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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1007: We Meet Again

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Chapter 1007: We Meet Again

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Tiger Subdue Mountain was similar to Heaven Devil Mountain. They were both layered one segment by one segment. However, the members of Tiger Subdue Sect were all normal humans. On the outside, they looked exactly the same as normal people. Their only difference was the plum flower mole on their glabella.

This was the uniqueness of the Tiger Subdue Sect and what made them special. They had powerful soul spirits, and all could use soul spirit attacks. Their soul spirit attacks were much stronger than that of the Heaven Devil Race’s. Upon coming of age, their soul spirit attacks could rival that of the peak stage of the Vajra Realm. Those who were slightly stronger could even attain the level of Heaven Monarch.

That Tiger Subdue Sect was able to rank just below Heaven Hidden Sect not just because of Cao Peiwan’s battle prowess. The Tiger Subdue Sect had numerous formidable martial artists, and its total fighting strength was exceptional.

Soul spirit attacks were terrifying and could kill without a trace. Everyone would avoid members of the Tiger Subdue Sect when in the wild, for fear of dying.

At this moment, Tiger Subdue Mountain was extremely lively. Besides warriors patrolling the mountain, there were also elders stationed to receive each group of guests from the Snow Region and escort them up the mountain.

“Hahaha, Mistress Yao’er!”

Jiang Yi and company had just come close to Tiger Subdue Mountain when from afar a troop came flying towards them. Leading the troop was a young master around 25-26 years old. He was elegantly dressed in a silver long robe, carrying an air of importance. He laughed as he flew closer, the black-colored plum flower shining with a black light on his glabella. It was very striking.

With keen, sparkling eyes, he looked at Mo Yao’er and said, “Mistress Yao’er, for the longest time I have been wishing for you to come. Here you are at last! When I knew you were coming, I couldn’t eat or sleep well. Now that you are here, I can finally sleep well.”

“Hehe, Sister Yao’er!”

Next to the young master was a pretty young lady in white. She continued. “Long time, no see Sister Yao’er. If you came any later, my brother would have gone to look for you at Heaven Devil Mountain.”

“It appears that everyone had the plum flower mole.”

Jiang Yi saw the black mole on the young lady, silently astonished. Mo Qi had told him a little about the Tiger Subdue Sect, and he had immediately recognized the two of them. The young master appeared to be the young lord Cao Duantian while the lady was the first lady of Tiger Subdue Sect, Cao Shishui.

“Young Master Tian, Sister Shui.”

Mo Yao’er smiled slightly and said. This proved Jiang Yi’s conjecture. She smiled and continued. “Long time, no see. King Father actually didn’t let me out this time, but I haven’t seen you two for such a long time. I miss you two! How is the Clan Head?”

“The Clan Head is well!”

Cao Shishui smiled mildly. He gazed towards Mo Qi and soon noticed Jiang Yi. She smiled sweetly at Mo Yao’er and chimed, “Sister Yao’er, that is your race’s newest prodigy?”

“That is right.”

Mo Yao’er looked at Jiang Yi proudly. She said, “He is Mo Xing, the Deputy Elder of our Battle Hall. Sister Shishui, even you have heard of him?”


Cao Shishui respectfully bowed towards Jiang Yi. She happily said, “News of that battle half a month ago had long spread throughout the Snow Region. Elder Mo Xing’s Icebound Thousand Miles and Jolting Kill Through Air that killed two warriors using the dao pattern are also known to all. How could I not know?”

Cao Shishui seemed to be younger than Mo Yao’er by a year or two, but she was more mature than Mo Yao’er. Her mannerisms and bearing were impressive. Dressed in a slightly breezy white dress, it made her appear slightly delicate. Her hair was slightly curled, which made her look gentle as water, pleasing to people. Her melon-shaped face was slightly thin, giving her a distinct type of beauty.


Cao Duantian laughed loudly. He too paid his respects to Jiang Yi. “Elder Mo Xing, I am Cao Duantian. I have long heard of you. Having seen you today, your reputation is indeed well-deserved.”

This Cao Duantian evidently had feelings for Mo Yao’er. No, that’s wrong. He should be having designs on Heaven Devil Mountain.

