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«Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby (Web Novel) - Chapter 900 She Has A Bad Sense Of Direction, How Could You…

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Chapter 900 She Has A Bad Sense Of Direction, How Could You…

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A group of boys was fighting over the job. Their looks were not as exquisite as those of the acting department, most of them were just average passers-by, but it was people like this who were full of manliness and did everything for the girls. “Great, we can finally rest for a while.”

Song Yaoyao sat on a round stone and sipped her water. She was wearing a loose camouflage uniform, her hair tied into a ponytail, and her smooth forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

The girls were all lively. Hearing this, they immediately put their hands to their mouths to make a trumpet shape and laughed loudly, “Thank you!”

“Heart for you!”

The boys touched their noses. Some of them were extroverted and even raised their hands over their heads as a response. “Choose me if you want love, I’m super sweet!”

The girls who were still thanking them earlier rolled their eyes in unison and let out a “Sigh”.

While they were chatting and laughing happily, the boys from the other departments didn’t want to be outdone when they saw this, so they also helped the girls in their teams.

The military training was meant to train their physical abilities, so every single one of them was supposed to get physical. But now, they were outside the school. The girls had walked all the way through the village and were really exhausted.

Since the boys were willing, the instructors naturally turned a blind eye.

The sky quickly darkened while everyone was laughing and chatting. “Ouch…”

Ye Meichen hugged her stomach and suddenly cried out in pain. She lowered her voice and said to Song Yaoyao, “Yaoyao, my, my stomach hurts.”

“Huh? Did you eat something bad?”

“Ouch, I can’t take it anymore!”

She looked around and saw that there were people everywhere.

Gritting her teeth, she suddenly stood up and ran up the mountain.

Li Zhou cried out, “Hey! Don’t run around in the middle of the night!”

“Instructor, her stomach hurts. I’ll go take a look.”

Song Yaoyao ran up the mountain and stood on the steps to look around. She did not see Ye Meichen.

“Ye Meichen?”

She called out twice, but no one responded.

Song Yaoyao frowned and walked up. The weather was beginning to heat up. Li Zhou had warned the students not to run around at night, and not to run into the bushes because it was easy to encounter snakes. They had even sprinkled repellent near their camp that was effective at repelling insects.

But Ye Meichen had rushed up the mountain, and no one knew where she had run off to.

“Ye Meichen? Are you there?”

“Are you looking for the girl with short hair who was holding her stomach?”

Song Yaoyao raised her head. The moonlight passed through the treetops and shone on the stone steps in the mountain.

Two girls were standing right above her.

One of them had a familiar face.

“You saw her?”

“She went that way.” Song Jingwan pointed casually and then said something to the person beside her with a chuckle. The two of them walked past Song Yaoyao and headed down the mountain.

The mountain was very bright. The wind blew against the leaves, making rustling sounds.

Song Yaoyao turned around and stared at Song Jingwan’s back for two seconds. Suddenly, she let out a short laugh.

Song Jingwan’s change was indeed huge…

Song Jingwan was much more heartless than she had imagined. Zhou Manli had been paralyzed on the bed for nearly three months, and up until now, Song Jingwan had not spoken a word about it.

Even when she saw her, it was as if she was looking at a stranger.

Song Jingwan’s figure quickly disappeared around the corner. Song Yaoyao turned around and looked up. She did not go up again but sat down on the spot.

Since Ye Meichen was nearby, she would pass by this place when she came back later.

However, Song Yaoyao rarely went out. She did not know that there was more than one way down the mountain.


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