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«My House of Horrors (Web Novel) - Chapter 1201: I will give all the eyes that have gotten used to the darkness to get the chance to see light (2in1)

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Chapter 1201: I will give all the eyes that have gotten used to the darkness to get the chance to see light (2in1)

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Translator: Lonelytree

As his family betrayed him, the presence from the bloody hospital director grew stronger. The faces of his family members on his body started to twist and change. Multiple black threads were vomited out of his family’s mouths. As the black threads came into contact with the broken bodies and limbs, they would come alive like someone had given them a second life. “Everyone who died in heaven is my family, their soul will never leave this place because this place is their only home.”

The hospital director’s screeching laughter was mixed with the wailing of endless souls. One after another human faces floated from the pile of dead bodies. Their eyes were crying tears of blood but all of their faces were frozen in that eerie and unsettling smile!

This lowest level at the cursed hospital appeared to be a mass grave, a place where many people had lost their lives. The power of the curse started to increase in sudden intensity. The black fog seeped out from the very bottom of the building itself. The broken bodies that crawled out from the mountain of carcasses all crawled towards the bloody hospital director, they knelt under his feet, hugged his body, crawled upon him as they slowly swallowed the man with their mass. The whole hospital prison was filled with the director’s laughter. Black fog swamped the place, endless dead bodies and curse were bound together.

Bang! The sea of blood raised a wave that was more than 10 metres tall. A leg that was covered in human faces reached out from the sea of blood. The giant monster that was constructed by the dead and the curse rose to its full height. “Human being’s strongest emotion is pain, happiness and bliss can be taken away in the blink of an eye but only pain will be forever buried deep inside one’s heart. Some people exhausted their whole life and they could not be cured, others turned into the monster that they hated the most being tormented by the intensity of pain, some have chosen to accept pain and taken control the pain, they enjoy the feeling of their heart being shredded into pieces before finally become a monster themselves whose sole purpose in the world is to spread pain unto others!”

A harsh voice came out from inside the monster’s body. His whole body was wrapped in curse and misfortune. More and more dead bodies peeled off from his body but soon more carcasses crawled towards him to replace those which had fallen. “Pain will never end. Even death is not going to help absolve it, just like this endless stretch of black fog!”

The arm that was carved with black human names and faces slammed heavily into the sea of blood, it grabbed Chen Ge’s parents that were tied down by the blood vessels with one fell swoop. The giant maw that was made up from broken limbs slowly opened. Just as it was prepared to send Chen Ge’s parents down its throat, wreaths of black hair tied itself around its body. The black hair was like the ocean. Zhang Ya was not trying to attack any particular point. The girl who had already lost her mind currently wanted to bury this whole monster completely!

The black hair crashed against the threads of curses, and Zhang Ya was not holding back. She was going to take the monster no matter the price!

The hospital director’s movement slowed down. Doctor Gao naturally would not give up such a precious opportunity. He leaped into the air, dragging several blood red chains with both of his hands. “Compared to several years ago, you have gotten a lot weaker, have you been injured by no 1’s parents? Or the wound that you have suffered when you attempted to kill number 1 back then still has not recovered?”

The chain shot into the hospital director’s body. The other two Demon Gods at the cursed hospital wanted to rush over to help but they were halted in their tracks by the painter and many other Red Spectres. Both parties were consumed by the rage of war. As long as their soul had not been crushed, as long as they could still move, they would charge forward to demolish their enemy. All the Red Spectres fought with their lives to buy even that one extra second. Currently Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao were fighting two against one, this was probably the most optimum outcome for Chen Ge’s group to expect.

“Try your best and hold on! Once the cage of curse is shattered, the red city will slam into the cursed hospital!” The old headmaster cried out at the top of his lungs. The man who was always so kind had his eyes burn with fury once he saw the mountain of dead bodies at the bottom floor of the cursed hospital. From his perspective, he could not even wrap his head around the understanding of the person who would do something as cruel and preposterous as this.

Every single Red Spectre had their own power, every single Red Spectre had a pain that they had to shoulder on their own buried deep inside their hearts, they were all ghosts but do not forget that they were all once living humans!

Because of the extreme pain and pain that they were put under before they died so they could empathize with others, and because of that empathy, it fueled their anger to see this travesty before them.

“Get out of the way! Do not stand in my way!” The Demon God that carried the cursed hospital was under the attack of who knew how many Red Spectres. So many special powers were applied on his body and this influenced his movement as well. He wanted to go and save the hospital director but unfortunately other than the enormous amount of Red Spectres, Chen Ge had more than a handful of Top Red Spectres who had sided with him. They had completely thrown their lives into the wind, they were not afraid of having their souls crushed and being unable to reincarnate into their next lives. All they wanted to do was to help Chen Ge and stop the tragedy before them.

