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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 935: Old Seventh’s Thoughts and the Runic Passage

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Chapter 935: Old Seventh’s Thoughts and the Runic Passage

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From Lu Zhou’s point of view, he saw the golden palm seal shoot up. After it landed on its target, a miserable cry rang out before everything disappeared into nothingness.

Although it was a loss using the enhanced Deadly Strike Card, it was a necessary move. If he did not use it, he would have suffered a greater loss. All in all, Lu Zhou was rather satisfied with the card’s effect.

“Master.” Si Wuya’s voice rang from above.

Lu Zhou flew over.

Si Wuya had already escaped and was hovering in the air. Upon seeing his master rushing over, he kneeled in the air and said with a contrite expression on his face, “I was wrong and almost harmed master. Please punish me, master.”

Si Wuya gulped after he finished speaking. He had witnessed the entire one-sided battle. His master’s palm strike was truly shocking. Although he had always known his master was strong, this was the first time he really understood how profound and mysterious his master’s strength was. As the saying went, ‘Confidence comes from strength.’ No wonder his master always remained confident and unflustered no matter what situation he faced. Be it Ye Zhen, Yu Chenshu, Xia Housheng, the Grand Dukes, or the blackguards, they were nothing in front of his master.

Lu Zhou did not blame Si Wuya. Instead, he looked at the stormy sky and asked, “What did you discover?”

Si Wuya replied, “Master, when you were fighting the blackguards, I noticed some movements over here. To prevent reinforcement from reaching the blackguards, Di Jiang and I flew here. That’s when I saw this runic passage. I know it’s dangerous, but…”

Lu Zhou raised his hand.

The sky gradually calmed down and turned blue again. There was nothing but huge fluffy white clouds in the blue sky now.

Lu Zhou asked, puzzled. “What’s a runic passage?”

Si Wuya explained. “During the last six months, apart from cultivating and teaching Li Yunzheng, I have been spending time in the Sky Research Court. During my time there, I read about runic passages from the research Luo Xuan left behind. According to the people from the Sky Research Court, Luo Xuan first came across a runic passage when she was excavating an ancient tomb. After that, she devoted herself to researching the runic passage and confirmed the existence of the World Beyond the Heavens.”

“How did the runic passage prove the existence of the World Beyond the Heavens?”

“The runic passage allows one to fly at an extremely fast speed…”

“Fly? Is it faster than Di Jiang?”

“It’s far faster than Di Jiang. We can’t use logic to view it. It’s like this…” Si Wuya tried to explain it in the simplest way possible. He struggled for a moment before he fisted both his hands and lifted them. “From the left to the right, the distance is greater than that of the Endless Ocean that lies between the golden lotus domain and red lotus domain. However, with the runic passage, you can just…”

“So it’s like teleportation?” Lu Zhou found the words Si Wuya was looking for.

Si Wuya’s eyes lit up immediately. He looked at his master and said excitedly, “Yes, it’s like teleportation. The runic passage has high requirements for it to work. The energy consumption is really high and the location has to be suitable as well. If it were not for the World Beyond the Heavens, Luo Xuan probably would have studied the runic passage. In any case, later on, the royal family put a stop to the research. Following that, Luo Xuan used the runes from the runic passage she found to create a runic passage in the Black Water Mystic Cave. That was how she managed to get to the golden lotus domain. This also proved the existence of the World Beyond the Heavens…”

