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«My House of Horrors (Web Novel) - Chapter 1203: The Vow to Stay Together (2in1)

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Chapter 1203: The Vow to Stay Together (2in1)

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The black heart of Patient Number 5 was bitten into pieces by other patients. At the last moment before his soul was vanquished, the memory that was locked deep inside his heart was revealed.

“It was not my fault for killing my wife, it was that monster’s fault and it was the hospital director who planted the monster inside my body so at the end of the day, it was all the hospital director’s fault… I know how ironic all these are, me, the person whose hands are covered with blood and the soul is branded by sin, the first time I committed a murder was to pretend to be a monster. At the time, I still had no idea once certain things are put into motion, they will be impossible to stop anymore…

“All of the night doctors’ reaction was within Doctor Gao’s prediction. This was the first time I was sent into the deepest part of hell while I was fully conscious. Opening the eerily black steel door, I saw a monster that carried the whole cursed hospital on its back. It was moving inside the endless black fog, it had a face that was not so dissimilar from a normal person. I did not dare to glance at it, my body could not control itself from shaking. The black fog slowly awakened the monster inside my body, it swallowed me up little by little. I knew there was no return then…”

Patient Number 5 was being dismembered. Everything that he had ever consumed from inside the black fog exploded everywhere. The broken limbs and pieces that were filled with curse, despair and impurity could not be absorbed by any baleful spectres but there was a person present who was the sole exception. His physical body seriously injured and the mountain of bodies under his feet shattered into uselessness, the hospital director finally made his decision. The first thing that he did after he broke out from Doctor Gao’s shackle was to start madly absorb the black fog that was left behind by Patient Number 5. There existed a unique bond between him and Patient Number 5. It appeared like he had already planted his own children into Patient Number 5’s body a long time ago and this allowed him to take over everything that was left of Patient Number 5 at an easier rate.

Due to the severe injury to his body, the hospital director was unable to leave the mountain of bodies. This was the only way he could use to continue to feed on the black fog. He had Patient Number 5 consume the things from inside the black fog on his behalf. Patient Number 5 was an individual person but in the hospital director’s eyes, he was nothing more than a pawn. The body melted together with the black fog, no trace of humanity was left on the hospital director, he had turned into a veritable monster. Most of the spectres and Red Spectres were infected by curses, there were 3 Top Red Spectres who were heavily injured, even Zhang Ya and the painter were influenced by this. The battle was turned around and to make things worse, Chen Ge had no confidence that they could kill the hospital director after the transformation that he had gone through. The hospital director who had surrendered himself to the black fog radiated a very scary presence. He appeared to be a child of this black fog, standing before him gave one a feeling that one was fighting the entire sea of black fog.

“How does one assimilate into the black fog?” Chen Ge knew how difficult it would be to take down the hospital director. His brain was trying its hardest to figure out the method to kill the hospital director. Doctor Gao, Zhang Ya and the painter stood together, the three Demon Gods stared at the hospital director.

“We cannot give up on our aggression because if we switch to defensive mode, we will only get more and more cornered.”

“But how are we supposed to kill him?”

“The weakness of a Demon God is his hear, but the problem is a Demon God can choose to hide his heart away from his body.” Doctor Gao’s eyes swapped between pure red and black and white while he spoke. After he dropped that information, he turned to look at Zhang Ya and Chen Ge. “I have an idea that might help us find the hospital director’s heart, I do not intend to use it initially but now I do not think we have any other choice.”

“What idea is it?”

“I have personally built the ghost stories society from the ground up, every single society member was handpicked for a reason, all of their power can be used against the hospital director.” Doctor Gao spoke very fast. “The member that I valued the most has a pair of twin Red Spectre. Even though the twins are just normal Red Spectres, they have a very unique power—Heart-connectivity. The Demon God has the ability to hide away his heart and heart-connectivity is the solution that I have specially prepared for this occasion. As long as one forces one’s heart to bind with the hospital director’s heart, then one will be able to sense the location of each other’s heart.” Doctor Gao opened both of his arms. “In other words, during that instant, both Demon Gods who had their hearts connected would have the ability to go after the other’s point of weakness and tear them down.”

“But aren’t all the members of the ghost stories society long dead already?” Chen Ge remembered very clearly, of all the members of the ghost stories society, only the two chairmen remained.

“Your wife, Zhang Ya has a talent that I have not encountered before in my life, she can take away the power from other spectres and use them to her own will perfectly. When I fought with her at Li Wan City against the shadow, I noticed she has already mastered the talent of the Red Spectre twin, heart-connectivity. In fact, she even connected her heart with yours so that she could protect you at all times. It was this power that she relied on to be able to awaken from her slumber at the most crucial moment every time to help you.” Doctor Gao admired Chen Ge deeply, he did not wish to become Chen Ge’s enemy, the relationship between them was that simple.