When he was facing the many Red Spectres from the Haunted House, the Demon God that carried the cursed hospital had a wavering in his conviction. The statement given by Doctor Gao at the start of the battle pierced into his heart like a stubborn needle. So called Demon God was merely a ghost that could suffer more despair and pain. His conviction started to crack. The Demon God that carried the cursed hospital on his back started to have other ideas slip into his mind and they started to multiply at a rapid speed, it had reached a stage where even he could not control them anymore.

It was the cursed hospital that turned me into a monster.

I was nothing more than a patient who was trapped here to pay for my sin.

I do not need to sacrifice my life for this damn hospital.

These thoughts floated around in his mind and as hard as he tried, he could not chase them out of his mind. As if compelled by the thoughts in his mind, in the chaos of the battle, the Demon God turned his head to look at Doctor Gao who was standing quite a distance away from him. When his pair of eyes that were hiding behind the fog of darkness turned towards Doctor Gao, he was surprised to see that Doctor Gao was looking back at him as well. “The power to influence a Demon God’s heart? This is his special talent?”

Just through that non verbal exchange, more troubling thoughts entered the Demon God’s mind. By then his desire to kill had slowed down by a lot. He was no longer as savage as before. One party was fighting with no regard for their own lives, but the other party started to have questions regarding what he was doing. Even if there was a certain gap between their power level, the battle slowly drew into a stalemate.

On the other side, the painter who had regained the approval of the School of After life was also caught in a hard battle with the experienced Demon God with the surname Chi.

Currently the only battle which was close to having its result revealed was the one in the centre of the hospital. If Doctor Gao and Zhang Ya worked together was strong enough to take the hospital director, then all the tragedy would be wiped away instantly. The cruelest battle of the three was also the one in the middle. Blood sea churned and rolled, broken bits of flesh fell down like rain. Curse that would cause a normal person to die on the spot had formed a screen that blocked out the sky at this place.

Being surrounded by the meat shield of endless dead bodies, Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao’s attacks had very difficult problem of delivering actual damage on the hospital director. However, on the other hand, the monster that was constructed by the dead bodies were originally more than 10 metres tall but currently it was only half its original size. The speed the hospital director recovered his body could not catch up to the speed Doctor Gao and Zhang Ya took them down. If this continued, success was only a matter of time.

But right at that moment, Doctor Gao suddenly pulled his hands back and stopped the aggression. He noticed there was still some kind of connection between the flesh and meat that fell off the hospital director’s body and the hospital director himself, but these broken pieces of flesh did not crawl back to reform the director’s body, so there had to be some other fishy development at work here.

“You have discovered it so soon? No wonder you are the doctor that I have placed great faith in.” Since he was exposed, the hospital director stopped hiding the truth. Just as he finished, the flesh that scattered on the ground soon dissolved into pools of black blood. This black blood was not blood from the hospital director’s own body but they were blood from another person. To control this different source of blod, the hospital had written down the most vicious curse that he knew on every single drop of the blood!

Even though they were standing a safe distance away from the hospital director, both Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao could sense that the curse inherent in the black blood and the curse from the cursed hospital was on a completely different level. To curse the black blood, the hospital director appeared to have paid an extremely steep price himself. To be able to be kept as a final trump card by the Demon God, that was proof enough how scary this black blood could be. “To be personally killed by the person that all of you want to protect, there is no greater way to die in this world. Just imagine the pain that you will be in! Ha ha ha ha.”

When the black blood appeared, Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao retreated at the same time. Chen Ge who was switching his heart back at the battlefield suddenly felt inexplicable pain that coursed through his body. He looked down the distance using Yin Yang Vision, the black blood that the hospital director had splashed on the ground appeared to be his.

The black blood that was corrupted by curse turned into one after another boy in the next instant. They did not have any facial features, everyone of them maintained the state that they were in when they were brutally murdered. Laying his eyes on those boys, there was indescribable feeling that arose in his heart. The child that was hiding in his mind was also screaming in despair as well.

“Every time I killed him, he would leave behind a drop of his blood. He is the scariest ghost that I have ever encountered, do not blame me because all the misfortune and tragedy started because of him!” The hospital director appeared to have gone completely unhinged. “Since his parents cannot finish the deal, then I will do it on their behalf. I have appeared deep inside the nightmare, I have killed him and again! I left him in the black fog, I buried him deep inside the heaviest despair the human world has ever seen! But every time I push open this door, there he will be!”

The boys that were cruelly murdered started to surround Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao from all sides. They were not Demon Gods, not even a Red Spectre, but they were unkillable. It was as if they were the manifestation of despair itself, as long as despair existed in this world, they would never lay down and die!

No one had encountered this kind of monster before, no one had to face this kind of adversary before. The situation was temporarily still on Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao’s side. Chen Ge saw everything with his own eyes from afar, he was not going to wait for the situation to turn for the worse before he decided to make his move. He called after his own name as loud as he could inside his heart. “They call me the evil spirit but in my mind, I am just Chen Ge. You have your own memory and I have my past. I am not you but I will never avoid your existence and pretend that you do not exist.” Chen Ge’s voice travelled into his own mind. “I will go to the red city and find you but you need to tell me now how do I face these versions of myself who had died a tragic death.”

