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«My House of Horrors (Web Novel) - Chapter 1202: 9 Seconds Into the Future (2in1)

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Chapter 1202: 9 Seconds Into the Future (2in1)

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Translator: Lonelytree

The child in Chen Ge’s mind and Chen Ge opened both of their arms together. Currently the person who was controlling Chen Ge’s body was him and this would also be the last time he would utilize this particular physical body. “In the future, please carry on the light on my behalf,” was the gentlest farewell from the boy.

The resentment from the many deaths and the most vicious curse of the hospital director were all sucked away by the child. As his figure slowly faded away, the drops of black blood that represented Chen Ge’s past had their colors slowly returning to normal, they became a new source of energy for Chen Ge’s new physical body. The boy in his mind was slipping away. He seemed to sense that Chen Ge was struggling. At that moment, he had a serene smile on his face.

“Many people are waiting for you so do not let them wait for you for too long.” At the last moment before the boy faded away, he carefully took out a warm and beating heart from his chest. “The owner of this heart is called Xu Yin. To help you successfully escape from the hospital, he has abandoned everything that he is and only left this heart behind. I do not understand how a ghost will be able to trust a human so fully, perhaps this is the reason you are the more suitable candidate to stay than I am.”

The boy’s shadow placed Xu Yin’s heart in Chen Ge’s mind, and then he slowly turned around. Chen Ge’s body turned around alongside with him. He looked at the Red Spectres surrounding him before his eyes focused on Chen Ge’s parents who were entangled among the blood vessels. His lips opened and his voice weakened. No one knew what he said at the very last moment, the boy who existed in the mind had perished alongside the most vicious curse and the most painful past.

Everything felt as if they had never happened before. The only people in the world who had ever known of his existence, other than Chen Ge himself, was the hospital director who had gone totally insane. CheN ge regained the control of his own body, now he had a 100 percent compatibility of this new body. Perhaps the boy in his mind knew that only after he disappeared that Chen Ge would have the chance to finally welcome his new life. Chen Ge lifted his arm to wipe away the trace of tears on his cheeks, it was not Chen Ge who cried those tears.

“Be it kindness or evil, they are both me, why is there a need for such a clear separation?” Chen Ge had been trying to persuade the boy in his mind to say but the latter appeared to have made up his mind already. He had been hiding for so long in the glass jars seemingly only to wait for the arrival of this day. “The source of all the tragedy is the hospital director, this is the first time in my life I wish to destroy a person so intensely.” Chen Ge did not feel too big of a change to his body, other than the fact that the few talents that he got had been given a scary upgrade. Other than the booming source of life in his body, there was also a deep sense of death but these two forces formed a curious balance in his body, ensuring Chen Ge’s survival.

The passing of time behind the door and the real world was slightly different. The boy in Chen Ge’s mind had vanquished the trump card whom the hospital director had taken who knew how many years to make in just mere minutes. Ever since the real hospital director showed up, this was the first time the emotion of anger and anxiety appeared on his face. He still had no idea the child that represented Chen Ge’s pure kindness had already dissipated, he kept on sending out various kinds of dangerous curses. Chen Ge’s expression did not change that much. Due to his wealth of experience, he already came up with the solution that was most beneficial to himself without the need to do much thinking. He did not continue to move forward, he did not attack, he did not even say a word, he just stood there quietly. Chen Ge did not do anything at all but he presented a great pressure on the hospital director and it caused the director to be distracted.

“A part of the wounds on the hospital director’s body should be left behind by my own kindness, I think I understand almost everything now. The hospital director knew that my past cannot be killed so he lured out my consciousness and tricked me to join with the red city but he did not anticipate that to prevent myself from being affected by the negative emotions in the black fog and to suffer the despair of the entire red city, the past me would peel out all the evil spirits in my consciousness and only leave my kindness behind to deal with the red city.

“The evil spirit returned to the world outside the door to live a normal life but the kindness stayed inside the door and slowly joined together with the red city. The hospital director stole my body and tried to figure out a way to use it to control the red city. My kindness figured out the ulterior motive of the hospital director and perhaps at the same time he had multiple reasons that made it so that he could not leave the red city. This last trace of kindness in my body probably was the last insurance that my past self has left behind or perhaps this body has germinated a new consciousness of kindness.”

Chen Ge strung the various clues in his mind together, as he tried to predict what had happened in the past. The hospital director had no idea what Chen Ge was doing. He had an innate apprehension of Chen Ge’s kindness, he knew that child could never be killed no matter what. From his perspective, Chen Ge’s kindness posed a far bigger threat than any Demon God. While the hospital director was distracting, Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao joined forces to take down the enemy again.

“The black hair and chains are in essence more related to control, binding and sealing, even though you both are Demon Gods, your core talents are not powerful enough to deal fatal damage on me.” The hospital director behind inside the monster that was formed from the dead bodies. As long as he stood on the blood sea, there would be endless bodies and broken limbs to repair his meat shield. Zhang Ya’s black hair had limited the hospital director’s movement so that he could not reach over to harm Chen Ge’s parents. Other than her black hair, Zhang Ya had been using other kind of talents to attack the hospital director. Compared to Zhang Ya’s brutality and viciousness, Doctor Gao was more like the calm before the storm. He merely used his chains to keep on piercing through the hospital director’s body, other than that, he did not expose any of his other talents.

