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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 874: The Unknown Place

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Chapter 874: The Unknown Place

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With the power of the Nine String Zither, Luo Shiyin, who was now a Ten-leaf karmic fire user, easily killed the flying beasts in the sky above the Literary Star Gate with just one move. At the same time, she broadcast a message to the beasts, telling them not to approach or attack.

The effect was strange.

Everyone looked at the beautiful woman in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the people from the Sky Research Court felt as though they could see Luo Xuan’s shadow in her. She was proficient in music and the tongue of beasts. If she was not Luo Xuan, then who was she?

Huang Yu moved to stand in front of Luo Shiyin as his body trembled. Although the woman in front of him did not look like Luo Xuan, he still called out, “L-luo… Luo Xuan?”

A faint smile appeared on her face as she said, “My name is Luo Shiyin. Luo Xuan… is my mother.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Time passed, and the past had turned into a cloud of smoke. Perhaps, life was just a cycle that repeated itself over and over again.

The word ‘mother’ was meaningful, and it reflected Luo Shiyin’s feelings best at this moment. The letter Lu Zhou had read had also entered her mind. No matter what her background was, the person who raised her possessed grace that surpassed her parents. She could, perhaps, sever her fingers or her head to return them to her parents for the grace of giving birth to her. However, for Luo Xuan’s grace of raising her and taking care of her, it would be difficult to return the grace even if she had 100 lives to live. Therefore, she thought it was appropriate to call Luo Xuan her mother.

After a beat, Luo Shiyin turned around and looked at Yu Zhenghai and the others before she said, “Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother!”

When Yu Zhenghai regained his senses, he said with a smile, “There’s no need to be so polite, Conch. Ah, it should be Little Junior Sister Luo Shiyin.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you can call me Conch…”

“Alright,” Yu Zhenghai said.

Then, Conch moved to Yu Shangrong’s side. She was so tall now that she had almost reached the bridge of his nose. She greeted him, “Greetings, Second Senior Brother.”

This change in temperament and appearance made Yu Shangrong felt awkward. However, they were fellow disciples after all. So he replied indifferently, “Okay.”

Subsequently, Conch moved to stand in front of Little Yuan’er and called out, “Ninth Senior Sister…”

Little Yuan ‘er said with an embarrassed expression on her face, “You look older than me now… Uh, why don’t I call you senior sister from now on?

In terms of cultivation base, Little Yuan’er felt she was now inferior to Conch. In terms of physique… Well, in conclusion, she felt as though she had been soundly defeated in all aspects. Outwardly, she remained courteous. However, inwardly, she was rather thrown off by this incident. She promised herself not to play around anymore and to diligently cultivate from now on!

Yu Zhenghai shook his head and sighed. The boat of friendship had disappeared just like that. Life was truly unpredictable.

Conch held Little Yuan’er’s hand before she said, “Ninth Senior Sister, what are you talking about? You joined the Evil Sky Pavilion earlier than I did. How can we break the rules like that? Moreover, you protected me in the past so I’ll protect you in the future. I only relied on my mother to gain such strength. In fact, you’re much stronger than I am.”

Little Yuan’er found these words really pleasing to the ears. She laughed before she said, “Alright, then. Little Junior Sister, you’re the best!”

Yu Zhenghai was taken aback. The boat of friendship had returned again just like that? He shook his head thinking to himself that women were, indeed, fickle creatures.

Lu Zhou nodded his head in satisfaction. Although Conch had obtained Luo Xuan’s strength and possessed the Great Void Seed, her origin was still unclear.

The unknown place… Could it be the Great Void?

The memories from the memory crystal appeared in his mind again. He recalled black lotuses falling from the sky one after another and the sensation of dangerous auras hidden in all directions.

Lu Zhou tried his best to recall how the unknown place looked, but all he saw was a dark place.

“Congratulations, Senior Lu!”

“Congratulations, Brother Lu.”

Everyone bowed and congratulated Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “We’ll stay on Sky Martial Mountain for a few days…”


Qiu He quickly ordered his men, “Hurry up and get people to make the preparations. Discard the old furniture, and prepare new ones. Wait! Don’t forget our comrades from the Sky Research Court as well.”

Huang Yu and the others only glanced at the people from the Sky Martial Court. They would be moved just because of such a small thing.

At night.

Lu Zhou’s accommodation was in Literary Star Hall.

After the Sky Martial Court had such a close brush with death, they had no choice but to serve Lu Zhou wholeheartedly with all their might.

On the contrary, the members of the Sky Research Courts were like the masters now. They washed up, changed their clothes, and enjoyed themselves. This was what they deserved. After 100 years of being imprisoned, oppressed, and living a life that was not fit for a human, it was considered good that this was their only reaction. It had to be said that it was also for Lu Zhou’s sake that they did not cause too much trouble.

