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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 938: You Still Have a Very, Very Long Path

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Chapter 938: You Still Have a Very, Very Long Path

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Jiang Yi had been in seclusion to recuperate his injuries for five days. His previous injuries had yet to fully recover, and he was severely injured again, which forced him to fully concentrate on recuperation. The Buddha Thearch’s birthday would only last a few days, and Wu Ni might leave at any time. He had to fully recover his body by then, or he wouldn’t have any chance to chase after Wu Ni.

During these five days, this battle had been reported back to the clans by the various spectators; and soon enough, it spread out the continent. Wu Ni’s reputation was indeed increased, and he had surpassed She Fei to become the no.1 young master of the East Imperial Continent.

The matter of She Fei’s legs getting severed had also been made known throughout the continent. She Fei’s reputation which was finally restored had hit the bottom once again. Without the Destitute Dragon Grass, his entire life would be finished; and he would never have the chance to become the Young Clan Head and would only be an ordinary hedonistic young master.

Six-star dao pattern!

This was a heaven-defying dao pattern. The Lei Clan’s Patriarch had used the seven-star dao pattern ‘Reverse Time Flow’ to become the no.1 expert of Gods Bestow Tribe. Huangfu Taotian had also used the five-star dao pattern ‘Thunder Light Electric Shadow’ to become the no.1 young master of Gods Bestow Tribe. It showed how powerful the six-star dao pattern was. High-grade dao patterns were very hard to comprehend while dao patterns above the five-star were even more difficult.

Many people felt the Judgment Wind Blade’s prowess and Wu Ni’s essence force realm was only at the high-stages of Heaven Monarch Realm. If he could reach the peak stage of the Heaven Monarch Realm, the power would be further increased. It was reckoned that he would be able to dominate the Heaven Monarch Realm with just this Judgment Wind Blade. Which Heaven Monarch would be able to withstand the blade from a god?

Along with Wu Ni’s fame spreading out, Bai Yi’s name was also spread out in the East Imperial Continent. He was able to sever She Fei’s legs, able to make Yin Ruobing sacrifice herself to protect, able to make Yi Chan fancy him, and a youth that was able to fight against Wu Ni. It was hard for him not to be famous.


Bai Yi had suddenly vanished after the battle, and many people speculated that he had already perished.

No one bothered with someone that had perished. In fact, many wanted to investigate on Bai Yi’s true identity but had passed on it. No matter how outstanding he was—if he was dead, then he would be no different from a pile of dirt. Apart from being a casual topic for conversation, he was nothing else.

The Buddha Thearch City was very lively during recent days. Due to the Buddha Thearch’s birthday, the major clans from the nearby regions had all come. Of course… many of them weren’t qualified to ascend the Buddha Mountain. The Yi Clan simply sent out Yi Chan and her second brother, Yi Zhen, and a few elders to receive them. The Buddha Emperor didn’t even show up.

The Buddha Castle was even livelier.

The members of the Nine Thearchs Clans were all here, and so were many of the ancient clans. The ones that came were all young masters and ladies. The Yi Fragrance Pavilion had hundreds of courtyards, and it was fully packed with people. Some had been arranged to stay in other places. First Young Master Yi Shan and Third Young Master Yi Mei were busy from dawn to dusk as they hosted banquets every day and would invite and thank the young masters and ladies who came.

The people inside the Buddha Castle seemed to have forgotten about Bai Yi. Yi Chan appeared on the third day and had an ordinary expression as though nothing had happened. Yin Ruobing was rather abnormal for these few days as she didn’t attend many banquets. There were a few ancient clans’ young masters and ladies who visited her but were all rejected.

Wu Ni was very well-regarded!

Wu Ni surrounded by groups of people every day. He had indeed matured as he didn’t reveal any trace of arrogance and acted elegantly and gracefully. He looked extremely impressive, and many young ladies felt a rush of affection.

Tu Long, Jian Wuying, and the others felt it was rather strange as Wu Ni was very reserved and respectful to those young ladies, but he had maintained a distance from them. He was no longer that playboy master in the past.

Today, the Buddha Thearch’s birthday banquet had begun.

The Buddha Emperor had finally shown up and personally entertained the guests. Everyone was disappointed because… the Buddha Thearch actually didn’t appear. Perhaps none of the Nine Thearchs Clan Heads had attended as only some major clans’ young masters and ladies attended, and so he didn’t even appear a single time.

