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«Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1223: An Unreasonable World Where Looks Were Valued Above Everything Else

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Chapter 1223: An Unreasonable World Where Looks Were Valued Above Everything Else

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But then Little Knife thought about it from another perspective. Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci had their own CP fans to begin with… so there wasn’t much harm in sensationalizing this since they belonged to the same agency anyway!

After Fu Tianci finished introducing the game to Yun Liuli, he kindly and patiently told Yun Liuli, “If you’re interested, you can download ‘Honor of Kings’. I’ll lead you in playing it later!”

Little Knife grumbled silently. Fu Tianci had agreed to lead him in playing the game, but now that a beauty asked him what game it was, he wasn’t playing with him anymore?

Fu Tianci had clearly disdained him for being a noob previously, yet he was now teaching a girl who knew nothing how to play “Honor of Kings”? This was truly an unreasonable world where looks were valued above everything else.

After downloading the game, Yun Liuli tried to figure out how to play the game in her seat. Fu Tianci extended his neck and looked over, giving Yun Liuli guidance…

The Sasaeng fans snapped a photo of Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci talking with the aisle between them and instantly uploaded it to Weibo.

[What “brave girl fighting for her love”? She knows our darling Tianyu likes to play games, and she’s using games to hit on him. I don’t believe there are people who don’t know how to play “Honor of Kings” in this day and age!]

The photo showed the back views of Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci edging close to each other as they discussed the game.

Right after the Weibo post was uploaded, many of Fu Tianci’s loyal fans were scolding Yun Liuli as a scheming b*tch in the comments below!

[One minute you showed your face with your so-called lover at the airport, and the very next moment, you start hitting on our darling Tianyu. Yun Liuli’s lover, you’d better take your “brave girl chasing after her love” in hand, okay? She loves and pursues just anyone, doesn’t she! How shameless!]

[I’m guessing this lady is casting a wide net and hoping to catch a fish! Not right… It should be casting a wide net and hoping to catch many fishes! (Smiley face)]

[No matter how pretty she is, she’s still a b*tch. Our darling Tianyu needs to sharpen his vigilance!]

[What “brave girl chasing after her love”? She ought to change her name to “fickle in love girl”, okay!]

[Could it be that after Yun Liuli succeeded in pursuing her so-called lover, she realized her lover was a broke loser and thus decided to ride a donkey while looking for a horse, hitting on our Tianyu?]

[I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! No way would our darling Tianyu heed the presence of such a green tea b*tch !]

[Our son is being polite. He clearly knows that she’s a green tea b*tch, yet in the spirit of being polite, he still has to explain things nicely to her. Us mothers are to blame for bringing him up too well. I’ll tell our darling to stay away from green tea b*tches like this. I’ll tell him to either stay far away from her or ignore her if he’s not able to stay far away from her, lest he gets dragged into some nonsensical CP.]

In any case, Fu Tianci’s loyal fans felt that their precious son was the only sincere and innocent person in the entertainment industry, one that required love and protection. They believed he couldn’t understand the brutalities of the entertainment industry. They couldn’t understand why those people would drag him into a scandal to raise their own profiles. Their son was especially kind, so everyone should protect him and stop pairing him up with Yun Liuli! Let Yun Liuli pursue her lover and hog the headlines with news like that, and let Fu Tianci off.

Yun Liuli’s fans also left comments below…

[Your son is the most handsome in this world? Every woman in the world wants to hit on your son? Open your eyes wide and look carefully with your darned eyes. Our brother-in-law is 100 times more handsome than your little brat!]

[Carrying away our Miss Fairy Liuli. Please don’t drag our Miss Fairy into scandals!]

[My brother-in-law is the most handsome in the universe! Just look it up on the search engines, dumb*ss! Our brother-in-law is called Jacob Bellucci, the gang leader of the photography industry! What is a little puppy like your Lu Tianyu compared to him?]

This fan even posted the placard that Yun Liuli and Jacob Bellucci both signed at the airport. But someone attacked the fan, saying there were plenty of people with the same names, so who knew if it was the same person!

There were a handful of rational people who left comments…

[Lu Tianyu and Yun Liuli belong to the same agency, so it’s normal for them to have interactions, right?]

Then this rational guy was brutally attacked by fans from both sides!

Miss Fairy’s fans: “Why would our Miss Fairy want to interact with a mama’s boy who hasn’t weaned off breast milk!”

Tianyu’s fans: “No way is our Tianyu interacting with a scheming b*tch!”

Xing Qiaoman, who was already at the filming location for “Forest Adventures”, was speechless when she saw her two artists trending on the search engines.

Trending #1: #Yun Liuli hitting on Lu Tianyu#

Trending #2: #Yun Liuli succeeds in wooing her love#

Trending #3: #Bitch Yun Liuli, stay away from Lu Tianyu#

Trending #4: #Lu Tianyu and Yun Liuli “Forest Adventures”#

Hur hur…

Xing Qiaoman stared at the heavens, speechless. How kindly were the heavens treating her? She had yet to pay to manipulate search rankings… and the two celebrities under her wing were already occupying the top four spots on the search rankings. Hur hur.

Xing Qiaoman had just received the information on Yun Liuli’s lover from Fang Yan’s assistant. This was information Fu Huai’an prepared in advance to give to the agency!

After all, it was in Fu Huai’an’s plans that Gu Qingcheng’s new identity as Jacob Bellucci was brought into the open, the goal being to let Jacob Bellucci officially appear before the media and public.

Previously, when Xing Qiaoman found out she was going to be managing Yun Liuli, she was prepared for Yun Liuli’s lover to be exposed one day. It was just that she hadn’t been able to get her hands on Jacob Bellucci’s information until now.

Since she had obtained Jacob Bellucci’s information, she could only announce his information in advance.

Thankfully, when Jacob Bellucci previously collaborated with the brand GF, he had set up a Weibo account, and he also shared the photos of GF, for they were his works!

However, Jacob Bellucci had less than 20,000 fans on Weibo now, and most of them were photography enthusiasts, fans who had heard of Jacob Bellucci’s fame, or loyal fans of the GF brand.

The loyal fans of the GF brand had started following Jacob Bellucci after seeing the photos of GF’s new products. Someone had tagged Jacob Bellucci on GF’s official Weibo and claimed GF was thankful for this chance to collaborate with the photography master Jacob Bellucci after four years. They even expressed hopes that they could collaborate again in the future.

Hence, fans of GF went to look at Jacob Bellucci’s Weibo and realized that Jacob Bellucci had, other than sharing GF’s new product photos, uploaded several photos he took of the star-filled skies. The depth and vastness of those photos were so stunningly beautiful that they took away the breath of even laymen.

After searching for Jacob Bellucci’s name online, they found out that Jacob Bellucci was the best photographer in the industry, so they quickly started following Jacob Bellucci and requested that he upload more photos.

A manipulative and scheming b*tch who likes to act innocent and toy with others’ feelings

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