At this moment, Lu Zhou sat cross-legged in the middle of the hall. He used the Purple Glazed Ceramic and meditated upon the Heavenly Scroll Writing to replenish his extraordinary power.

“Disciple greets master.” Conch had changed into an elegant robe that was a better fit for her. Her hair was tied up in a bun. Her eyes were bright, and her teeth were white. She walked to the middle of the hall and kneeled in front of Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou opened his eyes. “Rise to your feet and speak.”

Conch rose to her feet and said, “Master, I didn’t mean to disturb you so late in the night…”

Lu Zhou noticed a hint of determination in Conch’s eyes that wasn’t previously there before her transformation. He was a little unused to it. Moreover, her gaze spoke of farewell as though she was about to leave. He did not dwell on the matter. Maybe his intuition was wrong or maybe he was just overthinking things. Nevertheless, his expression remained unchanged as he said, “If you have something to say, say it.”

Conch said, “Master… I want to go to that unknown place.”

Silence descended in the hall.

Lu Zhou maintained his posture. He continued to sit cross-legged as his hands rested on his left and right lap respectively. After a while, he looked at Conch and said, “You’ve grown up.”

Conch remained silent.

Lu Zhou continued to say, “When I took you in, you were young and didn’t know how to distinguish right from wrong. Now that you’ve grown up, I’ll give you another chance.”

Conch shook her head and kneeled again. “Master, I don’t dare. That’s not my intention.”

“Luo Xuan once wanted me to be her master. I saw that her temperament had yet to stabilize so I didn’t accept her. She’s your mother so you’re indebted to her. You should listen to her wishes and call me master. However, the rules of the Evil Sky Pavilion can’t be broken. Since you’ve entered the Evil Sky Pavilion, you have to follow the rules of the Evil Sky Pavilion,” Lu Zhou said indifferently.

“I just want to go to the unknown place to have a look…”

Lu Zhou raised his voice slightly as he asked, “You want to investigate your background?”

Once again, the scene of the black lotuses falling from the sky appeared in his mind.

No wonder Conch’s eyes brimmed with determination.



“Disciple only wants to bid farewell to master. I want to thank master for teaching me,” Conch said.

Lu Zhou looked at Conch as he shook his head and said with a sigh, “I understand why you feel the need to investigate your background. However, do you have the capability to do that?”

“I have ten leaves. I’m confident,” Conch replied.

Conch who had grown up was different from the past. She was no longer naive.

Lu Zhou slowly rose to his feet. “With just ten leaves, you’re confident?”

“I hope master will agree. I’m confident. If master disagrees… I… I…” Conch hesitated.

“Impudent,” Lu Zhou said in a dark voice. He raised his wizened hand; blue lights shone from his fingers.

Abandon Wisdom shot out from his hand toward Conch.

When Conch raised her head and saw this scene, she was not afraid. On the contrary, her gaze grew even more determined. She raised both her hands as karmic fire surged out of them.


Conch’s palm directly collided with the palm seals.

Seeing the determination in Conch’s eyes, Lu Zhou pressed on.


When her palms collided with Abandon Wisdom and the power had dissipated, Lu Zhou launched another palm seal.


Conch leaned back and jumped half a foot into the air before she flew higher up. Her arms were numb, and her blood qi roiled in her body. Her eyes widened in disbelief. She was defeated with just one move?

“Do you think you’ve grown wings just because you’ve sprouted ten leaves?” Lu Zhou walked out of the Literary Star Hall with his hands on his back.

The commotion had attracted Yu Zhenghai, Yu Shangrong, and Little Yuan’s attention. In just a moment, the trio appeared outside of the hall.

“Junior Sister?”

Conch staggered a few steps when she landed, barely able to stabilize her footing.

Lu Zhou looked at the trio and said somewhat angrily, “No one’s allowed to interfere. Whoever interferes will be expelled from the Evil Sky Pavilion.”

The trio originally wanted to help her or plead on her behalf. However, upon hearing their master’s words, they stood motionlessly in their spots and did not dare to move.

Conch was still in disbelief. She found it hard to accept that she was defeated with just one move. She knew her master was very strong, but she was still surprised by the extent of his strength. Perhaps, one would only understand her emotions after they had fought with her master.

The moon illuminated Lu Zhou’s figure as he looked at Conch and said, “I’m very disappointed in you.”


Conch fell to her knees immediately and kowtowed. “I know my mistakes. Please forgive me, master!”

“Ding! Mission completed. Reward: 5,000 merit points.”

“Ding! Unlocked: Disciple, Luo Shiyin.”

“Ding! Disciplined Luo Shiyin. Reward: 1,000 merit points.”


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