The contest of treasure had started, and the various young masters and ladies offered the gifts that they specially prepared. These presents weren’t rare or valuable, but they all displayed originality.

These presents were handed over to the Buddha Thearch by the men instructed by the Buddha Emperor. During the banquet at night, the Buddha Thearch sent back some news saying that he liked twelve of the presents very much. For these twelve people, the Buddha Emperor had personally given the orders for them to enter the Yi Clan’s three major mystic realms, five days later. Of course… every one of them could only choose to enter one of the mystic realms.

It was unknown if the Buddha Thearch gave face to the Nine Thearchs Clans or it was because their presents were truly great. Wu Ni, Tu Long, Jian Wuying, Yin Ruobing, Ling Qijian, and Ye Ying were all qualified. She Fei had returned, and they simply sent a present… but no one came. Not only did the Zhan Clan didn’t attend, but they also didn’t even send any present.

It wasn’t because the Zhan Clan had a feud with the Yi Clan. In fact… the Zhan Clan was the clan that was the most low-profile on the continent, and they were even more so than the Yi Clan. They would never be involved with anything, and the Zhan Clan’s descendants would never move around in public. The Zhan Clan was just like those hidden major clan had always stayed within the Mystic Thearch City, and they were so obscured that people would forget about them.

The Buddha Emperor’s generosity had made Wu Ni and the others very delighted. Everyone didn’t hesitate and chose to enter the Yi Clan’s Painting Cliffs. It was a long cliff that displayed twelve of the Buddha Thearch’s Heaven Paintings and was also the Yi Clan’s best mystic realm.

The twelve Heaven Paintings were engraved with powerful high-level dao patterns, and if one was able to comprehend even a single one, it would have been extremely worth it.

Jiang Yi had also awakened on this day. He had been recuperating for five days without rest, and his bones had finally healed up. He still required several days before achieving full recovery.

He had woken up because today was the Buddha Thearch’s birthday. Wu Ni might be leaving the Buddha Thearch City today, and so Jiang Yi had to leave this place to scout for Wu Ni’s information and continue to think of ways to hunt Wu Ni down.

Jiang Yi opened his eyes and saw that elder who was still sitting by the side of the lake and fishing. The elder had half-closed eyes, and it seemed as though he was going to fall asleep at any moment. He quickly walked over and took a deep bow while saying, “Bai Yi once again bow and thank Senior’s kindness.”

The white-bearded elder opened his eyes slightly and turned to look at Jiang Yi with a smile. He shook his hand and said, “It is just a trivial matter and isn’t worth mentioning. Bai Yi? Hehe, it should be Jiang Yi, right?”


Jiang Yi revealed an awkward smile, and his body flashed with white light. He reverted to his original appearance and smile bitterly. “This one’s insignificant skill cannot hide from Senior’s divine eyes. This one is indeed Jiang Yi, and I used the fake name Bai Yi due to unspoken difficulties. Senior, you seem… to know about many things about this one?”

This fishing elder could actually rescue him and also see through his identity? Jiang Yi had been very safe during these few days, and Jiang Yi was not worried at all. At least, this elder wasn’t going to harm him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have rescued Jiang Yi, five days ago.


The white-bearded elder looked indifferently at Jiang Yi with wise and far-sighted eyes that seemed to see through all of Jiang Yi’s secrets. He took a glance and withdrew his eyes to look at the surface of the lake and said, “I know you have many questions and want to know of my identity, but I cannot tell you at this moment. If you can break through to the Demigod Realm in the future, you can come and look for me here. I will tell you everything, and I will even unravel the doubts that you have for a very long time.”


Jiang Yi’s soul spirit jolted as this white-bearded elder’s words seemed to be indicating something? Things he had doubted for a very long time? Who exactly was this elder? Why would this elder know so many things about himself?

The white-bearded elder turned to look at Jiang Yi again and said, “Alright, if you can break through to the Demigod Realm then come and look for me. If you cannot break through, then I will never see you again. The vast sea is for the fish to travel across, and the sky is for the birds to soar through. Kid, don’t worry. Venture the world and do whatever you want to do. You still have a very, very long path…”


When Jiang Yi wanted to say something, the elder gently shook his hand. When a cool breeze blew over, Jiang Yi vanished from where he was.

Jiang Yi felt a white flash, and he appeared in the middle of a mountain range. When he scanned around with his divine senses, he realized that there were mountains everywhere in his surroundings. The white-bearded elder’s figure was nowhere to be found within a few dozen miles. Even that cottage and the small lake had vanished without a trace.

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