Ever since Jiang Yi mastered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, his senses had become heightened. The way Cao Duantian looked at Mo Yao’er revealed desire and greed. Even though he was smiling at him, he felt a chill down his spine. The smile hid a silver of an intention to kill.

Not wanting to offend Tiger Subdue Sect and having no desire to be overtly courteous to Cao Duantian, Jiang Yi flippantly returned the greeting. He said indifferently, “Young Lord, you are too kind.”

Mo Yao’er saw Cao Duantian’s smile stiffen and swiftly intervened. “Young Master Tian, Mo Xing is naturally unsociable; please do not take offense. Let’s head up the mountain! Oh, right… have representatives from Heaven Hidden Sect arrived?”

“Elders, please head up the mountain!”

Cao Duantian smiled faintly again as he beckoned towards Mo Qi and company. He then smiled at Mo Yao’er and said, “Nope, they have not. They should arrive tomorrow! The Heaven Hidden Sect is very sincere this time. They are sending an elder and some first-class disciples. This has given us Tiger Subdue Sect a scare.”

Cao Duantian and Cao Shishui chatted with Mo Yao’er along the way while Jiang Yi and company followed in silence. The group went directly to the 71st level of Tiger Subdue Mountain. Similar to Heaven Devil Mountain, at the top were castles lying around. The only difference was that there was a palace at the peak of Heaven Devil Mountain while there was only a stone house here at Tiger Subdue Mountain.

It seemed like the stone house was only for one person to stay in. Jiang Yi used his divine senses to scan the stone house, but he realized that there were restrictions. He could not detect anything.

“Mo Xing, do not investigate recklessly. Clan Head Cao stays in that house!”

Mo Qi detected Jiang Yi’s action and hurriedly called out. Jiang Yi did not dare to continue scanning. Clan Head Cao was the number two person in the entire Snow Region. Jiang Yi offending him would mean the end of his prospects in the Snow Region.

Jiang Yi and company were brought by the elders of Tiger Subdue Sect to a castle to settle down. On the other hand, Mo Yao’er was pestered by Cao Shishui to head to the latter’s room to catch up. Cao Duantian had flown down the mountain to receive more guests as well. Mo Yao’er asked Jiang Yi to relax, stay in the castle, and await the day of the banquet.

However, Jiang Yi was not intending to sit still. He had come to Tiger Subdue Mountain for a reason. He wanted to stir up trouble between the Heaven Devil Race and the Dwarf Race once again. If the two were to remain amicable, how was he going to benefit?

At the base of Tiger Subdue Mountain, Qiu Bai blocking the way had created an opportunity for Jiang Yi. Hence, he stepped forward to instigate a fight. Now that Qiu Bai had caved, Jiang Yi could only use his divine senses to investigate while abiding another opportunity.

“I wonder who is coming from Heaven Hidden Sect. Could it be Fifth Eldress?”

Jiang Yi suddenly recalled the conversation between Mo Yao’er and Cao Duantian that seemed to carry some form of expectancy. It was a pity that Mo Yao’er was hanging out with Cao Shishui for the day and had not returned even after it turned dark. Jiang Yi could not find out more at the moment.

Regarding Mo Yao’er’s safety, Jiang Yi and Mo Qi and company were not worried in the slightest. With Cao Peiwan around, it would be astonishing for anything bad to happen on Tiger Subdue Mountain.

Today, Jiang Yi had detected numerous unique races on the mountain. The existence of close to a thousand ancient races in the Snow Region was indeed an eye-opener for Jiang Yi, and he grew even more curious about the ancient times. It was indeed an era of epic proportions.

“Hahaha! The arrival of the Heaven Hidden Sect! What an honor for Tiger Subdue Mountain!”

At dawn on the second day, a loud voice resounded from one of the castles. A middle-aged man brought nearly a thousand Tiger Subdue Sect formidable warriors up into the skies. His voice alerted Jiang Yi as well as all the other invited guests.

“Heaven Hidden Sect is here?”

Jiang Yi used his thoughts and sent out his divine senses. Almost immediately, his body shook intensely, with tears streaming down his eyes. He could not control himself.

Below Heaven Devil Mountain—being led by Cao Duantian and two elders, a few ladies with distinct airs flew by. Leading them was none other than Fifth Eldress. Behind her followed four young ladies, one of whom captured Jiang Yi’s attention.

Su Ruoxue actually came!

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