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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 939: Painting Cliffs

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Chapter 939: Painting Cliffs

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What kind of divine ability is this?”

Jiang Yi had frightened as he felt as though he was dreaming. He looked around with a dazzled expression and scanned the place again and again, but he was still unable to find the small lake which was here originally. He couldn’t find that elder either, and it felt as though everything that happened was from a dream.

The elder with remarkable combat strength knew everything about him inside out. He knew clearly that Jiang Yi had the Thunder Fire Divine Shield and even knew how it was condensed. Furthermore… Jiang Yi had a feeling that the elder knew many of his secrets like the Nameless Divine Art? Like Yi Piaopiao?

“Could he be the mastermind behind the scenes that is in control of my fate? Could he be the one that imparted the Nameless Divine Art to me? Or… could he be Yu Wen? But his appearance doesn’t look the same?”

Jiang Yi stood in place and stared blankly while his imagination ran wild. He had an uncomfortable feeling in his heart as someone was in control of his fate. No one would feel comfortable having this same feeling.

“Kid, everything in the world has a cause and effect. When it is time for you to know some things, you will naturally know it. If you are to know things that shouldn’t know, it will only cause you more pain. Five days later, you can go to the Painting Cliffs. I have already spoken to the Buddha Emperor. You can go to the Buddha Thearch’s Painting Cliffs Mystic Realm to take a look. It will be up to your luck if you can comprehend anything. Remember, if you are not at the Demigod Realm, even if you die here, I will not see you…”

The elder’s voice echoed again which shocked Jiang Yi’ soul spirit and caused his mind to think quickly. From the words of the elder, he could guess that the elder wasn’t the Buddha Thearch, but he should have an extraordinary relationship with the Yi Clan. Otherwise, a single statement from him would allow Jiang Yi to enter the Yi Clan’s mystic realm.

“Could he really be Yu Wen? If he is Yu Wen, who is that elder that went to Sky Thunder City with Mother?”

Jiang Yi couldn’t understand, but this elder’s tone was very firm. He probably wouldn’t say anything even if Jiang Yi asked. He stood there in a daze of 15 minutes before he quickly flew to the west.

“Demigod! I must break through to the Demigod Realm!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes shimmered with radiance as he had this indescribable feeling. As long as he reached the Demigod Realm, all his questions would be explained by this elder. He would then… be able to find Yi Piaopiao.

“Since this elder rescued me and know so many secrets about me, then he must be related to me. Or perhaps, he is related to Mother. Why can’t he help me rescue Su Ruoxue?”

There were too many questions, and Jiang Yi was having a headache when thinking so much. After flying for a distance, he could see a large mountain that reached into the clouds from far away, and that should be Buddha Mountain. He rubbed his face and forced himself to stop thinking as it was useless to think so much.

His body flashed with white light, and he transformed into a youth with an ordinary appearance, but it wasn’t the appearance that Bai Yi had. His aura presence had also changed greatly, and his strength was concealed to the 1st level of Heaven Monarch Realm.


He flew swiftly towards Buddha Thearch City. Everything else didn’t matter as he decided to look for Shadow Emperor’s men and deliver the Fire Snake Orchid first. He would then scout for information and completely recover before anything else.

The Buddha Thearch City wasn’t far from where he was, and he only took one hour to reach there. He entered the city with low-profile and found an inn to reside in. He then took out a green pearl, poured his essence force, and waited for Shadow Emperor’s men to arrive.

“Knock! Knock!”

After letting his imagination run wild for one hour, there was a knocking sound that echoed from outside. Jiang Yi extended his divine senses out and saw an ordinary, dark, and skinny old man. Jiang Yi transmitted a message, and after matching the secret signal, he opened the door and allowed the old man to enter.

“Young Master!”

The old man greeted respectfully and spoke with joyful eyes, “It is great that Young Master is fine. This old servant had sent men out to search for Young Master during these few days and didn’t expect for Young Master to be inside the city.”