Chen Ge came from the same origin as the black blood but the presence that they off was several times darker than Chen Ge himself. The chance was the moment he got close to any of them, Chen Ge would be torn into pieces. Chen Ge was very good at interpersonal communication, he was born with an innate talent that could put other people at ease. With his summon, the other boy’s voice rang out in Chen Ge’s mind.

“You are not an evil spirit, you are only Chen Ge, Chen Ge that everyone cherishes and loves but I am different, I am just a monster who once shared this name.” As the voice in his mind echoed, Chen Ge felt the heart that he was holding beat harder. “I have already handed my heart over to you.” Just as the boy spoke, Chen Ge had completed the last step of the living doll procedure—the change of heart!

The heart that was stuck with the cursed blade was swapped out. The power of life and death circulated at the same time inside Chen Ge’s body. “you have to remember to go back to that red city and help me push open that blood door again.” After the boy said that, Chen Ge slowly lost control over his own body. “This should be the last time I am going to take control of this body.”

The heart pulsed in his heart, every heart beat was like a drum heat that travelled from some ancient time, it reverberated with something that resided deep inside the red city. The red waves smashed crazily against the cursed cage around the cursed hospital. One after another pair of eyes surfaced inside the city, countless evil ghosts came to the edge of the red city. The red city had been expanding aimlessly inside the black fog. At that moment, the red city was like a giant beast that had just awakened, multiple scary presence were compelling the red city to crash against the cursed hospital.

“I love the term that you have used earlier, how do I face these versions of myself who had died a tragic death…” Chen Ge lowered his head to look at his own body. Several Red Spectres were using blood vessels to stitch up his wounds. The Red Spectres who were embodiment of hatred looked so particularly gentle around Chen Ge. Chen Ge stood up, an unfamiliar glow shining in his eyes. He walked through the cracked ground and stepped on the mounds of flesh and blood and looked towards the many versions of himself who had died. The children that had no faces were all victims of horrible crimes, every inch of their body was covered in injury. They were bound by curse and their skin was carved with venomous words. The black blood possessed some kind of special property in the world of black fog, they could never be killed when they were surrounded by the black fog, even Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao knew to stay away from them, but Chen Ge voluntarily took steps towards them.

The Red Spectres that guarded beside Chen Ge at all times felt like they were standing on ice. They had no idea what their boss wanted to do but they still chose to put their faith in Chen Ge and they moved in accord with him,

“From now on, I can do this on my own.” Chen Ge turned around to look at the group of Red Spectres around him. A warm and kind smile appeared on his face. This was a very natural expression, it felt as if the smile that hung on his face now was his true real smile. Moving forward on his own, Chen Ge was soon discovered by the version of himself that were transformed by the black blood but Chen Ge did not slow down.

“Memory came into existence because of human beings but human beings had forgotten about them, they abandoned them in this world shrouded in black fog. If I was a memory, I too would desire to be remembered but if a person is always dragged down by his past, then he will never be able to gain the courage to move forward. Once someone asked me, if one day I too was forgotten at this place, what would I do. The answer that I gave him was…” chen Ge glanced at the hospital director that was wrapped in a coat of dead bodies. “I would draw window after window in that sea of dark and open door after door in that city of red so that I will give all the eyes that have gotten used to the darkness to get the chance to see light.”

Hearing Chen Ge’s voice, the hospital director nudged his gigantic body and he roared in disbelief. “The kindness of Patient number 1? Impossible! I have seen with my own eyes you have joined with the red city, how could you still be here? Evil spirit! You have to be behind this!”

“Kindness will never disappear, even if only a shred of it is left, it will continue to shine through the long night.” Chen Ge opened both of his arms and allowed the children morphed from the black blood to launch themselves at him. Strangely enough, whenever the kids touched Chen Ge, a face would flicker on their blank features. The heavier the wound on Chen Ge’s body, the faster the wounds on the children’s bodies were recovering. The curse on their bodies was unable to reverse this rejuvenation.

All on his own, Chen Ge had attracted all the attention of the black blood. Doctor Gao resumed his attack on the hospital director, Zhang Ya though stared at Chen Ge’s back and paused for a moment. The wounds on Chen Ge’s body became more and more serious. The man had not recovered from his previous injury but now he was once again sliding towards death. The Red Spectres wanted to him but Chen Ge stopped them. When all the wounds on the children’s bodies were healed, they turned back into drops of black blood but this time they did not return to the hospital director’s side but crawled into Chen Ge’s body.

“Coming to terms with one’s own past, even if one is made broken by it, there is always a chance for a new start.” Chen Ge’s body started to change again. The boy in his mind embraced all the curse in the black blood.

“Who would have thought the kindest soul would be there to save the evilest spirit.” Burned by the curse, Chen Ge still maintained the gentle smile on his face. He looked down the red city in the horizon and mumbled as if to himself, “In the future, please carry on the light on my behalf.”

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