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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1230: Ghost Elixir

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Chapter 1230: Ghost Elixir

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

They heard a rhythmic sound coming from the north of Undying Tribe, causing the guards atop the wooden walls to be on high alert. A team leader among the guards stood upright and shouted, “Beware, there’s a huge group of wild beasts on the way!”

From the vibrations and the frequency of the thumping, the team leader was able to judge that there would be at least a thousand wild beasts rushing their way. Since the tribe had not sent a group of a thousand people to patrol the north part of the Undying Tribe, he was pretty sure that the group charging toward them was wild beasts.

Many savages atop the wooden wall gathered together, holding spears in their hands and ready to take on the approaching enemy. A moment later, dust began to rise from the ground behind them. A team of people on their battle tigers emerged from within the dust. The team leader heaved a sigh of relief immediately and waved his hand. “Be at rest. They’re our own people. Go and warn the Young Chieftain that the fairy-like priest is back.”


A strong savage went on his way as the team leader watched the big group get closer. He had sent a thousand and three hundred people out, but now only about eight hundred people remained. What’s more, many of them looked injured. Ten or so of them looked like they had lost a limb.

Stomp! Stomp!

A team of savages from the tribe rushed toward them. The man right in front had his hair tied up using cloth. His face was clean-shaven as well. Although he still wore beast skin as his clothes, he also had a short cape hanging from his upper body. He looked much more learned than the others.

“Young Chieftain!”

The savages bowed down one by one as the young man got closer to them. From atop the wooden wall, they could clearly see that the person was Wu Que’er. Upon confirming this, their eyes brightened immediately. “Open the gates. Come with me to receive the priestess.”


The heavy and huge gate opened slowly. The Young Chieftain rushed out with two thousand savages. When they arrived in front of Wu Que’er’s army, they stopped their battle tigers and said, “Hun Can pays his greetings to the priestess. Lady, were you attacked by huge groups of ferocious beasts? Ahyaya, if I had known earlier, I would have brought guards and protected you myself.”

There was not a hint of expression on Wu Que’er’s face. She completely ignored the Young Chieftain’s warm smile and burning passion. Instead, she coldly said, “Where’s Hun Nong?”

“Father went out!” Hun Can replied nonchalantly. He waved his hand and said, “Lady, please come into the city. I recently killed several valuable wild beasts and used them to make soup. You’ve come just in time to try it.”

“Went out?”

Wu Que’er’s expression changed. In a heavy tone, she said, “Where has Hun Nong gone? How long has he been gone?”

On seeing Wu Que’er’s expression, Hun Can did not dare to keep trying to please her. He came clean and said, “Father has gone to chase after a couple of foreigners. He has been gone for a day.”


Wu Que’er’s expression was completely different now. She scanned Jiang Yi, who was behind her with killing intent, and then called out, “Quick, lead the way to chase down Hun Nong. If you delay this, you will all die.”


Hun Can and the others were astonished. Wu Que’er was of higher status than the Chieftain; of course, Hun Can would not dare to disobey her. He quickly gave some instructions and led an entire army of a thousand people toward the southeast.

The army rushed forward. Anger was rising in Jiang Yi’s chest, but he did not dare to express it for fear of raising questions from other people. Wu Que’er should not have turned to look at him earlier. If he showed too much on his face, people would surely start getting suspicious.

The Chieftain of Undying Tribe had indeed gone to attack the Buddha Emperor and company. Jiang Yi knew this because the army was headed for the cliff where the Buddha Emperor and company were hiding. That cliff was not far away; they arrived there in about two hours. However, there was no sign of another army there.

“Father and the others are in the mountain!”

Hun Can searched the area and found no special signs that Undying Tribe would normally leave behind. That was when Hun Can shouted out. Wu Que’er waved her little hand and led the army to a small path that would lead the entire army up the mountain quickly. When they went inside, Hun Can became more cautious and asked people to surround Wu Que’er so that she stood in the middle. There were wild beasts in the mountains.

Their speed in the mountain was even slower. After all, there were so many of them. Jiang Yi did not dare to give Wu Que’er eye signals since Hun Can was following her closely like a dog.