Jiang Yi’s ring lit up, and the Fire Snake Orchid appeared. He handed it over and said, “This is the Fire Snake Orchid. You must hand it over immediately with top priority. If there is any mishap, you should know of the consequence.”


The old man had a solemn expression when he received the Fire Snake Orchid. He took out a jade box and stored it inside carefully before replying with a serious voice, “Young Master, don’t worry. If anything happens to this item, this old servant will bring my head see you.”

Jiang Yi had experienced a few encounters with the Shadow Emperor’s methods, and he was rather at ease with his subordinates. Jiang Yi beckoned his hand and said, “How is the situation inside the city? Where is Wu Ni?”

“Wu Ni is still in Buddha Castle.”

The old man kept the Fire Snake Orchid and replied respectfully, “We just found out that the Painting Cliffs will open in five days. Wu Ni, Tu Long, Jian Wuying, and the others would enter. The Buddha Thearch is very satisfied with the gifts brought by twelve individuals, and they were granted the right to enter the mystic realms. Nine of them had chosen to enter the Painting Cliffs.”

“Painting Cliffs?”

Jiang Yi was in a dilemma. The Buddha Thearch’s Heaven Paintings were inside, and if he could enter and comprehend something, it might greatly increase his overall strength. If Wu Ni and the others were all going in. If he were to appear, would Wu Ni try to kill him again?

Jiang Yi was still not proficient at using the astral winds, and he had yet to completely refine the Smelting Divine Furnace. If he was to get into a conflict with Wu Ni, it would be the same as courting death! Hearing the white-bearded elder’s tonality, if he was to encounter another danger, the elder wouldn’t rescue him again.

Furthermore, if he went to Painting Cliffs, his identity would be exposed. Wu Ni would definitely be precautious which would bring inconvenience to Jiang Yi when he wanted to pursue and plot in the future. However… the Buddha Thearch’s Heaven Paintings were supreme treasures. If he was to miss this opportunity, he might never have another chance to enter in this lifetime. The white-bearded elder had asked him to reach the Demigod Realm. If Jiang Yi didn’t comprehend high-grade dao patterns, how was he going to break through?

Jiang Yi’s eyes flickered as he asked with an immense voice, “How is the situation inside the Painting Cliffs? Is it safe?”

“This… we do not know. That place is a place where the Nine Thearchs Clans’ young masters and ladies wouldn’t have the chance to enter, let alone us.” The old man bowed and replied, “As for safety? There is no doubt about the safety inside that place. Such a treasured land would surely have a Demigod expert overseeing it to avoid the Heaven Paintings from being destroyed. Thus, if Young Master is to enter, Wu Ni will not be able to do anything to you.”


Jiang Yi made a decision to enter the Painting Cliffs as it was an opportunity he must not miss. He could just slowly think of other ways about Wu Ni’s matters.

After he asked a few more things, he beckoned his hand to dismiss the old man before he cultivated and recuperated. This time, he entered the Union of Heaven and Man state to recuperate and comprehend the astral winds at the same time. The white-bearded elder’s statement had given him enlightenment.

“The astral wind is this world’s strongest energy. Kid, you have a body of treasures, but you don’t know how to make use of it. The astral winds can be turned into blade, shield, and armor and could kill from ten thousand miles away.”

When recalling about the elder’s statement, he recalled his Astral Winds Divine Shield. Jiang Yi realized that he had obtained a cardinal treasure indeed. If he could study the astral winds deeply, he would be able to develop it in various abilities which would surely increase his combat strength greatly. A pity that his ninth star sphere didn’t have any astral wind energy now. He had no choice but to absorb some astral winds in the night before he could study them.

“Astral winds, Smelting Divine Furnace!”

He opened his eyes slightly and spoke a few bone-chilling words, “Wu Ni, when I have a complete grasp on the astral winds and refine the Smelting Divine Furnace, it will be the moment of your death. I will not fear you even if you have the six-star dao pattern. Don’t worry, I will not let you return to the North Thearch City peacefully!”

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