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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1097: A Golden Millet Dream

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Chapter 1097: A Golden Millet Dream

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Why is it that the Trials of Wind and Fire was so difficult? Could normal people pass it?” After Yi Chan jumped down from Jiang Yi’s body, Jiang Yi asked this question to try and reduce the awkwardness.

The last two astral winds dragon and the fire dragon were incredibly strong. Jiang Yi believed that besides a minority, ordinary people should not be able to overcome them. The Mystic Thearch having devised such a hard ordeal; did he still expect the masses to come and compete against each other? Or could this be something that Ao Lu had created? However, how could it be that five years ago Ao Lu knew that Jiang Yi could absorb astral winds?

“It should be because the three of us were walking together!’

Yin Ruobing had also jumped down from Jiang Yi’s back. She was actually not that embarrassed. She thought about it and said, “The Road of Azure Clouds, Trials of Wind and Fire, and A Golden Millet Dream were all stages that the Mystic Thearch had activated once. All the Nine Thearch Clans have records of this. That time, the Mystic Thearch had said that whoever could surpass these three stages and ascend the eighteen floors of the Mystic Divine Palace… could become his disciple! This caused a huge uproar in the continent.

“At the end of the day, only more than a hundred people managed to go through all the three stages; however, no one could reach the eighteenth floor of the Mystic Divine Palace. Those who were older couldn’t walk the Road of Azure Clouds while those who were not strong enough could not survive the Trials of Wind and Fire. As for A Golden Millet Dream, that tested one’s temperament and soul spirit. Hence, the Trials of Wind and Fire should not be that difficult. It was most probably because the three of us were together thus the difficulty was increased.”

“One’s temperament and soul spirit?”

Jiang Yi did not bother about the Trials of Wind and Fire anymore. He thought about A Golden Millet Dream, and that gave him a headache. His soul spirit was not considered that strong; he was far behind the disciples from the Nine Thearch Clans at that. This stage was going to be hard.

After this period of time, Yi Chan had recovered herself. She used her essence force and evaporated the water vapor on her body. She then looked at Jiang Yi and said, “My grandfather told me before I came that in order to pass through this stage, you had to remember one word—illusion. Alright, I will proceed ahead. Jiang Yi, I will wait for you inside the Mystic Divine Palace. Good luck to you and to you as well, Ruobing!”

“Good luck to Big Sister Chan!” Yin Ruobing nodded towards Yi Chan. Yi Chan dashed into the stone door, became a white light, and disappeared.

Yin Ruobing withdrew her glance, looked at Jiang Yi, smiled, and said, “Jiang Yi, there should not be any danger inside A Golden Millet Dream. Even if you are trapped in an illusion zone—after this is all over, you will be teleported down the mountain. However, we have to work hard; the Mystic Divine Palace has to be ours. Good luck!”

“Good luck!”

Jiang Yi nodded, but he did not move his body. Yin Ruobing did not move either. Jiang Yi waited a while, frowned, and said, “You should go first.”

“I’ll wait for you to go first.”

Yin Ruobing smiled sweetly, and the gentleness in her eyes made Jiang Yi’s heart sway. He had seen this look from Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and company. He was not an idiot. However, at such a critical time, he did not dare to think too much. He looked at Yin Ruobing deeply and entered the stone door.


Jiang Yi disappeared in a flash of white light. Yin Ruobing then put her hands together and prayed, “May the gods protect Jiang Yi and let him get the Mystic Divine Palace. Only if he obtains the Mystic Divine Palace and becomes the successor to the Mystic Thearch could we… have a future.”

Swish! Swish!

An air piercing sound came from behind. An excited loud laugh rang out swiftly. “Haha. Ruobing!”

Yin Ruobing turned and looked. She saw Zhan Tianlei looking majestically and dashing towards her from afar. His body was dazzling with white light, and both his arms were waving, calling upon the winds and clouds. He had actually managed to repel the astral winds and the sky flames. If it was the Ruobing of the past, she would definitely had stopped and praised him. However, this time, her expression was cold as she dashed into the stone door, became a white light, and vanished.

“Ruobing, wait for me!”

