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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 1564: Eye-Opening

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Chapter 1564: Eye-Opening

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“These rotting things that can fly are called zombies. Perhaps they will appear in your star domain in the future,” Qiao Mu informed nonchalantly.

“The fact that there aren’t any now does not mean that there will not be any in the future. These things won’t just die off. After leveling up, they won’t die or stop attacking humans unless you blast the core in their brains.

“You mean that these rotting monsters will show up in our star domain in the future?”

Bai Xia shrieked in shock. Bai Zhe and Ji Feng also had unsightly expressions.

“Then what should we do?” Bai Zhe knitted his brows tightly.

“If you are able, there is no harm in notifying your relatives from your star domain. At that time, they can at least prepare for it early on,” Qiao Mu advised.

“You will not know when Heavenly Fate will make its move, nor will you know whether it will let you off. The only things you can do are take preventive measures and reduce your losses to the least bit possible.”

“Heavenly Fate?”

“You mean that these rotting zombies were not created naturally but were made by man?”

The sister and brother pair hastily exclaimed, “Why do they want to do this? What’s the good in doing it?”

“We still do not know. However, the fact that this organization, Heavenly Fate, is creating zombies is not a secret on our Sikong Planet anymore.”

“The higher ups in numerous kingdoms in our star domain already know of the name ‘Heavenly Fate.’ This information will probably circulate later on.”

“But I think,” Qiao Mu stated solemnly, “They won’t be exterminated for the time being. They have been hiding extremely well, after all.”

“Sister, then we have to notify Royal Father and Royal Mother as soon as possible.” Bai Zhe quickly said, “So that they can be aware of the situation and make preparations beforehand. These monsters are truly formidable. Normal people alone simply cannot put up a fight against them at all.”

“I have here a handwritten copy that records in detail the zombies’ evolving process and characteristics, as well as the usual way to counter them.” Qiao Mu spoke, “If you would like, I can let you make a copy to use as reference after we enter the city.”

“That would be great. Thank you, Miss Qiao,” Bai Xia said gratefully.

“We and the newcomers from the other star domains were totally unaware of these monsters’ existence. That’s why we were caught unprepared when we arrived at the entrance to Shuntian Prefecture.” Bai Zhe gnashed, “Thinking back on it now, if we had known about these monsters, perhaps casualties wouldn’t have ended up this high.”

“It’s no use thinking about this now. Some things have just happened already. We can only face the future,” Qiao Mu stated tranquilly.

“Little guy, where is that terrestrial whale you were talking about. How much longer will it take to get there?”

“The terrestrial whale’s boarding gate is not much farther up ahead. Please follow me!”

Soon, the tanned and skinny boy led them out of the market. Not too far away, the four of them observed a hubbub of voices on the scene.

This place was constructed like a port, and there were four huge beasts the size of hills parked up ahead.

From far away, they really did look like whales from the sea.

The interesting thing was that these huge beasts each had eight stout and tubby legs.

It was an eye-opener.

Qiao Mu squinted her eyes as she arched her neck.

The terrestrial whale in the very front had started to take off. Its huge body streaked off the ground, and its eight stubby legs truly were super fast at running.

“We’ll be departing when all seats are filled… There aren’t many seats left. If you miss it today you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!


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