Si Wuya paused to catch his breath before he continued to say, “Master, as you’ve seen earlier, the runic passage not only has a high consumption of energy and strict requirements regarding its location, but it has high requirements of the user as well… Perhaps, the red lotus domain did not want to alarm the cultivators so they suppressed the research. When master confirmed that the black lotus domain has been monopolizing the Birth Chart Beasts in the red lotus domain for a long time now and has plans to monopolize the golden lotus domain, I couldn’t help but wonder how they pulled it off when they had to travel such a long distance. Even if it was an Eight Chart Thousand Realms Whirling expert, it would still take five days to cross the Endless Ocean! Five days are enough for the Birth Chart Beast to be captured by someone else before the black lotus cultivators arrived. Moreover, after listening to master’s encounter with the black Thousand Realms Whirling cultivator in the Sky Wheel Rift Valley, I realized the valley was somewhat similar to the golden lotus domain’s Heaven’s Moat. In any case, it’d be much easier for the black lotus cultivators to travel the Endless Ocean than to enter through the lava. It didn’t make sense to me… That’s why I took the risk and came here to see if I can learn anything…”

After Si Wuya finished speaking, he looked up at the tranquil sky.

Lu Zhou asked, “Are you certain?”

“Yes, it’s the runic passage.”

“Weren’t you afraid he’d kill you?” Lu Zhou asked.

Si Wuya replied honestly, “I was betting on him not killing me…”

Lu Zhou. “…”

Si Wuya explained, “First, based on Lu Li and Di Jiang’s reaction, I confirmed that I have the Great Void energy. Although I don’t know what it is, I’m sure it’s some special energy. Second, I’ve contacted Senior Sister Zhao Yue many times and learned that the cultivator, Lian Xing, was trying to obtain her Great Void energy, apart from suppressing her cultivation base. Whether it’s Lu Li, Lian Xing, or Di Jiang, their reaction to the Great Void energy is one of awe. It’s like some treasure that surpasses all treasures. Therefore, I was certain this person wouldn’t kill me. At most, he would capture and imprison me before he tried to extract the Great Void energy from me. In fact, it’s a good thing if I were captured. I’d be able to infiltrate the Black Tower Council and work with master from the inside… Alas…”

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhou looked at Si Wuya with a complicated expression as he said, “Based on your words, it seems like I ruined your plans?”

Si Wuya fell to his knees again. “That’s not what I mean, master…”

“Alright, rise before you speak,” Lu Zhou said, “You’re right, but it’s a little risky. If this black lotus cultivator doesn’t know what’s good for him, wouldn’t you die in vain? What if he’s a psycho who likes to inflict torture? How are you going to deal with him at that time?” He stopped himself from saying what if Wu Guangping liked men?

“I understand. Thank you, master, for enlightening me. I know my mistake,” Si Wuya said.

Lu Zhou looked at the calm sky again and asked, “Can you create a runic passage?”

An embarrassed expression appeared on Si Wuya’s face as he said, “I’m afraid I can’t do it alone. The difficulty of creating a runic passage is a thousand times more difficult than building the Sky Shuttle.”

“What if we include the members of the Sky Research Court?” Lu Zhou frowned.

“If we count them in, there’s some hope, but it’ll take time… If we can obtain some blueprints, methods to gain energy supply, and other information, it will be much easier,” Si Wuya replied.

Lu Zhou was silent. ‘Why can’t you say you have a ready-made one for me?’

In the end, Lu Zhou decided to ask Yan Zhenluo about this matter.

“I’ll leave the runic passage to you. As for the other things, I’ll think of a way,” Lu Zhou said.

Si Wuya was overjoyed. “Understood.”

“Apart from that, don’t make a big deal out of today’s matter. I don’t want to be too high-profile,” Lu Zhou said.


When Lu Zhou turned around, he saw the four blackguards standing still like statues in the distance. He frowned slightly. He had used up his Deadly Strike Card. How was he supposed to fight now? Buy another Deadly Strike Card?

‘No, that’s not right. They seem afraid, and it looks like they want to run away…’

Upon seeing this, Lu Zhou said loudly, “Your Lord Wu, the judge with eight Birth Charts, has been killed by me. How dare you act so impudent in front of me?”

Si Wuya. “???”

‘Master, what happened to keeping a low profile?’

The four blackguards trembled, and they almost lost their grips on their long halberds.

The four blackguards. “…”


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