“To kill the hospital director, we have to separate him from the mountain of dead bodies.” Chen Ge saw through the key of the problem. He glanced at Doctor Gao. He realized during the battle, Doctor Gao kept using his chains to puncture the hospital director’s body and then bind it to the ground. Narrowing his eyes, Chen Ge caught up to what Doctor Gao was planning to do.

The battle of the three Demon Gods had reached its climax. At that moment, the inside of the cursed hospital had been fully shrouded in black fog. The endless dark fog rolled out from the most bottom layer of the hospital. The black fog that carried with it pain and despair leaked into the mountain of dead bodies and melted into the endless broken limbs. The presence that the director gave off became scarier, with the last shred of rationality that he was trying hard to retain, he attempted to swallow Chen Ge’s parents into his stomach but Zhang Ya had spent her life trying to stop that from happening.

“Eventually I will swallow all of you!” High intensity of hatred and despair was submerged in the black fog. That kind of pure evil was something that even a Red Spectre would be clever to shy away from but the hospital director had been feeding on them madly. Black flowers that were shaped like a human skull bloomed on his flesh and blood. Carrying the darkest curse human being could ever create, they formed into one after another blood capillaries. The hospital director finally made his move. He ignored Zhang Ya who had been seriously injured and focused his full attack on Doctor Gao. The chains were being shattered one after another, the wounds on Doctor Gao’s body became more serious but Doctor Gao still did not use any of his talent, he just kept on slamming his chains into the ground and the hospital director’s body.

To have evolved into a Demon God, the ghost must have gone through hundreds of battle already, the hospital director gradually realized the incongruity with what Doctor Gao was doing and in response his attack on Doctor Gao became more intense. The human skull flowers blossomed and blood rained down. The attacks that were mixed with the most vicious curse fell consistently on Doctor Gao’s body. Chen Ge who was watching this from a far knew that it was time for him to help Doctor Gao, perhaps Doctor Gao still had a plan reserved, but Chen Ge did not dare to bet on that, that was too much at stake. “Zhang Ya, distract that old coon! Help buy some time!”

After hearing Chen Ge’s voice, especially after hearing her name being called by Chen Ge, Zhang Ya who was at the verge of a mental breakdown had a flash of sentience crossed her eyes. The blood under her feet rushed into her body, and the black hair that covered the sky instantly swallowed up the hospital director.

“You can always predict what I am thinking. To have you join the ghost stories society was the biggest bet that I have ever done when I was still alive.” Doctor Gao took a gander at Chen Ge, he pulled out another round of chains from inside his body!

These chains not only bound around his body, they originated from his very own organs. The scene where Doctor Gao yanked out the chains from his own body sent chills down the spine of everyone who was watching. The chains that were soaked with the blood of a Demon God were pulled out from Doctor Gao’s body. He stopped putting on the disguise and directly slammed the last few bloody chains into the ground. When the last chain pierced through the mountain of dead bodies, all the chains pulled taut at the same time!

As Doctor Gao pulled his arm upwards, the monster that was the hospital director screamed in pain. His giant body was dug out from the flesh that was connected to his lower body. The hospital director was finally separated from the mountain of dead bodies!

“Gao Ming!” The howl of a desperate man came out from the hospital director’s lips. After he left the mountain of dead bodies, the hospital director’s scary self-recovery power could no longer be used anymore.

“Director, you are too narrow-minded and have too high of a confidence in yourself, that was why I managed to have the chance to escape several years ago.” Doctor Gao walked on the blood red chains, the madness in his eyes could not be hidden anymore. “And you have failed for the same reason this time. My whole body is bound with sealing chains but who gave you the idea that my very own talent has to be limited to the chains only?”

Doctor Gao peeled away the bloody coat that covered his body. He yanked out the last chain that wound around his heart. He had lost all constraint, his presence grew to a terrifying state!

“I have never lost because no matter the time, no one will be able to see through my heart.” All the chains had been removed, Doctor Gao’s rationality had been completely swallowed. Powerful and scary red shadows struggled behind him. Listening to their screams and wails, Doctor Gao’s eyes turned fully red. He aimed right at the centre of the chains and launched a punch at it!

“Blood prison!” The chains pulled tight. Like surging dragons, they did not let go of any corner and bound themselves tightly around the hospital director who had been hiding inside the monster’s body. “You have searched for me for 10 years and now I am standing right before you.”

Numerous black tattoos appeared on Doctor Gao’s arm, the tattoos were not curse and they were not blood vessels of a Red Spectre, they scorched Doctor Gao’s skin and used a Demon God’s flesh and blood as nutrients. They gave off a spine-tingling sense of despair. Stepping on the chains, Doctor Gao did not waste any time with words. The arm that carried his despair for the past 10 years directly squeezed through the hospital director’s neck!

