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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1159: Beast Thearch City

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Chapter 1159: Beast Thearch City

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News of the commotion that Jiang Yi caused in the Evil Thearch City spread across the entire continent, but the facts were twisted. In order to save their own reputation, the She Clan spread a rumor that Jiang Yi sought revenge. Nobody mentioned Qian Gui or Zhan Yiming at all.

The continent was already in enough of a mess, but things now took a turn for the worse. Jiang Yi was kicking them while they were down. If the Nine Thearch Clans collapsed, who would protect the continent? Immediately, everyone cursed Jiang Yi for being an evil demon who was threatening to mess up their lives.

Of course, the great family clans who received the news understood a bit more about what was going on behind the scenes. The fact that billions of people had died in the Stellarsky Continent could not be hidden. They also knew why Jiang Yi went to the Evil Thearch City to cause trouble. However, these great family clans chose to remain silent. Jiang Yi’s reputation was bad enough. There was no point in them speaking up for him either. In fact, if they spoke up on his behalf, they risked offending the She Clan, the Zhan Clan, and the Wu Clan. In any case, it would not do any physical harm to Jiang Yi to be cursed by a few more people.

Three days later, some people of the She Clan located Jiang Yi; however, they had limited news available. Qian Gui and Zhan Yiming had indeed been brought to the Evil Thearch City. She Hu had also come into contact with a few people who were dressed in black robes. However, since She Hu was a reputable elder, he had a lot of authority and power. Anything that he wanted done in secret would not have been discovered by other ordinary clan people. Thus, nobody knew the identity of the people in the black robes.

When Jiang Yi started heading toward the Evil Thearch City, the city was in a mess. The black-robed people were covered up by She Hu, and so nobody kept track of where they came from and where they went. Therefore, nobody knew where Qian Gui and Zhan Yi Ming could have been at that moment.

The Evil Thearch sent a voice transmission to say that She Hu’s soul seal had disappeared. He became someone else’s slave. Thus, everything that he did had nothing at all to do with the She Clan. Too many people had died in the clan, so that it was hard for them to continue piecing the information together as well. If Jiang Yi insisted on causing trouble for the She Clan because of this, all the latter would be able to do was take it.

The Evil Thearch sounded very indignant as he spoke to Jiang Yi. Still, the inconclusive information did not anger Jiang Yi. The She Clan’s investigation was thorough and reasonable. There was no basis for Jiang Yi to say that the She Clan was being incapable. All he could say was that the black-robed people were too skilled.

When Jiang Yi was absolutely at his wit’s end, a black-robed man came near to the Mystic Divine Palace at night. Jiang Yi immediately sent the Fifth Eldress out to capture this man, but he suddenly spat out black blood. He had killed himself. The Fifth Eldress retrieved three paintings from him, along with a letter.

The paintings were of Qian Gui and Zhan Yiming. This time, there was also one of Jiang Yunhai. Jiang Yunhai’s painting was a full-body portrait, and one of his arms looked broken. All the paintings were detailed and exquisite. It was obvious that it was based on real people.

There was only one sentence in the letter: ‘These three people are in the Beast Thearch Castle. If you don’t get there in half a month, they will surely die!’

“This again?”

Jiang Yi smacked the table in rage, breaking the expensive green wooden table in front of him. Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan looked at the letter, and their expressions immediately changed. Yin Ruobing grabbed Jiang Yi’s hand and said, “Jiang Yi, we cannot be rash this time. If this carries on, the entire continent would be flipped upside down. The mastermind’s motive is very obvious. If you make a mess out of the entire East Imperial Continent, it would be easier for them to get what they want.”

“I know!”

Jiang Yi sighed helplessly. “Can I not go, though?”

Yi Chan’s beautiful eyes turned to focus on Jiang Yi. In a gentle voice, she said, “Jiang Yi, you can go, but you cannot kill anyone this time. I’m going to teleport to the Beast Thearch City first so that the Beast Thearch can rescue them!”

“No way!” Jiang Yi shook his head. “It’ll be too dangerous for you to go on your own. If the mastermind finds out about this and takes you, what am I going to do?”

“It’ll be alright.”

Yi Chan smiled gently. “My clan has the disguising elixir, and I’m bringing Fifth Eldress with me anyway. I can also go to the Li Clan and ask for a couple of Demigods to protect me along the way. If I teleport myself all the way there, I’ll be safe. Jiang Yi, don’t worry. I will be careful in the Beast Thearch City. I will contact the Beast Thearch as soon as I can and explain everything. He will rescue them for sure.”

“Alright then!”

