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«Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby (Web Novel) - Chapter 561: Please, Small Auntie

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Chapter 561: Please, Small Auntie

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Grandfather Huo nodded with a smile. “Really.”

“Any car?” Huo Zexi stammered. He looked as if he was drunk with excitement. “To be honest, Grandfather, I’ve taken a fancy to a sports car, but it’s a little expensive…”

“Hahaha, I’ll keep my word. As long as your Auntie is happy, I’ll buy it for you no matter how expensive it costs! Not only that, have you seen your Uncle?” Grandfather Huo pointed to Huo Yunque who was holding Song Yaoyao in his arms. Huo Yunque, who was feeding her snacks, said, “Your Auntie is your uncle’s sweetheart. If she’s happy, he can even get you a limited edition one.”

“Oh, my God!”

Huo Zexi was so excited that his flesh was trembling. He thumped his chest.

“Don’t worry, Grandfather, leave this to me!”

“And me! And me!”

“Grandfather, does anyone who can make my Auntie happy get a reward?”

The group of half-grown children immediately became excited. They were already in their teens and twenties, so they could have been a little more reserved. But when they heard about the sports car and a limited edition one at that, how could they not be excited?

Grandfather Huo laughed so hard that his eyes disappeared. “Go ask your Uncle about this. It’s not my business.”


When everyone heard that they had to ask Huo Yunque, they were like balloons that had been punctured. They were instantly discouraged.

“You go.”

“You go!”

The boys dawdled, pushing and shoving each other as they walked up shyly.


Before they could speak, Song Yaoyao laughed out loud first.

She had always been good-looking, so when she smiled, her beautiful almond-shaped eyes seemed to be dyed with starlight and she looked like a character that had walked out of a comic book.

The boys blushed.

Huo Zexi was pleasantly surprised. “Grandfather, Auntie smiled! Does that count?”

Huo Zexi’s parents were blushing for their son’s shamelessness. She did smile, but what did it have to do with him.

Did the thought of the car make him lose his mind?

Grandfather Huo laughed loudly. “Yes, of course it counts! As long as your Auntie is happy, your Grandfather will be happy!”


They did not expect Huo Zexi to get his hands on a sports car in the blink of an eye. The boys were extremely envious. They held back their shyness and carefully moved in front of Huo Yunque.



Song Yaoyao smiled and fell into Huo Yunque’s arms. Her eyes were curved and bright like the moon, and her two rows of snow-white teeth were exposed. No one knew what she was laughing about.

Huo Yunque said helplessly, “Is it really that funny?”


It would have been better if he did not say it, but when he mentioned it, she wanted to laugh even more. She tugged on Huo Yunque’s sleeve and said, “Gege, you’re so scary!”

No one knew what Huo Yunque had done to them in the past to cause such a situation where even standing in front of him made them too scared to breathe loudly.

“Are you afraid?”

Huo Yunque scooped her up and pinched the back of her neck with his big palm.

Song Yaoyao immediately shrank her neck and said deliberately, “Yes, I am.”

Her little expression was vivid.

He curled his lips and patted Song Yaoyao’s back, his voice as melodious as a musical instrument.

“Ask your Auntie. As long as she agrees, everyone gets a car.”

Song Yaoyao could not smile anymore. How did this matter involve her again?

Huo Zexi, who had successfully gotten a car from Grandfather Huo, had a taste of the sweetness. He was the one who had called her ‘Small Auntie’ first, and he did not have any reason to hesitate.

Almost as soon as he opened his mouth, he said, “Small Auntie, please give me a reward!”

The others immediately reacted as well. “Small Auntie is a beautiful person with a kind heart!”

“I wish Small Auntie and Small Uncle a good marriage for a hundred years!”


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