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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1161: Divine Lock Array

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Chapter 1161: Divine Lock Array

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Tang Sheng and Tang Ming finally left. All they left behind was a top-grade message token. This token allowed Jiang Yi to send a message to any Tang Clan disciple close to him. It also had access to the Tang Clan’s intelligence system.

The two of them told Jiang Yi that he had to control the situation in the Beast Thearch City. The Tang Clan was trying its best to find the mastermind, and it would also assist Jiang Yi in searching for and rescuing Jiang Yunhai and the others. They promised that they would inform Jiang Yi the moment they received any updates on their whereabouts.

Jiang Yi continued his journey to the Beast Thearch City. He was neither fast now slow. On one hand, he would get the attention of the people around him. On the other hand, he would be able to get the attention of the enemies. This would give Yi Chan and the others time to locate the Beast Thearch and work with him for the rescue mission.

What was most disappointing to Jiang Yi was that neither Yi Chan nor the Shadow Emperor’s subordinates had any news, even when Jiang Yi came within a thousand kilometers of the Beast Thearch City. Yi Chan should have arrived at the Beast Thearch City a few days after she left. After convincing the Beast Thearch, it should have been simple for them to rescue Jiang Yunhai and the others. After all, the Beast Thearch City was Tu Clan’s territory.

Could it be that Yi Chan was in some kind of trouble? Why would there be no news from the Shadow Emperor if that was the case?

On thinking about this, Jiang Yi became anxious. He steered the Mystic Divine Palace toward the Beast Thearch City at full speed. In a few minutes, they arrived safely.

The Beast Thearch City was extremely quiet. Jiang Yi had massacred countless people in the Evil Thearch City. On hearing that he was headed toward the Beast Thearch City, everybody inside the city panicked. The civilians got out as fast as they could and settled in the surrounding cities instead. All of them wanted to wait and see what would happen before deciding their next move.

“They did not even set up protection around the city?”

Jiang Yi released his divine senses and became astonished. He steered the Mystic Divine Palace toward the northern side of the Beast Thearch City. His divine senses kept scanning the entire city, but he was shocked to find that Yi Chan was not even inside. The Demigods of the Li Clan were not in the city either. The Fifth Eldress had disappeared without a trace. Even the Shadow Emperor was nowhere to be found.

“How could this happen?”

Jiang Yi’s expression hardened, and the killing aura around his body intensified. Yin Ruobing quickly tugged at Jiang Yi’s arm and said, “Jiang Yi, don’t be rash. Being rash will only cause you to fall for their tricks!”


Jiang Yi forced himself to calm down before he steered his ship right above the Mystic Divine Palace. He congealed a phantom and said, “Beast Thearch, come out!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A castle in the north of the Beast Thearch City lit up. Many formidable martial artists flew out of the castle. Among them, there were more than twenty Demigods, and yet the Beast Thearch was not present. One of the Demigods faced Jiang Yi, obviously outraged. He cried out, “Jiang Yi, you are a sadistic and crazed demon! If you dare to touch even one of the people of my Tu Clan, we will bury you six feet under. You’re bound to be punished by heaven for all of your evil doings!”

“That’s right! We may be beastmen, but we have always seen ourselves as humans. Jiang Yi, you may be a pure human, but you’re worse than beasts!”

“Can he compare with beasts? You’re giving him too much credit…”


A few Demigods and elders of the Tu Clan began to shout at Jiang Yi angrily. Jiang Yi had been trying to keep calm, but for some reason, these people began hurling insults at him. He had not even intended to bear grudges with the Tu Clan. Their formidable artists were the ones who had attacked him outside the Mystic Divine Palace in the past. He did not want to do anything about it, but now, he was having difficulty holding himself back.

“Shut up!”

Jiang Yi shouted at them at once, looking down coolly at the crowd beneath him. In a low voice, he shouted, “Ask the Beast Thearch to come out and talk to me! You have no right to speak to me. If you keep shouting, I just might kill you!”


Nobody knew what got into the Demigods and elders of the Tu Clan. Suddenly, they burst out in anger. Even more people began shouting at Jiang Yi. “Jiang Yi, you piece of trash! Kill us if you will! If you dare to touch even one of us from the Tu Clan, we will make sure that you live to regret it!”

“Why are we talking so much with him? Activate the Multitude Beast Array and destroy this bastard!”

“Activate the array! Leave the Mystic Divine Palace here!”

“That’s right! Go all out against him! The Tu Clan is filled with warriors who would lay down their lives in battle. There are no cowards here!”


A huge group of formidable martial artists flew up from the castle toward the Mystic Divine Palace. Suddenly, they activated their essence force to attack the buildings and structures beneath them. Within seconds, many castles within the city collapsed. Before Jiang Yi could act, the Tu Clan started to destroy their own city.

