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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 1795 Auto-Restoration

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Chapter 1795 Auto-Restoration

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Master’s body wasn’t going to hold out much longer. Her condition now was not much better than the sapling’s. What she needed to do right now was to advance to the next level and not do her utmost to suppress it.

After leaving the glacial pond, Qiao Mu immediately summoned a large pile of black spirit jade. She grabbed one and started absorbing it while closing her eyes.

As the sapling had fallen into a coma, then naturally, she could only absorb the jade’s energy in its stead. She hoped that it could help.

On the other hand, the water child was anxiously pacing back and forth at her feet. It turned to shout at the bloodfire phoenix, “Why aren’t you persuading Master.” A tremendous amount of spiritual energy was flooding Master’s body right now, but she was suppressing it without advancing. Not only that, she was also continuously absorbing the black spirit jade’s energy. Did she want to die from making her body explode?

The bloodfire phoenix creased his brows and clenched his fists. As he wavered, he suddenly saw a furry tail popping out behind Qiao Mu before whacking the back of her neck.

Miss Qiao was already at the end of her tether and thus got knocked out by this unsuspecting hit.

The water child instantly broke out into curses from alarm. “D*mn Chirpy, what are you doing??” Yet the little fat squirrel simply scooped up Qiao Mu’s body with its paws and threw her onto the snow leopard’s back. “Quickly bring her to where the spiritual energy is most concentrated.” The snow leopard galloped off with a whoosh while carrying Qiao Mu. Because their dimension was being distorted out of shape, the snow leopard had a difficult time. It had to intermittently avoid getting sucked into spiritual energy vortexes.

Soon, the snow leopard set Qiao Mu down at the foot of the longeval tree.

The spiritual energy was most concentrated around the longeval tree. That tree was still standing erect amidst the distorting forces in this dimension, still blooming multicolored longeval flowers.

“Chirpy!!!” The water child was going to go crazy. It charged over to stop the little fat squirrel.

Yet Chirpy’s two tails nearly slapped the water child flying. “Do you guys still not understand? Why Master’s wound disappeared on its own? That’s because she has a peculiar restorative power inside her body. In other words, her body will automatically restore itself and help her advance even if she falls into a coma right now.”

Because this restorative power will only develop in the direction most beneficial to the little master.

For example, right now. After falling into a coma, the spiritual energy that was practically about to burst out of Qiao Mu’s body automatically flowed toward her dantian’s mystic niche.

“The changes happening here might not just be a warping of space due to upgrading a mystic domain to a spiritual domain.” Chirpy’s furry face formed a solemn expression. “It must be because the star domain in Master’s dantian is undergoing an extreme metamorphosis.” “It’s not because of leveling up to the spiritual realm?”

“No! It is not just for this reason.” Their little master really worried them to death, while she was still in confusion about what was happening at all.

So, the best option was to knock out their panicking little master?

When Chirpy knocked out their master, did it think about what their little master was going to do to it after she woke up, ha ha…

“Come on, place these black spirit jade around Master.” As spiritual energy gushed in, the intangible black spiritual energy inside the jade would be guided into the little master’s body.

That way, it should be able to nourish Qiuqiu’s frail body.

As Qiao Mu was in a coma, she was completely unaware that all the spiritual energy that Paradise Planet had just begun to produce was flowing unceasingly into her body.

Her breathing was extremely stable.


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