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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 2377 Yin Energy…

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Chapter 2377 Yin Energy…

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Noble Consort Duan harrumphed. “I didn't make her stuffed!”

“Yes, yes, yes. It's all Little Dumpling's fault for not knowing her limits and being gluttonous!” After saying this, Duan Yue quickly slipped out the yurt while holding Qiaoqiao.

Noble Consort Duan indignantly watched her son go, criticizing him for being stingy.

This little ermine was quick-witted and adorable. She liked her so much. No wonder her son wanted to snatch the little ermine from her!

“Little Dumpling, Master will take you around for a stroll.”

Qiao Mu gave him an lethargic look. She couldn't care less.

The moment Duan Yue left the yurt, he heard a bright laugh. “Fourth Brother.”

He turned around and saw Crown Prince Rong Li walking over with the second prince and third prince.

Behind the three of them trailed Commandery Princess Xiangchang. Her eyes were still red, as if she had cried the whole night.

The third prince couldn't resist saying upon seeing Duan Yue, “Fourth Brother, look how upset you made Xiangchang yesterday. She didn't sleep well the whole night and cried her eyes swollen.”

Crown Prince Rong Li couldn't resist saying with a smile, “Fourth Brother truly should not have done that.”

Duan Yue only pretended not to hear them. After greeting them, he turned around and left while holding the little ermine.

The three princes all gritted their teeth and clenched their fists as they watched him go.

Xiangchang looked like she was about to cry again. She cried weakly to Rong Li, “Brother Crown Prince, does Brother Ah-Yue have some misunderstanding toward me?”

Crown Prince Rong Li's body inexplicably shivered.

It wasn't that the crown prince was insensitive. The main thing was that Commandery Princess Xiangchang's voice was rather husky. She was better off speaking in her normal tone of voice rather than affectedly like this.

Hearing her made one's hairs stand on end.

“I-It's fine. Don't overthink it.” Crown Prince Rong Li smiled awkwardly. “Alright, the group is about to set out. We should hurry and make preparations. Let's go.”

Xiangchang sniffled and nodded. She had her maidservants lead over a claret-colored mystic horse,and she mounted it nimbly.

As for Duan Yue, he had long mounted the arctic ice wolf and run off with Qiaoqiao.

He didn't care to set out with the whole entourage.

Since the rock slope was the destination, they would meet there!

The emperor had long known that his fourth son did not follow ordinary routine, hence he could only sigh in resignation as he watched him go.


At the same time.

Inside Divine Province's South City, in front of a residence located in an alley in the downtown area.

The people coming and going couldn't resist rubbing their arms as they peered about puzzledly.

They could only see other people hurrying along. The small shops and peddlers on both sides were also sparing no effort to sell their goods. There was no anomaly.

This was one of South City's main streets. This area was normally bustling with people coming and going, but the strange thing today was that everyone who walked along this street felt an abnormal chill.

It was as if there were a dozen ice statues right next to them emitting cold air.

These normal people naturally did not understand what was going on.

Only two people who were dressed like Daoist priests inside the restaurant across the street were furrowing their brows deeply as they looked back across the street.

The slightly younger Daoist priest asked, “Senior Brother, what is going on? How come so many ghost spirits are gathered on such a busy street?”

“This is extremely strange. The sect's elders dispatched us to come scout out the situation. We must remember not to act rashly and alert the enemy.”

“Senior Brother, do we have to wait until nighttime to check out that residence?”

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