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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2119 - Ghost Saint Altar

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Chapter 2119: Ghost Saint Altar

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Treasure-Hunting Mouse shook its head and said, “Master, that’s because you haven’t been approved by this Altar yet, and so you haven’t seen its power yet. Neither has the Three-eyed Ghost Saint gotten its approval, or else he would’ve acquired the sacrificial altar’s powers and would have killed you easily.”

Qingfeng was shocked by the Treasure-Hunting Mouse’s words. If this sacrificial altar really was a rare treasure, then its background must be extraordinary.

Even the Three-eyed Ghost Saint failed to acquire this black sacrificial altar, which would only demonstrate how great the black altar’s powers would be.

Qingfeng released his spirit energy to enter the black sacrificial altar. He wanted to try to see if he could control this black altar.

However just as Qingfeng’s spirit energy touched the black altar, rays and rays of black talisman scripts were released from its surface.

The black talisman script looked as if it had come from Hell. It contained cold energy, such that even Qingfeng’s spirit energy failed to pierce inside and was blocked out.

Qingfeng refused to give up as he continued to increase his spirit energy output. The turbulent force rushed towards the sacrificial altar, but the altar produced a stronger counter-force, as several black talisman scripts glowed.

The black talisman scripts formed a massive ghost-face image, which formed a black whirlpool, and once again it blocked off Qingfeng’s spirit energy. At the same time, it rushed towards Qingfeng’s spirit energy.

Qingfeng’s spirit energy was directly pushed back by the attack, as a crack appeared on him, and his face grew pale. Blood dripped down the corners of his mouth, as shock filled his eyes.

“How is this possible? What is happening? How could the black talisman script the black Altar released be more powerful than the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s force?” Qingfeng’s eyes were full of disbelief.

Qingfeng had just killed the Three-eyed Ghost Saint, and naturally knew of his powers, but was clearly not as powerful as this black Altar. Qingfeng knew, without any suspicion, that this black Altar before him must have been a top-grade spiritual device.

Qingfeng tried several other times but was still unable to tame the black Altar before him. Cold light filled his eyes, while there were hints of disappointment.

He turned around and asked the Treasure-Hunting Mouse, “What type of treasure is this black sacrificial altar? I’ve tried several times, but no matter which technique… I’m unable to tame it. What do you think I should do?”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse said, “Master, this black sacrificial Altar is called the Ghost Saint Altar. It’s very famous in the ancient era of the universe and was an upper grade spiritual device with immense power in Hell. Legends have it that only the Strangle Hell Immortal could tame it.”

Qingfeng frowned, as his heart secretly grew happy. He found out about this Ghost Saint Altar’s power from the Mouse’s words, and at the same time he knew that only the Strangle Hell Immortal could tame it.

He had trained in Strangle Hell Immortal’s Mortal purgatory body and Strangle Hell Fist, could this create an alliance with this black altar before him?

Qingfeng’s body filled with motivation when he thought of this, as he secretly mumbled, “Then I’ll use this Strangle Hell Immortal’s technique to communicate with this black Altar before me. Maybe it will be able to tame it and convince it to follow me voluntarily.”

Qingfeng activated Mortal purgatory body, and his whole body released black talisman scripts. The black ancient talisman script came from Hell, as the top of his body spun around nonstop.

The talisman script spun from his head to his neck, and then his heart, and finally his feet. It spun all around his body, as if his body was engulfed within the black talisman scripts.

Qingfeng crouched down, and sat above the Altar, such that the ancient talisman scripts inside of his body could be close to the Altar.

Black talisman scripts glowed above the Ghost Saint Altar, and these talisman scripts also came from Hell. Even though it was different from Qingfeng’s talisman script, they had similarities.

As if the two shared common origins, a close intimacy was established between them, as they initially clashed together, but then after some interaction, it established a shared bloodline-like connection.

Qingfeng increasingly felt the Bloodline energy inside of him share a resonance with the black Altar below. He felt that a massive black ‘ghost’ word flew out from inside of the Altar.


A massive ‘ghost’ word flew out from the black talisman script, and as soon as it flew out, it directly rushed towards Qingfeng and entered into the depth of his mind. Suddenly a ‘ghost’ word appeared in the depth of Qingfeng’s mind.

Hints of excitement appeared in Qingfeng’s heart because he noticed that after this ‘ghost’ word appeared in the depth of his mind, he was able to control the Ghost Saint Altar below fairly easily.

“Smaller,” said Qingfeng.

Then the Ghost Saint Altar’s mass grew smaller at a great speed, as it shrunk from several hundred feet to ten or so feet big, to several feet, and then finally to the size of a fist.

Qingfeng grabbed with his hand and held the Ghost Saint Altar, but Qingfeng’s body tumbled in the next moment, as he nearly fell over, because he clearly felt the heavy weight of the Ghost Saint Altar. It was at least eighty million kilos.

Eighty million kilos of power was equivalent to the attack force of a middle-grade saint.

Qingfeng’s punch was now no more than fifty million kilos, and it was due to the Mortal purgatory body and Golden Energy he had trained in. Normal lower grade saints’ punches would only be around thirty million kilos.

He was certain that if he tossed out the Ghost Saint Altar in his hands as a dharma treasure, and if the opponent were a lower or middle grade saint, then his Ghost Saint Altar would squash him or her into a patty. This was a powerful dharma treasure and was very suitable for Qingfeng.

“Bigger,” said Qingfeng again.

Just then, under everyone’s shocked eyes, the Ghost Saint Altar began to grow bigger at a fast speed. It grew from the size of an egg, to a water tank, to a small mountain, and then finally until it was five hundred feet.

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse said on the side, “Master, this Ghost Saint Altar could increase or decrease in size whenever you’d like. It is very big, and its weight could squash a saint into a patty. Congratulations on acquiring the Ghost Saint Altar, Master.”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse walked in front of Qingfeng with flattery, as it reached out its claws to pull onto Qingfeng’s pant leg. It looked extremely excited.

Qingfeng raised his hand to pat the Treasure-Hunting Mouse’s head, and said, “This credit will be counted as yours. I’ll reward you.”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse swung its head as it looked at Qingfeng with joy, at the same time it turned around to look at Black Puppy beside it, but Black Puppy raised its head in great pride. Its eyes were filled with pride and disdain.

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse now no longer cared for Black Puppy, even though the Puppy was more powerful, the Mouse knew that nothing would happen as long as it followed Qingfeng closely.

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