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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 1870: Take Your Own Life as Penance

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Chapter 1870: Take Your Own Life as Penance

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Madam Jing’s face contorted, and she hastily shielded her youngest daughter Jing Minyao behind her. She looked warily at Qiao Mu’s party. “What do you people want?”

Suddenly, two hundred plus corpses got tossed in front of Jing Minyao like trash, forming a hill of corpses.

This horrifying scene made Jing Minyao pale from fright, and she buried herself into her mother’s arms, afraid to utter a word.

Madam Jing’s complexion was also pale, but as a mother, she needed to stand up for her daughter. “We can talk things out.”

*Cling-clang.* However, an old dagger got tossed at Jing Minyao’s feet, letting out a crisp clang.

The arm with which Madam Jing was holding her daughter shook, and she looked up incredulously at the little stoic not far away.

That cold face did not show any superfluous emotions.

“Take your life as penance.” Qiao Mu stated icily, “If you need me to do it for you, the outcome won’t be pretty.”

Jing Minyao, who had buried herself in her mother’s arms, looked up with a resentful glare at Qiao Mu. “You! How are you qualified to decide my death?? You b*tch, you think you can monopolize His Highness by ordering my death? You’re too naive! His Majesty has long issued an edict… Ah!”

Crown Prince Mo cast a cold glance over. There was no need for him to do anything, as there was naturally someone who would act on their boss’s behalf. Jing Minyao got slapped from a distance, successfully shutting her up.

“This woman talks too much.” Mo Lian swept a frosty gaze over Madam Jing and her daughter, and he ordered nonchalantly, “Since she doesn’t have the courage to die, Luo Yang, go help her out.”

One of the Luo Brothers, Luo Yang, gave a nod and walked up to Madam Jing and her daughter.

Madam Jing backed away while hugging her daughter, and she screamed frantically, “Your Highness, you cannot do this. This is His Majesty’s decree! For a daughter of the Jing Family to marry Your Highness!”

In other words, you shouldn’t take your anger out on them. You should find the chief offender, the emperor, instead.

“You think that fellow’s decree can do anything to this crown prince?” If it could do anything, he wouldn’t have burned it!


Madam Jing’s heart sank with a thump at the man’s scoffing attitude.

“Luo Yang,” the crown prince called again impatiently.

Luo Yang stomped heavily on the ground, and the guards originally surrounding Madam Jing and her daughter immediately fell flat from the tremor while coughing violently.

“Minmin!” Madam Jing tried grabbing her but could only watch helplessly as her daughter fell into the burly man’s grasp.

Minmin was still young. She hadn’t even triggered her divine meridians yet.

How did these people have the cheek to bully a twenty-year-old young lady!


Madam Jing gnashed, “Let go of my daughter!”

“Your Highness! Even if our Minmin did this young lady wrong, Minmin is still young, so she is bound to handle affairs inconsiderately. Is there a need for Your Highness to dispute with a young girl over this?” Madam Jing declared with conviction, “Besides, this young lady next to you doesn’t seem like she got hurt!”

Qiao Mu bluntly interrupted Madam Jing’s pompous speech. “Should there be a necessary connection between whether I got injured and whether she sent assassins after me?”

So she deserved to die? Any random person could send several hundred assassins after her just because they found her an eyesore?

It served her right to die! Conversely, she was lucky to still be alive, so she shouldn’t pursue everything that happened prior?

“Miss, you can’t view the situation that way. Our Minmin is only twenty this year. She may be immature, but should you lower yourself to her level?”


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