“Have the people of the Tu Clan gone mad? Where is the Beast Thearch?”

Jiang Yi was getting angry now, but he managed to swallow his anger. He released his divine senses once again to scan the surroundings. All he wanted was to speak directly to the Beast Thearch, but all the castles had strong restrictions set up around them. There was no way that Jiang Yi could locate the Beast Thearch.

Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the remains of the castles that once stood tall lit up. Immediately, a huge protective layer appeared in the air. It was shaped like a giant overturned bowl. The entire layer was black, causing everything in the city to turn pitch-black as well. The light went as quickly as it came. The Demigods and formidable martial artists of the Tu Clan landed on the ground and hid within the many castles.


The air began to stir, and a huge monster appeared—it was a phantom. Immediately, it shot toward the Mystic Divine Palace as quickly as a black flash of light. Behind them, another similar phantom beast appeared and charged toward the Mystic Divine Palace.


The air kept stirring as more and more phantom beasts appeared out of nowhere. All of them shot straight toward the Mystic Divine Palace. The black light around the palace began to flicker. It was obvious that it was undergoing some kind of heavy attack.

“This is the Multitude Beast Array?”

Jiang Yi tried to sense the power of this array and found that all the beasts were quite powerful. Each one of them had attacks that were equivalent to that of seven- or eight-star formidable martial artists’.

Jiang Yi was astonished. The Nine Thearch Clans were indeed extraordinary. The Evil Thearch Clan had the Evil-Slaughtering Elixir. The Tu Clan had the Multitude Beast Array. It was no wonder that they had been standing strong in their positions for countless years. Just this Multitude Beast Array alone could kill many Demigods.


Jiang Yi was completely angered now. He did not strike the Tu Clan even once, and yet this was how they were treating him? Did they really want to break into the Mystic Divine Palace and kill him? At that moment, Jiang Yi became a lot more reckless. Without hearing a word of what Yin Ruobing was saying, he steered the Mystic Divine Palace downward.

He did not want to attack the Beast Thearch’s people himself, but the beasts followed the Mystic Divine Palace wherever it went. Thus, he planned to lead the beasts toward the Beast Thearch Palace using his Mystic Divine Palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Mystic Divine Palace moved too quickly. The phantom beasts were fast, but many of them could not catch the Mystic Divine Palace. Instead, they struck the Beast Thearch Castles and crushed them to pieces.

The good thing was that there were no widows, elderly, or young children in the castles. Jiang Yi guessed that the servants had brought these vulnerable people out a long time ago. Thus, not many people perished from his deflection of the attacks. However, tens of thousands of castles collapsed, and thousands more were reduced to dust within minutes. Many warriors of the Tu Clan perished along with these structures.

“Ah, ah! Jiang Yi, you bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

One of the peak-stage Heaven Monarchs cried out in anger and flew out from one of the castles below. He flew directly toward the Mystic Divine Palace. The moment he touched the Mystic Divine Palace, he blew himself up. The impact of the explosion caused the restrictions around the palace to vibrate intensely. These warriors of the Tu Clan were actually blowing themselves up just to break through the Mystic Divine Palace.

“Risk it!”

Countless warriors began flying out of the castle and toward the Mystic Divine Palace like flies to a lamp. The moment they got close to the Mystic Divine Palace, they blew themselves up. The scene was horrifying. It looked just like the huge spider that exploded back in the Evil Spirit Ridge. The air was filled with the stench of death. Just a few more minutes later, thousands more of Tu Clan’s warriors were dead. Seven or eight more Demigods blew themselves up after dealing several attacks at the Mystic Divine Palace as well.

“Sh*t! My energy is being consumed rapidly!”

Jiang Yi’s head was hurting. Just as he was thinking about whether to get out of the city using Heaven Evasion, a golden beam shot out from the center of the city and into the sky. More than ten people teleported out. Two voices shouted at the same time, “Stop!”

Jiang Yi and the people of the Tu Clan were all equally shocked. The Mystic Divine Palace remained floating in mid-air, and the people of the Tu Clan stopped blowing themselves up temporarily as well. The Beast Thearch who had remained hidden until now, Yi Chan, and Li Feiyu emerged from inside the light beam.

“I fell for the trick again!”

Yi Chan looked at the now destroyed Beast Thearch City and the mountain of bloody corpses in the middle of the city. In a helpless voice, she said to the Beast Thearch, “Beast Thearch, we were lured away from the mountain. The enemy was too accurate…”

“I don’t care if we were lured away. Jiang Yi, I went to help and rescue your people. Why did you kill mine?” The Beast Thearch Tu Xian cried out in rage. “If you don’t give me an explanation today—even if my entire family perishes, I will make sure that I destroy the Mystic Divine Palace and kill you! Men, activate the Divine Lock Array!”

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