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«Monster Paradise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1902: Because We’re at Rank-10

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Chapter 1902: Because We’re at Rank-10

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“Isn’t that going too far, Little Witch?”

Grimace grew another mouth on his face and shouted at Witch.

Witch placed her finger on her lips and shushed him softly. It appeared quite threatening.

Grimace shut his mouth immediately.

He only had a clone here right now. He would end up on the losing side when faced with her Primordium.

Perhaps others would not deign to hit him in the presence of outsiders, but Witch had many tricks up her sleeve. It would be easy for her to punish him with all sorts of tricks.

“You’re the only one who can get him to shut up, Little Witch.” Charcoal was smiling happily when he saw that Grimace had met his match.

Thunder, who was standing to the side, gave Little Witch a thumbs up too.

While they were chatting, Tyrant, Fiend, Scarlet Imp, Herculean King, Bing Wang, and the others arrived one after the other.

The imperial monsters did not really conceal their auras. Dragon Emperor was shocked to see that, so much so that he forgot to greet them.

After they chatted for a little bit, Charcoal finally noticed that there were two outsiders around.

“Your aura… You’re fromthe Dragon Tribe?”

It glanced at Old Man Heaven’s Secret, who was standing far away, and it soon turned its attention back to Dragon Emperor. It sensed the same type of aura on him.

“That’s right, senior.” Dragon Emperor wanted to greet Charcoal when he saw the latter arrive.

However, he had been stunned when he saw what Witch did to Grimace. As more powerhouses from the Sword Alliance arrived one after the other, he became even more dazed and totally forgot that he was supposed to come over and greet Charcoal.

“Please don’t call me senior. Call me Charcoal.” Charcoal was too shy to be called a senior.

It knew that if they really wanted to talk about seniority, this person before it was definitely its ancestor.

Dragon Emperor had the legitimate Dragon Tribe’s bloodline of the Dragon Forefather.

Although Charcoal was a legitimate Dragon Tribe member too, it only elevated to rank-10 by relying on its master’s Goldfinger. Meanwhile, Dragon Emperor was born at Eternity rank-9, and had been a Dominator as soon as he was born.

“Charcoal…” Dragon Emperor was stunned when he heard its name.

He had a faint feeling that it sounded similar to the name of a pet. Nevertheless, he did not dare to say that out loud, and opted to greet Charcoal respectfully instead.

“Senior Charcoal…”

He did not know Charcoal’s background, but he could sense that it was much more powerful than he was judging by its combat strength. He figured that he should call it senior. Although its bloodline was not as pure as his, it had powerful abilities.

Charcoal did not say much more seeing that Dragon Emperor insisted on calling it senior. It could only let him be.

Dragon Emperor chatted with Charcoal for a while, as he wanted to learn about its background. However, Charcoal kept avoiding the topic.

If Charcoal really told the truth, its sense of seniority would really disappear.

In order to prevent Dragon Emperor from dwelling on the topic, Charcoal dragged him over and introduced him to the rest of the imperial monsters passionately.

Dragon Emperor chatted with the many seniors, and he slowly forgot about his initial objective.

After chatting for a little bit, he found out that, apart from that guy called Grimace, these powerhouses from the Sword Alliance were quite easygoing. It was not that Grimace was difficult to communicate with, he was just a little mean.

Time flew by, and soon it was the 51st midnight.

The ootheca’s sixth round of breeding finally began.

This time, as everyone expected, the ootheca bred an Abyssal monster that had mastered ten trillion chaotic cosmoses.

Herculean King killed the monster directly with a mere slap.

Dragon Emperor was quite shocked when he saw that.

As Dragon Emperor, his physical strength was sufficiently powerful.

However, Herculean King’s attack showed him a level of physical strength that he could not reach.

Over the next few days, the number of Abyssal monsters the ootheca bred kept multiplying.

Nevertheless, they were killed by those people from the Sword Alliance easily. They basically killed all of the monsters instantly.

This made Dragon Emperor, who had thought that he was invincible in the infinite universe for a couple of eras, aware that he had been a frog in the well previously.

The few seniors from the Sword Alliance in front of him could kill him instantly with a casual slap.

When the 60th day arrived, 512 Abyssal monsters that had mastered ten trillion chaotic cosmoses appeared. Still, the few of them killed the Abyssal monsters instantly.

Dragon Emperor could hold back no longer and finally raised the question that he had been nurturing in his heart, throughout these few days, to Charcoal.

“Senior Charcoal, why can you guys kill these Abyssal monsters so easily when some of their auras are clearly more powerful than yours? Are you all concealing your real combat strength?”

When Charcoal heard that question, it leaned in close to Dragon Emperor’s ear and said softly through voice transmission, “I can tell you, but you can’t tell anyone else.”

Dragon Emperor kept nodding.

“It’s because we’ve been elevated to rank-10,” Charcoal told him a secret that was not considered a secret.

“Rank-10?!” Dragon Emperor widened his eyes.

Rank-10 was the ultimate grade that legends claimed that all living beings could achieve.

He had always thought that rank-10 living beings were only a legend, and that it was impossible for such beings to really exist.

Since being born until now, which spanned a period of tens of eras, he had never seen a rank-10 living being. Even throughout the few eras he had ruled the Dragon Island, whereby its intelligence network spread through the entire infinite universe, he had never heard anything about a rank-10 living being appearing.

“Although I’ve only mastered some 20 trillion chaotic cosmoses, with my ability, I can fight on equal terms with powerhouses that have mastered 100 trillion chaotic cosmoses,” Charcoal said while glancing at the rest, “Them too.”

In the infinite universe, basically all powerhouses that could elevate to dominator-level rank-9 were rank-9 living beings.

The Kingdoms of those that were lower than rank-9 could not contain hundreds of millions of chaotic cosmoses.

Everyone had the same grade. That was the reason why, among dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses, the number of chaotic cosmoses one mastered basically decided which one of them was more powerful.

“Then, were you guys born at rank-10, senior? Or was it somehow acquired?” Dragon Emperor could not help but ask further curiously.

“Naturally, we only acquired that rank later.” Charcoal did not hide the fact.

“There’s… a way to do that?!” Dragon Emperor asked rather emotionally. However, he instantly realized that it was very inappropriate to ask Charcoal about such a secret. “Is the method for sale?”

The reason he was so emotional was because Charcoal was also a Dragon Tribe member like he was. It meant that there was a high chance that he could use the same elevation method that Charcoal used.

“I really can’t tell you that.” Charcoal waved directly to decline him.

They used Xiao Hei’s Advance Card. Naturally, it could not tell outsiders about such a secret.

Lin Huang had been around in the cultivation world for a couple of years. Although many people knew about his identity as a traveler, nobody knew what his Goldfinger’s function was.

Many guessed that it had something to do with his cultivation speed.

A small number of them guessed that it had something to do with his imperial monsters. However, nobody guessed that his Goldfinger could elevate his imperial monsters’ grades.

Naturally, they would not reveal such a secret, nor would they dare to.

Although Dragon Emperor was sad to hear Charcoal’s response, he knew that it made sense that it did not reveal such precious information.

Such a secret was enough to make everyone in the infinite universe lose their collective minds!


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