“But if Zhang Ya used this power on the hospital director, doesn’t that mean that the hospital director will know about the location of Zhang Ya’s heart as well?’

“Yes, when a Demon God uses this power, it will be far more effective than when a Red Spectre uses it. Technically both parties will be given a mastery of each other’s pulse of life and thus it will become a contest of speed, who will kill whom first.” The things that Doctor Gao said were heard by Zhang Ya and the painter as well.

“Don’t even think about putting Zhang Ya in harm’s way. I will not allow that to happen.” Chen Ge rejected it firmly. “The red city is approaching, if we drag this out further, the situation might change again.”

“The hospital director is joining himself with the black fog, before the process reaches its completion, now is the only chance we have to kill him. If we wait any longer, he will only hide his heart inside the black fog and that will make it impossible to find.” Doctor Gao only had two obsessions in his life, one was to revive his wife and the second was to kill the hospital director of the cursed hospital. Now that he was only a step away from completing his dream, naturally he was not going to give it up so easily. “You do not really understand the danger that the hospital director poses, he is different from a normal Demon God, if you allow him to slip away, you will be in great danger in the future.” Doctor Gao pointed at himself, “I am the perfect example. The power of curse is the most vicious vow in this world, once you are targeted by him, you will not be able to escape forever, not ever after death.”

Seeing how determined Chen Ge was, Doctor Gao switched up his tact and turned to Zhang Ya instead. He told her directly, “You have fought with the hospital director before, so you should know about the difference of power between him and all of us. When the injuries on the director’s body recover, do you still think you can protect the people around you? You have already taken away the talent of heart-connectivity, now it is the time for you to make the choice.”

Turning back to glance at Chen Ge, Zhang Ya who was at her limit raised her hand. She stood before Chen Ge and her pale fingers tapped lightly on Chen Ge’s chest. “Zhang Ya, there are still other methods!” The slender fingers danced on Chen Ge’s skin and a blood red twine that bound them together snapped. In that moment, Chen Ge felt like he had been thrown away from Zhang Ya, even though they were literally standing before each other, it felt like it was impossible for him to reach her no matter how hard he tried. Pulling her hand back, Zhang Ya’s eyes stared at the black fog that the hospital director morphed into and then directed the heart string into the fog. At basically the same time, the hospital director who was combining with Chen Ge turned to stare at Chen Ge. The pair of cursed eyes spoke of the intention of kill.

“How come I can sense your beating heart?” the hospital director appeared to understand something right at that moment. He ignored the process of assimilation and directly the endless black fog to press at Chen Ge. Since he could sense the location of Zhang Ya’s heart, then Zhang Ya could very well know where his heart was hiding as well. This was the biggest secret of a Demon God, one that must not be exposed under any circumstance. To prevent Zhang Ya from finding his heart, the only solution that he could come up with was to kill Zhang Ya as soon as possible.

“So? Have you found it?” Doctor Gao and the painter stopped the hospital director together but at that moment Chi came to interrupt them. Zhang Ya’s bloody dress fluttered in the wind. She stared straightly into the black fog but she still could not locate the hospital director’s heart. By then the hospital director had already made Chen Ge into his attack target, she guarded before Chen Ge, staring into the black fog that shrouded the entire sky. The black fog seemed to roll endlessly down the horizon, Zhang Ya could only guess a general director. A shrill shout came out from her mouth as her pale arms suddenly plunged into Chen Ge’s shadow!

“Zhang Ya?” The arms pulled and Zhang Ya dragged out a beating heart from deep inside Chen Ge’s shadow. She had been hiding her own heart inside Chen Ge’s shadow, this was a manifestation of her promise to Chen Ge that she would stay by his side forever. Her five fingers dug into her own heart, the Demon God’s heart started to bleed. When Zhang Ya’s heart was injured, the hospital director gave off a pained scream as well. The black fog churned. A thick stench of blood drifted out from an unassuming corner inside the cursed hospital. Zhang Ya held her own pierced heart and her eyes were fiery red. Found it!

The hospital director did not place his own heart on his body. After getting the hint from Zhang Ya, Doctor Gao did not hesitate and burst towards that direction at full speed. He had never felt himself being so close to completing his own dream before, the murderous intent that he gave off was so great that it was almost palpable.

The hospital director who was close to binding himself to the black fog had really panicked this time. If his heart was swallowed, then there was truly no saving grace for him. The arm that was burning with the black tattoo pushed away the black fog, Doctor Gao finally spotted the location where the hospital director had hidden his heart. It was at an inconspicuous corner at the lowest floor of the hospital. There was an old and well-used wooden altar that was placed there. There was a doctor’s coat and a patient’s garb that were placed inside the altar, the heavy smell of blood came from this altar. “This is the hospital director’s heart?”

