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«Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292: And create an opportunity for Su Manman!

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Chapter 1292: And create an opportunity for Su Manman!

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“A wedding is just a formality. It’s not like a grand wedding is a guarantee to have a blissful marriage in the future. Therefore, I feel that other than to torment the bride and groom, a wedding serves no real purpose!” Yun Liuli took a large sip of the fruit juice and narrowed her eyes in comfort thanks to the coolness. “It’s better for us to go on a trip and get married there. It’s more comfortable for both of us!”

“Right, you guys lead a good life… It’s more important to be happy!” Lin Nuan nodded in agreement.

After dinner, on their way back, Lin Nuan saw a photo uploaded by Xu Wanwan, Bai Jinyu’s wife, on her social media account. The caption said that she was working overtime in the ER. Although a bit unclear, Lin Nuan saw Bai Xiaonian’s figure behind Xu Wanwan in the picture.

She called Xu Wanwan to ask and found out that Bai Xiaonian had gone to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. Fu Huai’an changed the car’s direction and headed towards the hospital.

Bai Xiaonian was surprised to see Lin Nuan. “Why are you here?”

“What’s going on? I heard from Xu Wanwan that you’re not feeling well…”

“It’s okay. The doctor said it’s quite a normal occurrence. I didn’t sleep in the correct position this afternoon, so my waist is a bit sore. I’ll just be more careful in the future!” Bai Xiaonian grabbed Lin Nuan’s hand, squeezing it tightly. She frowned and chided Lin Nuan, “Why did you come here and leave the two kids at home when it’s nothing serious?”

Lu Jinnan and Fu Huai’an were talking in the corridor outside, so there were only Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian in the examination room.

“We were just on our way home after having dinner with Xiao Liuli. The hospital isn’t far from our place, so I came over to check on you!” Lin Nuan tucked Bai Xiaonian in. “Remember to use a special pillow for pregnant women when you sleep from now on. When I was in the late stage of my pregnancy, I relied on that pillow to sleep too. Do you have it? If you don’t, I can get one for you later.”

“Don’t worry, I bought it!” Bai Xiaonian nodded. She then glanced towards the door and said to Lin Nuan in a lowered voice, “Did you know that Cai Jingyao is back in the country?”

It was the first time that Lin Nuan had heard of this…

“Why? Did she look for you?” Lin Nuan asked.

Bai Xiaonian shook her head. “She didn’t look for me. It’s even worse. She’s back to marry Lu Jinbei! Can you believe Lu Jinbei’s stupid brain? Hur hur, he’s the only one who’s being played by Cai Jingyao and doesn’t even realize it. He really believed Cai Jingyao when she said she was going to marry him! Yesterday afternoon, he slammed the door after quarreling with Lu Jinnan and my father-in-law. Yesterday, the police called Jinnan in the middle of the night, saying that Lu Jinbei was involved in a fight… What a coincidence!”

“Cai Jingyao is trying her best to create an opportunity to meet Lu Jinnan!” Lin Nuan could tell at a glance.

“Tsk… My Nuan Nuan is smart!” Bai Xiaonian gave Lin Nuan a thumbs up.

“What did Lu Jinnan say? Is he just going to leave Lu Jinbei be?”

Lin Nuan wasn’t worried that Lu Jinnan would fall for Cai Jingyao. After all… Cai Jingyao didn’t understand Lu Jinnan’s feelings towards women, nor did she know how deep his feelings for Bai Xiaonian were.

“Last night, the two brothers got into another argument at the police station. Cai Jingyao then said that if Jinnan and my father-in-law still couldn’t accept her in a month’s time, she would leave Lu Jinbei. Jinnan also told me that Jinbei has always been well-protected since he was young, so hopefully this would mature him up.”

Lin Nuan nodded.

Bai Xiaonian adjusted her sitting posture and said, “Also, at the company’s quarterly meeting today, the one in charge of the Kaide Corporation’s new perfume’s launch showed Lu Jinnan the candidates for the new perfume’s spokesperson. And guess what? Cai Jingyao was one of the candidates. Moreover, Su Manman was also on the list, but the perfumer surprisingly preferred Cai Jingyao over Su Manman. Isn’t that scary?”

“It seems like Cai Jingyao has come prepared…” Lin Nuan thought about it carefully. “You don’t have to worry about this too much. Lu Jinnan will take care of it. I’ll keep an eye on Cai Jingyao too. Just focus on your pregnancy, do you understand?”

“I know, I know… why are you so naggy like Lu Jinnan!?” Bai Xiaonian’s lips curled up, a blissful smile in her eyes.

If Lin Nuan still had some ties to Cai Jingyao before their conversation in Morocco, then through that conversation, she had exhausted whatever was left, however little, from that friendship.

In Lin Nuan’s opinion, everyone had their own path and happiness. However, she couldn’t understand why Cai Jingyao kept coveting the path that others had taken.

In the past, during their university days, not only had Cai Jingyao stolen someone else’s hosting position during the art festival, but she had also made her presence felt in the theater society… She made calculated steps at every move. First, she ate humble pie by taking on the role of a supporting character, but one day, she suddenly became the main character, and she was fully knowledgeable about the main character’s lines and positioning!

It was clear, even back then, how scheming Cai Jiangyao was…

Lin Nuan knew that after so many years, her cunningness wouldn’t have lessened. On the contrary, it must have grown more compared to back then.

“I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?” Bai Xiaonian suddenly asked.

“What?” Lin Nuan looked at Bai Xiaonian.

“Su Manman is famous for being a femme fatale. Why don’t we let Su Manman and Shi Hanchu do a photoshoot together? It will also give Su Manman a chance!” Bai Xiaonian felt proud of herself for coming up with such a good idea. “Su Manman has been wooing Shi Hanchu for years now, but both of them seem to be very busy with their work and rarely interact with each other. I notice this kind of stuff too! As her sister-in-law, you have to help Manman!”

Lin Nuan didn’t know when Bai Xiaonian had taken up the role of a matchmaker. She propped one hand on the bed. “But you can just tell Lu Jinnan about this!”

“Lu Jinnan is merely working for your Mr. Fu. If it was Fu Huai’an’s order, no one in the company would object!”

Lin Nuan smiled. “You don’t have to worry about this. When we ate earlier, Little Lu called to discuss this matter with Huai’an. Huai’an has already decided to let Manman endorse the new perfume. Little Lu has also spoken to Manman about this! However, your husband is the president of the company… you have to believe in your husband’s capability as one of the leaders of Kaide Corporation! Moreover, he is also a shareholder.”

Today, when Lu Jinbei returned from work, he told Cai Jingyao that he was planning to jump ship to a higher-paying company.

A sales company was recruiting, and some of their university friends had been working for that company. Those friends had talked to Lu Jinbei about a sales position at that company. They told him that there would always be a salary and commission raise every month… Sometimes, the amount could even reach 100,000 Yuan.

Lu Jinbei had been working for a game company. Even though the pay wasn’t much, it was his hobby, so he enjoyed working there.

But since he had to be responsible for Cai Jingyao now, moreover, if he had to buy a house and a car without depending on Lu Jinnan, Lu Jinbei had to start thinking about his future.

Cai Jingyao’s phone rang before she could express her opinion.

It was her manager who had called to inform her that her application to be the Kaide Corporation’s ambassador for its new perfume had fallen through.

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