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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 1214: The 49 Swordsmen

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Chapter 1214: The 49 Swordsmen

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After leaving the Evil Sky Pavilion, Sun Mu and his brothers traveled to the Unknown Land. During this time, they had obtained a lot of treasure and a few intermediate life hearts. This was within their expectations as well. They even joked that they would have gained nothing if they stayed in the Evil Sky Pavilion; not only that, but they would even have to lower themselves. However, all their confidence had vanished as soon as they saw Lu Zhou’s terrifying palm strike.

“It’s Pavilion Master Lu?”

“It… it seems to be…”

“Remove the ‘seems’.”

“He seems to have become stronger.”

“I said remove the ‘seems’. There’s no ‘seems’. He is strong!”


Zhu Yan was sent flying after being struck by the palm strike and fell from the sky.


It tumbled several times on the ground and crashed into a mountain in the distance, causing the mountain to crack. It exhaled as it looked up at the old man in the sky. Chills ran up its spine when it looked at the old man even though there were no Primal Qi fluctuations around the old man. “Powerful… human…”

Since Zhu Yan had mastered simple human language, its intelligence had definitely surpassed Ying Zhao’s. It was not surprising that intelligent beings could learn another language. Although its speech was stilted, and the words it used were simple, it was not difficult to understand what it wanted to convey.

At this time, Zhu Yan suddenly leaped up and grabbed a piece of the broken mountain and hurled it at Lu Zhou.


The mountain peak was like an ice pick, cutting through the sky and piercing toward Lu Zhou.

Everyone watched intently. If the attack landed, even if one did not die, one would be severely injured.

Zhu Yan was really strong. It could even move mountains.

Lu Zhou did not dodge. Unnamed in the form of a sword appeared in his hand. Then, he thrust it out.

Unnamed released a thousand-feet-long energy sword to meet the incoming attack.


Unnamed easily pierced and shattered the piece of mountain before it continued shooting forward.

Amidst the black fog, the golden energy sword from Unnamed made the cultivators exclaim in awe and admiration.

In just a moment, the long energy sword appeared in front of Zhu Yan at lightning speed.

Zhu Yang hit its chest with both hands and roared thunderously before reaching out to punch the energy sword. It landed several punches on the energy sword.


Lu Zhou controlled Unnamed and pushed forward.

Boosted by the divine power, the energy sword pierced through Zhu Yan’s chest.

The sounds of collisions and roars abruptly stopped.

The cultivators, still in awe, began to discuss fervently among themselves.

“When did such an expert appear in the golden lotus domain?”

“He’s almost as strong as a Venerable Master.”

“You don’t think he’s a Venerable Master?”

“The difference between 17 Birth Charts and 18 Birth Charts lies in the Birth Trial. After activating the 18th Birth Chart and passing three Birth Trials, one will be able to grasp the power of the Dao. I didn’t see him using the power of the Dao…”

“What’s the power of the Dao?” someone asked modestly.

“There are laws for humans, the earth, and the heavens. To put it bluntly, ordinary cultivators use the power in their Dantian’s seas of Qi while Venerable Masters can use the power of the Dao, which is like the power of the universe…”

“Based on what you said, doesn’t that mean Venerable Masters are invincible?”

“Of course not. Cultivation is a heaven-defying act. Venerable Masters are still humans, and thus, restrained by the heaven and earth shackles,” someone replied.

Someone said with a sigh, “All that aside, humans have been at a disadvantage against fierce beasts for a long time…”

When the discussion stopped, they shifted their attention to the long energy sword that pierced Zhu Yan’s chest.

Blood was flowing out from Zhu Yan’s chest. It opened and closed its mouth as it lowered its head to look at its chest.

Lu Zhou withdrew the energy sword, causing Zhu Yan to stagger back.

At this time, the chaotic Primal Qi in the Unknown Land began to stir, causing the fierce beasts to let out long cries.

Fierce wind and Primal Qi raged at the same time, further obscuring everyone’s sight.

Just as everyone thought that the Zhuyan was going to die, it suddenly leaped up.


The ground shook.

It leaped into the black fog, roaring, before it swooped down. Its mouth was wide open, its eyes were bloodshot, and its body was drenched in blood as it fell toward Lu Zhou with its fist out.