Simple and savage!

He knew that the hospital director would not perish so easily. With the intention of absolute destruction, Doctor Gao who had lost his mind attacked madly at the hospital director, every single one of his punch landed on the hospital director’s body. A bone-piercing hatred, a history that was painted by pain and despair, all the pain that he carried was unloaded in that very moment!

The whole cursed hospital was shaking. One could no longer differentiate between the sky and the earth, all around them there was blood rain and curse.

“Every single red shadow behind Doctor Gao represents a Red Spectre, just how many Red Spectre this man has swallowed while he was inside the red city?” Seeing the state that Doctor Gao was in, Chen Ge slowly narrowed his eyes. When they were fighting the shadow at Li Wan City, Doctor Gao had been bound by the chains. Even until the shadow was split open, he still did not remove the chain.

“Be it at the underground morgue or at Li Wan City, Doctor Goa always has full confidence, he is one hell of a scary enemy.” Chen Ge also thought Doctor Gao’s power was his chain and seals, he did not expect the existence of these chains was merely so that Doctor Gao would not lose control of himself. Chen Ge once again had a new understanding of the words that Doctor Gao said at the underground morgue. At the time, Doctor Gao had the chance of winning but he had made a different choice. “No wonder he is the former chairman of the ghost stories society, there is still many things that I can learn from him.”

The hospital director’s physical body was found and it was being given a pummelling by Doctor Gao. Chen Ge’s heart slowly relaxed. But just as he was about to sigh in relief, he suddenly realized that even though the hospital director’s body was covered in holes, the curse and black fog around the cursed hospital did not have the sign of fading, if anything, they appeared to get thicker. A bad omen rose in his heart. Chen Ge was about to yell to remind everyone to be careful when a half of a broken skull flashed before his eyes!

“Shi Guo?” Through the half of the face that remained on the skull, he barely recognized the young man. Even though this spectre was not a Red Spectre, he had a very unique special power—control over time. He was able to return to 9 seconds ago.

“Boss! Have everyone stay away from that monster now! Number 5, number 5 is about to explode soon!” His lips creaked open and Shi Guo used his last energy to shout out the following.

“Number 5? Explode?” Chen Ge followed Shi Guo’s gaze and saw the Demon God that carried the cursed hospital on his back. His mind snapped into realization in less than a second. “Everyone, I need you all to retreat now! Stay away from that Demon God from the cursed hospital!” Chen Ge was familiar with Shi Guo’s power. When he saw the gory state that Shi Guo was in, he made the decision at the first notice!

He had full trust in his employees and his employees had implicit trust in him as well. Without asking for any reason, all the Red Spectres retreated swiftly. Almost at the same time, the hospital director who was almost beaten into a pulp by Doctor Gao suddenly expanded. A low growl of a voice leaked out from the director’s throat. “Patient number 5, you are my own flesh and blood and the first patient at this hospital, the time has come for you to repay everything I have done for you!”

Every single word that the hospital director said carried a horrible curse with it. After he said that, the Demon God that carried the cursed hospital gradually slowed down.

“Director?” The body kept on expanding. The Demon God’s lower body that was covered by endless broken limbs and the black fog was finally exposed. Three dangling carcasses in patient’s garb were biting tightly on his stomach. The patient’s body already joined with the Demon God’s skin and only the number on their patient’s garbs were shown—6, 7, 8.

This monster that carried the cursed hospital on its back appeared to be Patient Number 5 at the hospital and at the same time, he was blood-related to the hospital director. As the director triggered the curse, the three bodies let go off their mouth. With a creepy smile on their faces, they kept repeating the same statement, “Come and die with us!”

Then their skin started to crack. The three bodies bit at the Demon God’s heart at the same time. Endless curse was injected into it. Patient Number 5, this Demon God that was basically Frankensteined had started to disintegrate with an enormous amount of hatred!

The scary energy directly destroyed the cursed cage above them instantly!

The hospital split open from the middle and the buildings near the building from the red city were instantly levelled into the ground. Everything happened too suddenly. If Shi Guo did not give the warning 9 seconds ago, all of Chen Ge’s employees who were close to Patient Number 5 would be wiped away in an instant and the painter as well as Zhang Ya who were close to Patient Number 5 would be severely injured. The borrowed time of 9 seconds meant that most of the Red Spectres survived the ordeal but they were barely hanging on by a threat.

Other than the red high heels, all the spectres, including Top Red Spectres were heavily injured by Number 5’s curse. If the curse was not removed soon, having their souls burn away into nothingness was just a matter of time. The dismemberment of the Demon God turned the battle around almost instantly. Both Zhang Ya and the painter were affected, only Doctor Gao was saved because he dragged the hospital director’s body to use as a meat shield before him right before the second of explosion.

That was the cleverest solution in that scenario and the hospital director knew that was the choice Doctor Gao would make. Therefore, he had been collecting energy before he triggered the curse. When the burst of energy came from Number 5’s death, he unleashed all of his stored energy and shook loose from Doctor Gao’s shackles.

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