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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 1244: The Conservation of Life

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Chapter 1244: The Conservation of Life

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Lu Zhou studied the Pillar of Impermanence. If the pillar was the cause of the slow time flow, then there was no doubt it was an infinite-grade sacred item. However, it had to be said that this ability was of little value to most people. However, to him who possessed Reversal Cards, it was the best!

While waiting for the Pillar of Impermanence to fully emerge, Lu Zhou casually waved his hand, dismembering Yong He’s body with Unnamed. Then, three life hearts flew out.

The three life hearts emitted a faint light, looking like the eyes of jackals on a dark night.

“Life hearts!”

Everyone stared at them with widened eyes.

These were the life hearts of a beast emperor. If they could use it to activate their Birth Charts, they might obtain one of Yong He’s abilities. Despite Yong He’s terribly weak body, so weak that even those who were not Venerable Masters could deal with it as long as they had a way to counter its abilities, its abilities were truly outstanding.

Ye Wei and the other three elders were truly envious. After a moment, they wondered how Lu Zhou had dealt with Yong He’s terrifying abilities.

Lu Zhou tossed the three life hearts to Mingshi Yin as usual.

After putting the life hearts away, Mingshi Yin said cheerfully, “I promise to take good care of them.”

Since their master would only be able to use one of the three life hearts, the two other life hearts would definitely go to them. How could Mingshi Yin not be happy?


At this time, the black Pillar of Impermanence shone even brighter than before like a glowing black light bulb. Then, it began to spin, stirring up the wind and generating a small vortex.

“What’s happening?”

No one knew what the Pillar of Impermanence was doing. They could only observe it silently and fearlessly. Oftentimes, curiosity could overcome fear. Not to mention that this group of people was already fearless, to begin with.

The Pillar of Impermanence spun faster and faster, and the vortex grew bigger and bigger.

Lu Zhou felt that something was amiss, but he could not tell exactly what felt wrong.


At this moment, the pillar suddenly buzzed before it suddenly grew bigger by several times. It was only as thick as a human leg before, but in just a blink of an eye, its diameter seemed to be that of an elephant’s waist.

“The vortex has grown stronger. I’m going to retreat first,” Mingshi Yin said as he leaped back.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Qiong Qi flew over to Mingshi Yin’s side.

Ye Wei frowned. “Time is flowing faster…”

Upon hearing these words, Lu Zhou looked at the system panel and saw his life was decreasing. Moreover, the speed at which it was decreasing was growing faster and faster well.




“The pillar is absorbing our lives,” Mingshi Yin said as he looked at his right hand. Then, he looked at the changes of the plants around him; they were withering quickly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Pillar of Impermanence grew in size again; this time it grew by dozens of times.

Everyone quickly retreated.

At this moment, a strong pulling force appeared with the pillar at its center.

Ye Wei said, “Old Sir, we have a way to deal with the Pillar of Impermanence. Do you think you can let us have it?”

In fact, Ye Wei had been very unwilling to give up on the Pillar of Impermanence.

Lu Zhou wanted the pillar very much as well. “Deal with it? Just with the few of you?”

Clearly, Lu Zhou did not think the four injured old men would be able to take the Pillar of Impermanence away.

Certainly, Ye Wei and his companions were aware of this as well. They could also tell that Lu Zhou wanted the Pillar of Impermanence.

“Let’s go…” Ye Wei chose to give up in the end.

Following that, the four elders flew away. After flying for only about 100 meters, an invisible wall suddenly stopped them from leaving.

At the same time, lines lit up on the ground of Transient City. These lines were all connected to the Pillar of Impermanence, forming a barrier in the sky. In fact, the barrier had already been formed when Yong He fell, but it was invisible before this.

From the outside of Transient City, it looked as though the entire city had been covered by thick and dark glass. The ‘glass’ was constantly rippling and flashing.

Concurrently, the Pillar of Impermanence continued every living thing’s life that was within its range. In fact, it did not even spare the corpses strewn on the ground. It greedily absorbed the vitality from the corpses until they shriveled up.

Lu Zhou and his disciples had long flown up into the air.

“We’ve been sealed in Transient City a long time ago!” Duanmu Sheng said after rushing back from afar. He had been stabbing his spear at the barrier, but it was futile.

Lu Zhou looked at the Pillar of Impermanence and said, “To solve this problem we need to take down the pillar. It’s the root of all the problems…”

“Master, you intend on taking the pillar?”