Four hours later, the army arrived in the deepest portion of the mountain. Suddenly, they heard screams and pained cries. Jiang Yi and Wu Que’er’s eyes lit up at the same time, but Jiang Yi’s gaze was cool. Wu Que’er immediately cold out for the army to rush forward as fast as they could.


There was the sound of savages calling out signals in front. Hun Can and his army responded promptly. Soon, another small team of savages approached them. On seeing Wu Que’er and Hun Can, they looked shocked. Yet, they did not dare to ask too many questions and instead bowed respectfully. Given the circumstances, Wu Que’er did not bother to explain much. Instead, she steered her liger forward. Jiang Yi and company soon caught up.

After passing through a huge forest, they caught sight of the battle taking place in front. After scanning the scene, Jiang Yi was startled.

The Buddha Emperor and the three other emperors were all injured. In the middle of the group were the corpses of two Demigods, looking like beehives. The Yin Emperor was the most seriously injured. One of his legs was crippled, and there were eight or nine huge wounds on his body.

All around this group were Fierce Warriors and a strong, big middle-aged man who looked like a general. The wooden spear that this man was holding was not black but blood-red. What’s more, he was moving with terrifying speed, comparable to eight-star martial artists on the outside.

His defensive powers were frightening as well. A formidable sword light from the Yin Emperor struck him, but it only left a superficial cut. His body merely swayed slightly, but he continued walking forward. If not for the pressure that the Buddha Emperor was releasing on the group, they would all have perished.


Wu Que’er shouted out at once, and the Chieftain turned to her, astonished. The Buddha Emperor and company were confused as well. Given her exquisite, long dress; their intellect told them that there was something wrong with her.


Jiang Yi cursed under his breath and steered his own battle tiger to the front of the group. He angrily called out, “Foreigners, the priestess is asking you to stop and surrender or face death!”

Wu Que’er realized her mistake. She was the one who had given orders for the Chieftain to kill the Buddha Emperor and company. Now that she was asking them to stop, she looked very suspicious. There would be no way she would be able to talk herself out of it. To avoid people getting suspicious, she quickly changed her tone, “That’s right, Foreigners. If you stop and surrender now, I could give you a way out.”

Hun Nong and Hun Can’s suspicions were quashed. They turned mockingly to the Buddha Emperor and the others. The Fierce Warriors around Wu Que’er joined in surrounding the foreign group, causing the Buddha Emperor and company to be completely locked in the circle. With overwhelming killing intent, they glared at the foreign group.

“Bald Head, what are you waiting for?”

Jiang Yi saw that the Yin Emperor and the others were hesitating so he shouted once again. He exchanged a meaningful look with the Buddha Emperor, who immediately kept his ancient artifact and raised both of his hands. “Alright, we will surrender. Don’t kill us.”

The Yin Emperor, Xuan Emperor, and Night Emperor did not know what Jiang Yi was up to, but they still took the Buddha Emperor’s orders. Hun Nong waved his huge hand, gesturing for the army to move forward. With their wooden spears, they pinned the group down on the floor so that they could not move.

“Give them the Ghost Elixir!”

Wu Que’er retrieved a couple of brown elixirs from her Ancient Divine Essence Ring and handed them over to Hun Can. The latter stumbled over to the foreign group and opened the Buddha Emperor’s mouth to pour a bottle of the elixir in. The Yin Emperor and others struggled on seeing this. Jiang Yi was not being controlled by the people of the tribe, was he? If that was true, this group would be finished.

“No resisting!”

The Buddha Emperor looked again at Jiang Yi before swallowing the elixir. Soon, all of them were done drinking the elixirs. As it entered their bodies, they felt strange energy spread out around them, surrounding their dantian. Now, they were totally incapable of activating their essence force.

The Buddha Emperor did not know what Jiang Yi was thinking, but he knew for a fact that Jiang Yi was not under their control. Jiang Yi must have his reasons for doing this. The Buddha Emperor chose to trust him.

After all, why would his own son-in-law harm him?

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