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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 1668: Exposed

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Chapter 1668: Exposed

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While Yue Yangzi greeted the three Emperors of the Lost Lands, he stared at Qi Sheng. This made him look hostile and strange.

The Silver Guard next to Qi Sheng said in a low voice, “You really hit the nail on the head.”

Qi Sheng remained calm as usual.

Bai Zhaoju said curiously, “As the lead beast tamer in the Great Void, you have control over all fierce beasts. Isn’t that position greater than a commander of a hall?”

Yue Yangzi replied with a smile, “The White Emperor is right. According to the rules, I’m qualified to participate in the competition, but I have no intention of assuming the position of commander.”

“Then, why are you here?” Chi Biaonu asked impatiently.

Chi Biaonu was not as easy to talk to like Bai Zhaoju or Ling Weiyang. His expression was always stern and serious. He was tough and fierce, and he was a man of his word. The way he did things and his temper were also a little fiery.

Yue Yangzi still had some fear and respect for Chi Biaonu. Hence, he replied goodnaturedly, “Your Majesty will know in a moment.”

“You’re a beast tamer and a well-known figure in the Great Void. If your reasons are not good enough, I won’t let you go,” Chi Biaonu said.

Yue Yangzi nodded. Then, he leaped off the back of the huge green roc and landed in the center of the arena. He looked at Qi Sheng and asked, “Commander Qi, you won’t refuse my challenge, right?”

Qi Sheng’s eyes curved as he said with a smile, “I’m very honored that someone stepped forward to challenge me.”

Yue Yangzi said, “That’s good. Let’s cut the small talk. Commander Qi, please come down to the arena.”

Unexpectedly, Qi Sheng shook his head and said, “I’m afraid I can’t agree to it.”

Yue Yangzi seemed to have already expected this. He said with a smile, “Are you afraid? Everyone knows you’re the owner of a Great Void Seed and that your talent and cultivation are top-notch. Even His Majesty, Great Emperor Ming Xin, took a liking to your talent and appointed you as the Commander of Tu Wei Hall. You didn’t disappoint and led Tu Wei Hall to maintain the balance in the Great Void. Don’t worry. I only want to spar with you. Even if you lose, I have no intention of becoming the Commander of Tu Wei Hall.”

An uproar erupted immediately.

If Yue Yangzi did not plan to become the Commander of Tu Wei Hall, what was his purpose for coming here? Based on his attitude, words, and actions, he came prepared. Moreover, it seems like he did not come with good intentions.

Qi Sheng explained patiently, “According to the rules of the Great Void, all cultivators at or above the stage of Dao Saint can participate. However, that excludes high-ranking officials from the ten halls such as commanders and supreme beings.”

Yue Yangzi nodded. “Coincidentally, I’m neither a high-ranking official of the ten halls nor a supreme being.”

“But you’re the leader of the Beast Tamer Hall,” Qi Sheng replied.

Yue Yangzi laughed. “I’m just an interim leader. After Yue Qi’s death, there’s nothing wrong with me standing in for him, right? Moreover, the Beast Tamer Hall is hardly comparable to the ten halls.”

Qi Sheng shook his head and said, “I only state the rules.”

In other words, the rules were the rules. There was no need to say so much.

Yue Yangzi was immediately angered by these words. He said, “If you’re afraid, then say so. It seems like you’re not qualified to be the Commander of Tu Wei Hall at all.”

As far as the rules were concerned, Qi Sheng was right.

However, Yue Yangzi’s provocative words were not entirely without sense. As the Commander of Tu Wei Hall, Qi Sheng was at least a Dao Saint. Yue Yangzi had already said he had no interest in Qi Sheng’s position and only wanted to spar. In that case, why was Qi Sheng reluctant?

Qi Sheng had already expected this. He raised his voice and said, “If you want to spar, I’ll grant your wish.”

Everyone’s spirits were lifted by these words immediately. This sparring session felt like it was going to be much more interesting than the previous official battles. Many of them seemed to have forgotten the purpose of this competition at this moment. Their attention was completely focused on Qi Sheng and Yue Yangzi.

Yue Yangzi smiled and said, “Very good.”

However, Qi Sheng suddenly said, “You don’t have the qualifications to challenge me. If you want to challenge me, you’ll have to defeat him first.”

Qi Sheng waved his sleeve.

The Silver Guard next to Qi Sheng nodded slightly before he flashed and appeared not far from Yue Yangzi.

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. Clearly, the Silver Guard was not simple.

The three Emperors of the Lost Lands were not blind. They could not help but frown slightly. How did a mere Silver Guard have such a cultivation base?

Qi Sheng said again, “Since you want to disregard the rules, I won’t talk about the rules with you for now. I’m giving you a chance now so you better seize it.”

Yue Yangzi said menacingly, “Silver Guard? Very well, I’ll flatten you first.”


Yue Yangzi shot out like a meteor, tearing through space. His speed was so fast that it generated an ear-piercing sound that irritated people’s ears.

The spectators watched in shock.

Yue Yangzi was infinitely close to becoming a supreme being. How was the Silver Guard going to deal with him?

Yue Yangzi’s eyes burned with hatred. In just a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the Silver Guard. He was determined to defeat his opponent with one move. His hand was like the mountain as he pushed it out.


The instant Yue Yangzi struck, the Silver Guard struck with his hand as well.

When the two palm seals collided, energy seals exploded and swept out in all directions.

The space seemed to shatter, and the air seemed to stagnate before the backlash from the collision swept out like a tsunami.