“Since we’re here, we might as well take it. It’ll help your cultivation greatly.”

Everyone nodded. However, they could not wait to leave this place. Only a short time had passed, but they could feel they had lost 1 to 2 years of their lives.

At this time, the Pillar of Impermanence grew again. The vortex’s power doubled as well.

Just like that, they were losing their lifespans at even greater speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Wei and his companions began to attack the barrier in a frenzy, but it was all in vain.

“We’ve underestimated the power of the Pillar of Impermanence,” Ye Wei said grimly.

Lu Zhou flew to the top of the Pillar of Impermanence silently before he pressed his hand down.


A huge palm seal pressed down on the Pillar of Impermanence for quite a distance, but the pillar soon bounced back up as though nothing had happened. Moreover, their lifespans were decreasing even faster than before.

“Old sir, there are only two ways to deal with the Pillar of Impermanence. One is to satisfy its needs and let it absorb as many lifespans as needed. Second is to defeat it with powers greater than its own…” Ye Wei said.

“Are you sure?” Lu Zhou cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m sure. It needs about 5,000 years of life,” Ye Wei replied.

Lu Zhou stared at the spinning Pillar of Impermanence wordlessly. Sometimes, he wondered why everything in the cultivation had to be so deadly. Sprouting the ninth leaf was deadly, forming the blue avatar was deadly, and now, even dealing with the Pillar of Impermanence was deadly. The law of conservation stated that all energies had sources and destinations so where were the lifespans going?


The Pillar of Impermanence grew again. However, this time, it continued to grow.

The force generated from the vortex increased crazily.

Lu Zhou looked at the system panel.

- 300 days!

- 500 days!

- 800 days!

The Pillar of Impermanence showed no signs of stopping as it grew taller and wider. Like a bulldozer, when it expanded in width, it pushed the soil up. All the trees and stone walls that stood in its way were crushed.

At this time, a huge figure could be seen flying over from the distant sky.

“Lu Wu?!” Ye Wei and his companions’ expressions changed drastically.

Lu Wu hovered high in the sky and looked down. “Pillar of Impermanence?”

“You recognize this thing?” Lu Zhou transmitted his voice to Lu Wu.

Lu Wu said, “It’s rumored that it used to belong to a Saint but was lost and somehow ended up here. The Unknown Land is too vast, after all. It’d be like searching for a needle in a haystack.” Then, it added, “Deal with it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’d suck all of you dry.”

Ye Wei instinctively raised his voice and cried out in surprise, “Sucked dry? Doesn’t it only need about 5,000 years of life?”

Lu Wu glanced at Ye Wei before he said, “You look a little familiar. Who told you that the pillar needs 5,000 years of life?”

“…” Ye Wei hastily waved his hand and lowered his head. “I don’t know for sure. I was just guessing…”

When Ye Wei lowered his head and saw his hands, he discovered he had aged a lot. He had lived a long time, if the pillar continued to devour his lifespan, it would deal an irreversible blow to him.

“Ye Wei, hurry up and use the sacred relic!” Ye Yiqing urged.

Ye Wei hurriedly brought out the item that contained 5,000 years of life.


Meanwhile, Lu Zhou flew back and forth looking for a flaw.

His disciples were also trying to destroy the barrier at this time, displaying their strength.

Lu Wu tried knocking on the barrier from the outside, but it felt as solid as metal. It only vibrated slightly.

“Master!” Little Yuan’er’s pitch was rather high, and her voice contained a trace of panic as she called out to her master.

When everyone turned to look at Little Yuan’er, they discovered she looked old, and her hair was turning white. Conch was not any better than her.

The two girls had the lowest cultivation bases among the people present on the scene; they both only had ten leaves. Both of them only had about 2,600 years of life while the others had about 4,000 to 5,000 years of life. If this continued, there was no doubt that Little Yuan’er and Conch would be the first to die.

“Let me deal with it!” Ye Wei could no longer care about anything else and threw all caution to the wind. At this time, nothing was more important than surviving. He flew up to the top of the Pillar of Impermanence and pressed the sacred relic down on it. With that, a huge surge of vitality energy entered the pillar.

In less than 15 minutes, the Pillar of Impermanence had completely absorbed 5,000 years of life.

Ye Wei furrowed his brows. “It’s not enough?”


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