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«Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby (Web Novel) - Chapter 435: Lost Tooth

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Chapter 435: Lost Tooth

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The best outcome was for everyone to see Song Jingwan as soon as they opened their Weibo.

Song Yaoyao even found a whole heap of photos from Song Jingwan’s WeChat.

Of course, the photos that she posted to her friends had gone through careful selection; the best angles were chosen and the photos had been retouched flawlessly to produce a natural ‘unedited’ appearance.

They were the type of photos that received all kinds of praises.

She downloaded a bunch, zipped them, and posted it up.

Did she like promoting herself?

Song Yaoyao: “Let’s promote her to death!”

However, this decision…made her extremely poor…

Although Gege had given her a store, she had left it for Huo Jiu to manage, so she had no plans of touching the accounts yet.


Song Yaoyao clenched her fists; making money was a necessity!

Song Manor.

Zhou Manli woke up refreshed. Song Rui was at the office and Song Wenchuan was recovering at the hospital. Right now, only she and her daughter remained at home.

“Jingwan, you’ll be going to university next year. Have you decided which one? Or do you want to study abroad? We can tell your father to speak to his contacts.” The truth was, Zhou Manli wanted her daughter to study abroad, so she was trying to plant this idea in her mind.

“Thanks, Mom.”

Song Jingwan smiled sweetly and shook her head. “Actually, I prefer studying here. That way, I can keep you company during my semester breaks.”

“My Wanwan is so thoughtful!”

Zhou Manli smiled so brightly that her wrinkles were showing. She patted her daughter on the hand dotingly. “My doting did not go to waste! Unlike that ungrateful wench! I raised her for so long and she turned into an enemy!”

Zhou Manli shivered when she thought about the brat’s gaze; she was like a manic little beast.

Especially at the hospital last time, there was a moment when she could tell that Song Yaoyao actually wanted to strangle her to death.

She had only let go because of Song Wenchuan.

She was a psycho! She gritted her teeth at the thought of the girl. But whenever they met, she was too afraid to do anything.

“Mom~” Song Jingwan complained. “That’s enough. Let’s not talk about her or think about her!”

“Okay, okay.”

Zhou Manli waved her hand, stirred her white fungus and peach gum soup, and slowly took a sip.

As she drank it, her expression suddenly changed. “Bleh!!” she spat a half-eaten peach gum out. There was a rock in it!

Mixed with the peach gum was some blood…and half a tooth!

“Mom! Are you okay?”

Song Jingwan received a fright as she quickly ran over to support her mother.

Unfortunately, Zhou Manli’s bad luck did not disperse because of Song Jingwan. In fact, it worsened.

She fell back in her chair, it swayed a little, and suddenly it snapped in half.


Zhou Manli’s mouth was covered in blood. The leg of the chair suddenly snapped, catching her by surprise and causing her to fall on the floor.

“Madam? Madam, are you okay?”

The maids heard the commotion and immediately ran out of the kitchen to help her up.

Zhou Manli almost dislocated her hip. She gritted her teeth in pain, and as she stood up, she pushed the maids away in anger.

“Who cooked breakfast? Are you blind? Couldn’t you see this rock? Did I hire you to slack off?”

Auntie Liu took a step back when she heard this and her face turned pale. She then stepped forward to take a look at the soup and went blank…


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