Doctor Gao made the decision in a split second. He unleashed all of his force on the altar. Whether this was the right place or not, he would destroy it first and then study it later. Before Doctor Gao could get any closer to his target, the maddened hospital director controlled the black fog to slam at him. Endless monsters that were hiding inside the black fog were squashed and flattened. The deepest despair morphed into chains and bound around Doctor Gao’s body. “Gao Ming, I will not give you the second chance anymore.”

After saying that, the altar deep inside the cursed hospital was enveloped by a thick layer of black fog. As the hospital director combined with the black fog, his heart was also slowly disappearing. Be it Red Spectre or Demon God, they had their own hearts. But at this dangerous moment, the hospital director could not dawdle any longer on the details, he needed to dissolve his own heart into the black fog, just like how Chen Ge’s kindness had completely assimilated himself into the red city. He had already given up the intention to be human a long time ago, but now he had given up even the right to be a ghost.

“Since I have unable to control the city deep inside the nightmare, then I shall become the demon who spreads curse and despair inside this sea of fog, I will use my own method to correct this sickened world!” The wooden altar cracked under pressure. The speed by which the hospital director was joining with the black fog was getting faster and faster. At that moment, the painter was held back by Chi, Zhang Ya was focused on using the power of heart-connectivity and for that purpose, she had even voluntarily damaged her own heart. The only Demon God among the three who was still mobile was Doctor Gao but the hospital director was stopping him using the entire sea of darkness, it made it impossible for him to even budge a little bit.

“All the Demon Gods have been halted but there is still a chance!” Chen Ge still had not given up. He called after the only spectre who could move freely through the curse, the red high heels. The pair of ghost and man hurried towards the altar. The hospital director thought it was still kindness who was controlling Chen Ge’s body so he was extremely apprehensive of him. He split out as much black fog as he could afford to stop Chen Ge. But just as he turned all of his attention onto Chen Ge, the lowest level of the cursed hospital suddenly collapsed!

Deep inside the blood sea, a drop of blood that looked no different from the blood around it suddenly transformed into a man wearing a red coat. He carried a red key in his hand and used the fastest speed to run through the black fog. When they saw the man, both the hospital director and Chen Ge revealed extremely shocked expression and they called out at the same time.

“Number 2?’


Without stopping for a moment, the man in the red coat appeared to have been waiting for a long time in the blood sea for this moment for a very very long time already. He had hidden himself away for 10 years, just waiting for this opportunity. The red key in his hand plunged directly into the altar. When it touched the patient’s garb and the doctor’s coat inside the altar, endless spirits wailed from mercy. Many cursed faces of people and ghosts escaped from inside the altar. The fine blood vessels weaved together with the curse, then the key felt like it had unlocked a lock inside the soul. The patient’s garb and doctor’s coat inside the altar were shredded into pieces, the altar exploded and the memory fragments hidden by the hospital director were released all at the same time!

“You are a child born inside a mental asylum, your mother is a certified madwoman and your father does not to have anything to do with you.l

“you are a cursed seed, no one will like you.

“What is the point of being a good student? You can’t even keep the flowers that you are supposed to keep alive.

“Why do you always come to school so dirty? Do you know teachers dislike children who lie the most?

“It was him who hit my son! Get his parents to come to school! Oh, so he is an orphan, no wonder then.

“Why would you want to study medicine, you won’t be able to save yourself, after all no one will be willing to mentor a madman.

“I heard you like her? I am so sorry but she is my girlfriend now.

“Why do you always have so many questions? There are things in this world that are not meant to be answered, it is time to grow up.

“We have gone through your resume, even though your result is one of the best but we value both personality and academic prowess and in our case, we value former than the latter.

“I am sorry but I will have to ask you to leave, you have no qualification to become a doctor.

“Why don’t you go and treat your own illness first, you monster!”

The warmth and chill of the human world, the pictures from memory shattered in the air. The child in the memory slowly grew up into an adult, time left its stamp on him and the seed of the curse germinated in his heart. He became more and more secluded from the world and more and more people around him referred to him as a monster. Finally one day, his heart was completely taken over by the roots of the curse, at that moment, he had transformed into a real monster. He had hidden away all of his real thought and would stop at nothing to reach his own goal.

He had turned into a real monster but even after that, he still felt isolated from the world. In fact, the people around him stopped calling him a monster anymore. It was right at that moment that he understood something, he was not the one who was the monster in the first place, it was the world who was sick, it was the world who was inhabited by monsters. He needed to work harder, to act more like a normal person than a normal person. He obtained a career, trust, love and family. He had gained everything but in its place, he had lost his most normal self.

Tragedy was still happening but no one suspected he had anything to do with the tragedies. He thought he knew about the truth of the world, until the birth of his first son.

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