The area north of the Cloud Domain was precisely above the Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction.

At this moment, Emperor Yu of the Feather tribe was in closed-door cultivation. When he felt the abnormal movements, he opened his eyes. With just a flash, he appeared at the top of the Pillar of Destruction. He flapped his wings as he stared at the sky.

“What are those bast*rds doing?”

At this time, an immense beast could be seen circling the sky outside of the Great Abyss Land. After all, only clear skies could be seen within the Great Abyss Land.

Emperor Yu looked at the surrounding fog before he said, “Monitor the pillar. There must be no mistakes.”



The huge beast circled in the sky once before it suddenly disappeared into the clouds.

Cloud Domain.

Everyone was shocked by the force of the Silver Guard’s palm seal.

The palm seal sent Yue Yangzi flying back without any suspense. His arm seemed like it was broken based on the sharp pain he felt. His clothes were torn, fluttering in the wind. The space in front of him was still mending itself. If it were any closer, his arm would have been devoured by the cracks in the space. After retreating about hundreds of feet, he looked at the Silver Guard with a mixture of shock and fear.

At the same time, the three Emperors of the Lost Land, the nine disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion, and the various cultivators were equally as shocked.

The Silver Guard hovered in the air with one hand on his back.

‘This is the demeanor of a true expert!’

No one expected a mere Silver Guard to easily defeat Yue Yangzi the beast tamer, let alone defeat him with just one move.

‘Are all Silver Guards from Tu Wei Hall so abnormal?’

The Silver Guard was fully dressed in his silver armor so his face could not be seen.

The three emperors exchanged a look before they continued to watch.

After a while, the Silver Guard finally said, “It’s just one move, but it seems like you’re already struggling.”

Yue Yangzi gritted his teeth as anger and hatred flooded his heart. Then, he soared into the sky.

A huge number of green flying beasts appeared in the sky. Each one of them had a powerful energy seal protecting them.

Yue Yangzi raised his hands to the sky, forming a round energy seal above his head.

The green flying beast formed a line under Yue Yangzi’s control. Then, they flew toward the Silver Guard.

The Silver Guard did not move. He withdrew his hand and placed it on his back. Then, he raised his chin slightly and said with a smile, “You overestimate yourself.”


Flames burst forth from the Silver Guard’s body in just a blink of an eye. They soared up the heavens domineeringly.


With just a strike, the green flying beasts were dealt with.

Then, the Silver Guard flashed. His hand burning with flames was like the hand of death as he pushed it out toward Yang Yuezi’s heart in a clawing motion.

Yue Yangzi cried out. Fear flooded his heart and body as realization dawned on him. The person in front of him was not a Great Dao Saint but a supreme being. His mind went blank.

Just as the attack was about to land on Yue Yangzi, a red lotus fell from the sky, blocking the attack.


The Silver Guard calmly withdrew his hand, watching the force of the collision between his strike and lotus ripple out.

The red lotus was dazzling. The column at the bottom looked firm, and the triangles on it were very distinct. This lotus was clearly that of a supreme being.

Following that, a clear voice rang from the horizon.

“If you can spare someone, you should spare them.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw a red-clad woman slowly descending from the sky. The light disk on her body flashed and disappeared.

The cultivators seated below bowed in unison.

“Greetings, Lady Hua.”

Bai Zhaoju said with a smile, “So it’s Hua Zhenghong, one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. Why did you come to the Cloud Domain instead of staying in the Sacred Temple?”

Bai Zhaohu’s words seemed to be directed to Qi Sheng.

After Hua Zhenghong landed, she bowed to he three Emperors of the Lost Lands. “Hua Zhenghong greets the three emperors.”

“There’s no need for formalities,” Ling Weiyang said expressionlessly.

The three emperors did not have a good impression of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Hall. Back then, they were forced to leave the Great Void for the Lost Lands while the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple acted as lackeys to raise their status. Nonetheless, the trio could not be bothered to stoop to Hua Zhenghong’s level at this moment.

Hua Zhenghong turned to look at the Silver Guard and asked, “When did such an expert appear in Tu Wei Hall?”

The Silver Guard remained silent.

Instead, Qi Sheng replied with a smile, “The world is vast, and there are countless experts. There’s always someone stronger than us in the world.”

Hua Zhenghong nodded. “I agree.”

Qi Sheng said, “This matter is between Tu Wei Hall and Yue Yangzi. Isn’t it inappropriate for Lady Hua to meddle?”

The crowd nodded. After all, the opponents had come to an agreement beforehand. There was no need for Hua Zhenghong to intervene. They were also confused. Hua Zhenghong and Tu Wei Hall were both a lackey of the Sacred Temple; so why did it seem like they were opposing each other?

Hua Zhenghong called out, “Yue Yangzi.”

“Lady Hua.” Yue Yangzi bowed.

“You’ve already lost. Are you convinced?” Hua Zhenghong asked.

“I’m convinced.” Yue Yangzi lowered his head and admitted defeat decisively. However, he suddenly raised his head. His eyes burned bright as he said, “I admit that you, Qi Sheng, are qualified to be the Commander of Tu Wei Hall. However, there’s another reason why I came today.”

“Speak,” Hua Zhenghong said as she looked at Qi Sheng and the Silver Guard indifferently.

Yue Yangzi’s voice was sonorous and powerful as he uttered the following shocking words, “This person, Qi Sheng, is really Si Wuya. He’s the seventh disciple of the Evil Sky Pavilion. He came to the Great Void to conspire against the Great Void!”



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