Zhan Tianlei’s face changed. From Yin Ruobing’s expression, he felt that something was not right. Before this, Yin Ruobing always smiled at everyone even though she was cold inside. Now… she did not even deign to put up an act? Had she completely started to treat him as a stranger?

“What happened?”

Zhan Tianlei dashed past the stone bridge, looking dazed and dejected at the stone door. His eyes flashed as he did not know what he had done wrong. Why was Yin Ruobing treating him such?

“Bastard. Where is that bastard? I am going to kill him!”

From afar came She Fei’s voice. A huge skull was circling She Fei, blocking the astral winds and the sky flames. He was almost as quick as the speed of light and soon dashed past the stone bridge, too. His eyes were glistening as he looked in all directions, but he could not find Jiang Yi.

“They had all gone in. Brother She, we can’t kill anyone inside A Golden Millet Dream. Let’s talk about this again when we have entered the Mystic Divine Palace.” Zhan Tianlei shook his head and sighed. He laughed helplessly and dashed into the stone door. She Fei could only sulk and follow him.

Ten minutes later, many more people followed them. Of course, some could not withstand the astral winds and the sky flames and had fallen into the bottomless pit; they would not die there but be imprisoned for ten years. If they tried to resist, they would probably be killed.

The Sonar Thearch’s grandson Chen Chen, the Ye Clan disciple Ye Jiuhan, and one of the ancient clans, Mo Clan’s, first young master Mo Di had all rushed past the stone bridge. Yin Feihuang, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, one of the disciples of the Wu Clan Wu Lie, a Zhan Clan disciple Zhan Zhenwu—Zhan Tianlei’s cousin—all dashed into A Golden Millet Dream.

Behind them came a long line of people, all trying to cross the bridge. Although it was hard to estimate, certainly some of them would be able to cross it and dash into A Golden Millet Dream. As for how many could enter the Mystic Divine Palace, that was hard to tell.

“This is A Golden Millet Dream?”

Jiang Yi felt that he had arrived in a strange space. This place was deserted with only a faint flow coming from the skies. The visibility was extremely low. The place was strange as one’s divine senses could not be used. Hence, no one could know what was in the surroundings, where the exit was.

Jiang Yi could only walk aimlessly in front, activating his Astral Winds Divine Shield and holding a flexible sword in his hand, to be ready to defend against any sudden attacks. Although Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan had said this place was just an illusion zone and that this stage mainly tested one’s temperament and soul spirit, Jiang Yi still wanted to be careful. What if he bumped into She Fei here?

“Union of Heaven and Man!”

After walking for a while, Jiang Yi decided to enter the State of the Union of Heaven and Man and continued walking and waving his flexible sword. He did not know how long he was going to be here. However, since there was no danger around him, he might as well continue to decipher the Divine Sound Heaven Skill while finding an exit.


His flexible sword was moving like a poisonous snake, releasing sounds that were occasionally low—at times dull, at times piercing… at times agitated. The sounds from his sword rang out incessantly, forming a very special tune. If anyone nearby was to hear it, they would definitely go crazy.

Two hours, four hours… six hours!

Jiang Yi felt as if he had walked for six hours, but the surroundings were still the same. Except for the black-stained ground, there was nothing else—no danger.

He decided not to think so much and continued dashing in front. As he went, he continued to create his music piece. Since he needed some time to perfect this piece, if it was meant for him to stay here for a while, he had no other choice as well.

One day, three days… ten days!

Jiang Yi utterly did not think about where he was walking anymore. He dashed about like a zombie while the flexible sword in his hand never stopped dancing. The soft cutting noises his sword was making were forming a tune that started to sound more complete. There was a certain magical power in the tune, that could make anyone’s blood boil and go crazy and go on a rampage.

“Almost there, let’s see if I can combine it with Massacre Intent.”

Jiang Yi stopped in his steps and prepared to release his Massacre Intent. At this moment, a transformation appeared—


A glow appeared in front of him, followed by a stone door. However, from the stone door appeared many extremely terrifying monsters. These monsters drove fear into people. Also, their speed was insane and they were rushing forward in a split-second. A stench like that of zombies came with them, almost overpowering Jiang Yi and making him faint.

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