to cultivators, after all, the lightning tribulation came with the suppression of heaven and earth and helped in understanding the Heavenly Dao. Especially when the Lightning Tribulation of Core Formation is the least powerful in all lightning tribulations, its destructive force isn’t as great as any other. “Just remember to not go too close!” He reminded.

“What is Brother Lonemoon saying?” Instead, Zuo Shuming pulled him up. “We rarely get to see someone complete core formation, of course we must go together.” As he spoke, he rose into the air on his sword and flew towards Dan Chen Mountain with him in tow.

Lonemoon: “…”

F*ck! He’d gotten used to teaching his disciple and forgot that he was in the Foundation Establishment phase himself too.

They’d just started flying and had yet to arrive at Dan Chen Mountain when they saw many disciples all rushing over from the various mountains, evidently going to watch the lightning tribulation. When they arrived, there were even more people, the entire public square was filled, the disciples of Dan Chen Mountain had the advantage of location and were already seated at the first row.

Before the crowd also stood several Nascent Soul cultivators, especially the one right at the front, was grinning so widely that his eyes were a thin line. He looked slightly familiar, his features similar to Shu Yi, he was probably the peak master of Dan Chen Mountain, Shu Yi’s father. He seemed to have sensed that the person going through the lightning tribulation was his own daughter and looked overjoyed. The few other Nascent Soul cultivators that stood beside him also congratulated him.

He responded to each of them, in the midst of his joy, some worry was also present in his slight frown, but he did not forget to turn around to instruct the disciples here to watch on. “The Lightning Tribulation is dangerous, disciples who want to understand the Heavenly Dao are to sit in meditation here. Do not ever carelessly leave the array.”

Zuo Shuming looked around before realizing that a defense array formation had indeed been set up in the middle of the public square, protecting the audience in it. He was put at ease and turned to say, “Brother Lonemoon, let’s sit in… huh? Brother Lonemoon? Brother Lonemoon!” He turned around but found that the person who was beside him earlier was gone, feeling anxious, he was about to search when a voice sounded by his ear.

“I have found a place to settle down, you don’t have to bother about me.”

He then relaxed, they were probably pushed apart because there were too many people. Not too bothered, he followed the surrounding disciples to sit cross-legged on the ground and waiting for the lightning tribulation to begin.

Lonemoon sighed in relief after seeing him sit down. There were way too many people here, Shen Ying and Chef were invisible, it was fine when they followed him around usually but it was so crowded now, they would be exposed if there were suddenly two empty spaces behind him. Hence he also turned invisible and left the public square with Chef and Shen Ying. Turning around, they flew to an empty space outside of the array formation.

The Lightning Tribulation in the skies were more or less ready, finally a white lightning cut through the layers of dark clouds and landed firmly on the subject of the tribulation.

The first strike was the lightest, it was evident that Shu Yi took it easily, following that, the lightning tribulations became increasingly intensive and stronger. One after another came striking down with a whoosh.

Lonemoon took a casual glance, 60 strikes later, Shu Yi was beginning to pale, some wounds had also appeared on her body. Judging by her appearance, it was getting difficult.

Further on, her condition became even worse, especially after the 80th strike, she directly spat blood, even the golden core that had just formed showed the tendency of cracking.

“Would this invader not be able to take it and be directly struck to death?” Lonemoon could not help but comment, this was merely the golden core lightning tribulation, she was way too weak.

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