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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 562: Young Master Tu Rui

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Chapter 562: Young Master Tu Rui

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Yi was right; this huge city was indeed the Orc Monarch City. That peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert was the Great Emperor of the Beastmen Continent.

Late in the morning—in the central hall of the largest castle of the city, numerous maidservants came in and out, serving wine and good food. All these maidservants dressed very revealingly. They wore low-cut long dresses, which were slit up to thighs, showing their gleaming white legs. These maidservants seemed to be a special kind of orcs; they all had slanting eyes, twinkling with seductive looks.

Strong guards were outside the central hall. They held steel forks and spears and completely ignored the maidservants around them as they were on high alert.

“Oh, no!”

A maidservant missed her footing and fell on the ground carelessly. A jar of good wine fell onto the ground as well, with a crispy crash. The great vintage spilled over the floor and let out an intoxicating fragrance.


The maidservant instantly turned pale and looked at the guard at the door. However, when she lifted her head, all she saw was a spear stabbing towards her like a venomous snake. Before she had time to scream, her brain was pierced through; and she died on the spot.

“Hum! Today, the Great Emperor is feasting some distinguished guests. Whoever dares to slack about the work will be killed!”

The tall man in a gorgeous armor took away his spear and coldly glanced at the maidservant outside. All the maidservants trembled with fear, carefully lifted their legs, and walked inside. No one dared to take a look at the dead body on the floor.

The central hall was very luxurious and was no different from the central hall that humans reside. A snowy white carpet divided the central hall into half. The left side was filled with golden tables. Behind every golden table, a martial expert sat on the ground. A giant purple-gold table was located on the top of the room, and a middle-aged man of a powerful build sat behind it.

This man was indeed brawny. Though he sat on the ground, he was still over three meters tall. His arms were two times the size of a maidservant’s thigh. He donned golden armor and had beards all over his face. His bulging eyes flickered with murderous glare from time to time, making people intimidated to look at him in the eyes.

The muscly man held up a giant golden wine cup. He looked around and stopped his eyes at a young man at the top table on the left. He grinned and said, “Come, come, come. A toast to Young Master Tu Rui! I welcome you to visit the Beastmen Continent. Let’s the feast go on for three days and three nights. We won’t end if someone is still sober.”

Over ten people in the central hall got up and raised their cups. All looked at the young master on the left and shouted respectfully, “To Young Master Tu Rui!”

“Hahaha, Thearch Meng is too polite. Everyone, please sit down!”

The young master was in green, with extraordinary bearing. In front of a group of absolute masters on the Beastmen Continent, he didn’t even bother to get up. Instead, he smiled at the middle-aged sturdy man, raised his cup, and drank up the wine.

The middle-aged man addressed as Thearch Meng by the young master grinned, held up the large cup, raised his head, and drank the wine. However, when he only finished half of the wine, his face suddenly changed. His bulging eyes looked outside the central hall angrily. The aura suddenly surged up as well, making the two maidservants beside him kneel in fear.


Young Master Tu Rui and the Vajra Realm martial experts in the central hall noticed Thearch Meng’s odd behaviors and looked at him. They turned their eyes and guessed what was happening.


The wine cup on Thearch Meng’s hand suddenly fell onto the ground. He suddenly got up and cupped his hands at Young Master Tu Rui. “Young Master, be assured and sit here. There are two gangsters outside. Wait for me to bring their heads back and liven the atmosphere up.”

“Great Emperor, you don’t need to go! We’ll be sufficient!”

A group of martial experts in the central hall stood up one after another. Young Master Tu Rui also smiled gently and said, “Since these gangsters can even disturb Thearch Meng, they are no ordinary people. Tu Rui should go with Thearch Meng and enrich my experiences.”


Thearch Meng nodded and waved his hand. “Then let’s go and meet the conceited gangsters.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

More than a dozen men flew from the castle and marched to a barren hill on the south of the city. All the beastmen kneeled dreadfully upon seeing Thearch Meng on front. They kept secretly guessing. Thearch Meng and all the absolute masters in the city came out and appeared ready to fight; was there any strong enemy coming?

“They’re here. Feng’er, don’t let anyone go. Kill all of them except for the Orc Great Emperor.”

On a barren hill ten kilometers away from the south of the Monarch City, Jiang Yi lied on a giant rock, with a weed dangling from his lips. He leisurely watched over ten men flying from the north in a mighty formation. Feng Luan stood beside him and looked relaxed as well. Among those who were coming, less than half of them were above the fifth stage of the Vajra Realm. Only one was at the peak stage. Jiang Yi and she could manage them without any pressure.


Seventeen figures pierced the sky and whizzed over like meteors. In a few blinks of an eye, they landed on the barren hill. Thearch Meng and his group located Jiang Yi and Feng Luan from a distance.


However, all their eyes soon were fixed on Feng Luan. They all showed obscene looks. Feng Luan was extremely beautiful, and she had a distinct feature. Her legs were exceedingly long. In addition, she was the Thearch of the Phoenix Cry Continent. As one ascended in rank, her bearing would become better as well. Naturally, she had a graceful charisma, which made men want to conquer her. The beastmen were born to be lustful; how could they not be tempted upon seeing such unparalleled beauty?

Jiang Yi stopped circulating the power of stars inside him, and Feng Luan suppressed her aura, too. She had a look of a vulnerable lady in the first place. Thus, they appeared completely harmless, and it turned on Thearch Meng and the crowd.

Jiang Yi still lied obliquely on the rock. He stared at Thearch Meng, wearing a faint smile. Feng Luan ignored the evil looks from the crowd and secretly spread her divine senses. After making sure that no one followed behind, she nodded at Jiang Yi.


Thearch Meng and the rest shot straight to them. Thearch Meng’s monstrous aura pressed down like an ancient giant beast. He extended his strong arm to grab Feng Luan. He was sure that the person that provoked him just now was this woman, and so he didn’t have to put on an act and went to directly take her down.


Feng Luan still didn’t move, but Jiang Yi stood up at this instant. The moment he moved, his eyes turned blood red; and his killing aura poured out as well.

“Em? Danger! Everyone, transform!”

“This man is very strange.”

Thearch Meng and Young Master Tu Rui suddenly realized something was not right, and they shouted in surprise and transformed at the same time. Over a dozen beastman Vajra Realm martial experts instantly transformed, too. They were right to fight.

Thearch Meng’s body became incredibly muscular. His golden armor cracked, and black hairs grew all over his body. His hands and feet turned into sharp claws, and a long tail appeared on his butt. His upper body still appeared like a human, but the other half turned into the body of a bear.


The young master also transformed into a beastman. He was covered with golden scales, and a ten-meter long iron tail emerged from his bottom. His keen claws glistened with cold, unnerving light. He turned into a dragonman!

The rest of the beastmen transformed into lionmen, leopardmen or hawkmen, etc. All of them had their upper body remain as humans and lower part as beasts. Ferocious auras were gushing from their bodies, which even stopped the air on the barren hill.

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