Lu Zhou frowned slightly. The energy sword had pierced its vital point. It was out of his expectations that not only did it not die, but it still had so much strength left.

Zhu Yan did not seem like it had any intention of fleeing. It seemed like it wanted to perish together with Lu Zhou.

“Ice Seal.” Lu Zhou released the life heart ability he obtained from Lu Wu instead of using the freezing ability from the Purple Glazed Ceramic. There was no need to use the Purple Glazed Ceramic to deal with Zhu Yan.


The sound of ice forming and cracking rang in the air.

As expected, Zhu Yan’s speed was slowed down tremendously by the freezing energy.

Lu Zhou rose higher into the sky.

“Confinement Seal.”

The Confinement Seal had been upgraded and obtained a new effect: Li Qiangjun.

It was difficult to see the Confinement Seal amidst the black fog since the Confinement Seal was black as well. When it emerged from the black cloud, looking as though it had appeared out of thin air, and fell like a mountain, it gave everyone a huge shock.


The Confinement Seal smashed on Zhu Yan’s head. Under the heavy pressure of the fusion-grade Confinement Seal and its new effect, the 1,000-pound Force, Zhu Yan did not even have a chance to touch Lu Zhou before it fell from the sky.


Sun Mu and his brothers wore stiff expressions on their faces. They felt as though something was stuck in their throats; they felt extremely uncomfortable.

On the contrary, Kong Wen and his three brothers were in a much better state. Apart from feeling slightly embarrassed, they were most overjoyed and excited.

After a while, Zhu Yan finally stopped moving; it had lost its breath.

Lu Zhou waved his hand, and the Confinement Seal shrank rapidly before flying back into his hand.

Lu Zhou was not bothered with everyone’s attention on him. He had long gotten used to it.

“Extract the life heart,” Lu Zhou said.

“Understood.” Yu Shangrong got to work immediately. The Longevity Sword moved back and forth on the humongous corpse. It took a while before he finally extracted the life heart.

“Master, there are two life hearts,” Yu Shangrong said.


Everyone looked at the two life hearts in front of Yu Shangrong in shock and envy. Nevertheless, all they could do was look. The law of the jungle was strictly imposed in this place after all. There was no fairness or reason to speak of, only strength.

Lu Zhou nodded after taking a look. No wonder Zhu Yan was able to stand up again after its vital point was pierced. Fortunately, it was just a beast king. If it evolved into a beast emperor, it would be troublesome to deal with.

After Yu Shangrong returned, he tossed the two life hearts over to Mingshi Yin.

At this moment, two figures appeared in the black fog. They both carried a sword on their backs, their hair was tied up in a bun, and they both wore Daoist robes.

“The 40 Swordsmen of the Northern Mountain Range?!”

Lu Zhou raised his head and looked over.

Everyone held their breaths, thinking that things did not look good. Perhaps, the old man was about to be robbed.

Such things were too common in the Unknown Land. Powerful cultivators would act shamelessly and employ despicable methods to obtain what they wanted. Robbery was a very common thing. After all, even if a prominent figure committed robbery here, as long as they killed the people involved, no one would be the wiser.

Everyone who had just heaved a sigh of relief began to feel nervous again.

At this time, only the flying beasts and the fierce beasts moved. No one dared to move.

“I’m one of the 49 Swordsmen of the Northern Mountain Range, Yuan Lang. May I ask which expert killed Zhu Yan?” Yuan Lang asked.

Nobody answered.

Lu Zhou could not be bothered to reply. Instead, he flicked his sleeve and returned to Whitzard.

Yuan Lang raised his voice and asked again, “May I ask which expert killed Zhu Yan?”

The cultivators were just spectators. The battle with Zhu Yan had nothing to do with them. The person who killed Zhu Yan was still present. Since the person did not speak up, how would they dare to speak up? Speaking up would only give the 49 Swordsmen of the Northern Mountain Range a chance to rob Lu Zhou. Would they not make an enemy out of Lu Zhou then? They were not stupid. No matter what, they were not going to get involved in this mess.

However, this kind of collective silence infuriated Yuan Lang even more. He raised his voice again. “The expert who killed Zhu Yan, please step forward.”

Yuan Lang’s voice was deep, powerful, and oppressive; it contained powerful Primal Qi.


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