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«My Doomsday Territory (Web Novel) - Chapter 329

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Chapter 329

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‘It seems…seems…possible…probably ……’

Initially, they guessed that the enemy was between two and four people, but now that they look at it, their guess was damn good! The big BOSS that they had finally solved after all the hard work, deaths and injuries, that… was only one of the three big BOSSes!

Previously, because the enemy was too strong and their minds were agitated, they had actually overlooked this fact.

Thanks to the fact that they solved one of them, it was like a weight off their shoulders!

The mercenary group leader’s, the strong turbaned man, smiled bitterly. The other remnants of the regiment had a look of fear in their eyes. Only the training they had received, the inertia engraved in their minds, kept them from immediately routing.

Li’s young master Li Ting also froze.

Especially one of the two people who just came out of the secret realm. One of them was wearing a black robe and a butterfly mask and was almost identical to the one before. Almost identical.

“No…there can’t be that many experts, I know Jingcheng famous and top strong people. Yes, guarding the outside should…no, it must be the strongest one, that’s why one is stationed, the remaining two, even if they are all capable, it was impossible to have the same weird and scary ability of manipulating blood like the one just now, after all, everyone’s special ability varies……”

Li Ting murmured, his whispered voice reached the ears of the surrounding mercenary corps members.

The strong turbaned man fixed his mind, “Li young is right, we are not without a chance. Do not panic, panic is useless!”

In charge of a mercenary corps team of hundreds of people, the strong turbaned man naturally would not be naive enough to think that this man and woman who came out of the secret realm were weaker than the one just now. However, this was the only way to inspire the morale of the team members.

“Our side has suffered heavy losses, but there are still a lot of people, to escape… ordinary members have a high probability of escaping, but Master Li… and I, as the two most conspicuous targets in the team, are obviously hopeless. And once we are caught up by them after escaping, there was even no resisting the power.”

‘Only the remaining strength of the mercenary group can be gathered to at least hurt the opponent. With the rapid healing and super strong survival ability of limb regeneration, I have no hope of escape!’

The turbaned strong man’s heart is like a clear mirror.

Li Ting even offered a huge reward.

Under the so-called reward, there must be brave people who are willing to die, and the remnants who have been instigated have failed to consider so much, so they will kill them with red eyes.


At the opposite, Tang Yu clasped his hands, expressionless. In his heart, he even wanted to laugh.

Speaking of it, this group of enemies who came out of nowhere must not believe it… They were finally resolved after suffering heavy casualties. It was just a clone of Red Moon, not even a tenth of the strength of Red Moon’s body.

He did not move. At his side, Red Moon has stepped forward. The speed was slow, like people walking idly in a park after a meal. And the hunter who rushed forward was bleeding from his seven orifices. His whole body burst into a blood mist, snapped and flopped to the ground.

“Blood…blood manipulation.”

The others paused, not daring to go forward, their teeth chattering.

Flashbacks of the fear dominated by blood manipulation a few minutes ago.

The strong turbaned man roared loudly and hurriedly commanded a response. However, Red Moon’s body far surpassed the clone. She was faster and more powerful and was not limited by that weak source of power.

The figure swayed and disappeared in the eyes of the strong turbaned man, and the next moment, it appeared among them, the densest crowd.

With her as the centre, the people of Li’s mercenary group fell one after another like dominoes.

Sensing the danger, the strong turbaned man hurriedly stretched out his hands to block his chest while controlling his muscles to wriggle and close the main blood vessels.

Snap. Snap.

The blood vessels on the arms burst open, and blood spurted out like a sprinkler.

The strong turbaned man gritted his teeth, with the experience of the last time, instead of being so afraid, he drew back and burst while… He moved, only to find that the whole body strength, like a deflated ball, dissipated.

The field of vision was red, and warm liquid flowed from everywhere.

“I ……”

The strong turbaned man opened his mouth, staggered twice, and flopped to the ground, completely silent.


Li Ting witnessed the hunters around him fall one by one. Panic could not stop surging to his heart. He was not an idiot, and he has fought life and death with the demonic beast. Although most of his strength depends on the Li family’s resources, his own efforts have not been less… However, Li Ting could not compare with the mercenaries who have been licking the knife all year ratio.

He was stunned silly at first.

‘The same blood control ability, this black robe figure is much stronger than the previous one.’

Dominoes fell as the figures quickly spread towards him.

Li Ting lifted his feet to escape for a moment but gritted his teeth and revealed a ruthless colour. He knew that with speed shown by the black-robed man, he could not even keep up with his eyes; escaping was impossible.

One could only fight for one’s life!

Li Ting instantly rushed out, faster than the strong turbaned man. He was the strongest person in the group.

The direction, however, was not toward the black-robed man but rushed toward the young man standing at the entrance of the secret realm, watching with his hands on his chest. He completely left everything behind and wanted to put his life on the line!

Tang Yu naturally noticed it.

Red Moon was slaughtering the little soldiers, ignoring the youth who rushed over.

Looking at the youth’s aura, Tang Yu sighed, rubbed the tip of his nose, and pulled out the long sword hanging at his waist.

Does he look so easy to bully?


Li Ting saw Tang Yu pull out his weapon, his eyes lit up, and he sighed in relief. He rushed to a distance of 20 to 30 meters. The incomparably strong rune battle sword brought out from the secret realm in his hand was inverted. The blade was stuck in the ground as if digging into the earth and picked forward.

The source power continued to pour into the sword from Li Ting’s hands. On the body of the rune sword, the mysterious rune patterns light up, and the surging power suddenly erupted. As he lifted up, a half-moon-shaped sword burst that was visible to the naked eye. The awns passed by, the surface cracked, and the rocks fell and flew. It was like a great white shark swimming in the water, with the fins exposed, and underneath it was a deadly killing machine.


Li Ting yelled, emboldening himself. Rolling waves of Qi hit him, and crumbling blocks of stone passed in front of his eyes. Tang Yu’s face remained unchanged, but he only gave two more glances to the rune battle sword in Li Ting’s hand.

“It should be a C3 or B1 level weapon. The skills attached are quite good. But unfortunately… the user is too rigid. Who said that the Earth Splitting Chop must be stuck in the ground to use? The power looks quite sufficient, but……’

It can only bluff those who have no knowledge.

Tang Yu stepped wrong, leisurely step sideways to the side. The earth cracking chop of the blade from a couple of meters away swept past, and the strong wind blew his hair straight.

Li Ting, who had exploded into the Earth Cracking Chop, had already rushed to him, holding the hilt of his sword with both hands and holding it high, trying to chop it down on his head.

Tang Yu’s eyes narrowed. The rune sword was lifted lightly, the source of power flowed, and the long sword slammed into the sky with unparalleled vigour. A silver sword light resembled the brightest galaxy in the night sky, and other things around him looked eclipsed in an instant.

Swords clashed with a clashing metal sound.

Half of the blade flew out into the soft soil.

Li Ting looked at the half-cut sword in his hand with a flat fracture. His expression was dull, wandering, fearful… He lowered his head stiffly, and a bloodline gradually became clear from his right shoulder to his left waist.


Tang Yu put away the rune longsword with satisfaction. The only half of the battle sword left in Li Ting’s hand fell and rolled to his feet. Looking down at the damaged battle sword, the arcane patterns on the blade were fading and becoming plain and unadorned.

Tang Yu froze, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly, “Just how defeated am I-“

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