Jiang Yi nodded. “You must be careful. Whether you’ll be able to rescue them or not is secondary—you have to put your own safety first.”

Yi Chan just smiled in response, not saying anything. Then, she put her mask on and swallowed an elixir. She immediately turned into a man. This time, she put on full-body armor. Ordinary people would not have been able to tell that she was Yi Chan unless they were extremely familiar with her soul spirit’s aura.

Jiang Yi sent Fifth Eldress and Yi Chan out of the Mystic Divine Palace. He kept his divine senses locked in on both of them. It was only when they entered the nearest city and began teleporting away that he finally relaxed.

From the Moon Mirror Lake, Jiang Yi transported two peak-stage Heaven Monarchs out. He asked them to put on green pearls and seek out the Shadow Emperor’s people. He wanted to inform the Shadow Emperor to send his people to the Beast Thearch City immediately to find out where Jiang Yunhai and the others were.

Jiang Yi himself was not worried. The Beast Thearch City was not far south from where they were. He was confident that they would arrive there in five or six days if they used Heaven Evasion. If he rushed over there immediately, he might attract unnecessary attention.

Once he was sure that the two peak-stage Heaven Monarchs had entered the city, Jiang Yi did a sweep of the surroundings to make sure there were no men in black robes. Then, he went back to the Moon Mirror Lake to inform Zhan Wushuang, Qian Wanguan, Situ Yixiao, and the others about the current situation. He wanted all of them to put their heads together to analyze the problem.

On hearing the update, the few of them frowned immediately. For a long time, they remained silent, in deep thought. A long while later, Qian Wanguan suddenly said, “Boss, it looks like none of the Nine Thearch Clans are responsible for this. It is clear as day that the mastermind wanted you to attack the Nine Thearch Clans on his behalf so that the entire continent would be in a mess! The Nine Thearch Clans are interconnected. Your attack on one clan would cause the remaining eight to suffer in terms of their reputation. They would seem less powerful to the rest of the world. This would not work out well for any of them.”

Situ Yixiao nodded in agreement. “Wanguan has a point. I am on the side of the Gods Bestow Tribe, and I want to see the destruction of all Nine Thearch Clans, but I think that they had nothing to do with this. The Nine Thearch Clans have been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years. Nobody has ever dared to hit them in the face as you did.

“You’ve attacked the Wu Clan and the She Clan. The confidence and respect that the disciples of the continent have for the Nine Thearch Clans have been thoroughly shaken. They are probably at the lowest levels as we speak. Many clans who had been depending on the Nine Thearch Clans all this time must be thinking that the continent would be in shambles the moment that the Nine Thearch Clans are taken down…”

Situ Yixiao’s view was objective. He got straight to the point as well. Jiang Yi saw his point very quickly. There really was nothing for the Nine Thearch Clans to gain in this entire fiasco. He had killed so many people of the She Clan and caused mass destruction in their city. The She Clan would be seen by others as not even capable of defending their own home. How would the rest of the clans continue to rely on them?

“Jiang Yi, you must control yourself when we go to the Beast Thearch City this time!”

Zhan Wushuang suddenly spoke up. “Even if the Tu Clan speaks rudely to you, you must not be rash. You cannot kill anyone anymore. Otherwise, the mastermind would be having his way. You would suffer the consequences, but he would be getting his sweet revenge. The next time, it might be the North Thearch City, or the Battle Thearch City, or the Yin Thearch City…”

“En, I will take note of it!”

Jiang Yi nodded. He sat at the Moon Mirror Lake for half a day more after that. The two Heaven Monarchs eventually returned with news that they had located the Shadow Emperor’s subordinates. The Shadow Emperor had also sent all the scouts and formidable martial artists in the east and south to the Beast Thearch City. They were on their way to rescue Jiang Yunhai and the others.

Three days later, Jiang Yi finally set off. He used Heaven Evasion to proceed toward the Beast Thearch City. No matter what, he had to go to the Beast Thearch City. Whether he would be able to rescue Jiang Yunhai and the others would depend on Yi Chan and the Shadow Emperor’s subordinates.

Five days later, Jiang Yi arrived at the Tu Clan’s territory. The moment they saw the Mystic Divine Palace, the regions surrounding the Tu Clan went into overdrive. Rumors started spreading like wildfire. Some people even said that the person behind the chaos happening in the continent was Jiang Yi. They said that his true motive was to gain control of the entire continent.

Jiang Yi steered the Mystic Divine Palace toward the Beast Thearch City slowly, but two surprise guests stopped the Mystic Divine Palace the very next day. They were Tang Sheng and Tang Ming of the Tang Clan.

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